Has a recent patch disabled TLS1.2 and/or RSA on Internet Explorer?

Our office intranet has from today started refusing access from Internet Explorer 11 (necessary as it uses plugins) to a certain page. The error I get in IE is in Japanese, but talks about old TLS versions. If I look at the page with Chrome, on the Security page

Connection – obsolete connection settings

The connection to this site is encrypted and authenticated using TLS 1.2, RSA, and AES_256_GCM.

RSA key exchange is obsolete. Enable an ECDHE-based cipher suite.

I know that the deprecation date for TLS 1.2 has been extended due to COVID-19, but a recent patch seems to have fixed CVE-2020-1118, but in the process might it have broken something else? Note, I do allow TLS 1.2 connections in IE.

Permissions required for row counts to show up on Object Explorer Details

I’m having a weird security issue. I have a user that’s using SSMS 18.2 on a SQL 2016 server. They are a member of db_datareader but when they pull up the the Row Count column in Object Explorer Details it’s blank. As best I can tell it is requiring DBO in order to get the row counts to show up.

User with read access: enter image description here

User with dbo access: enter image description here

Is this a bug or intentional? Does anyone know if there is a lower level of permissions that will give this row count? I know there are plenty of other ways to get the row count, sys.partitions for example, however the user insists they want to use the OED window.

Why does the query to the Sharepoint API search on the internet explorer not work?

I am using the api search to make a query and get the value of a refinablestring. A basic example of the query I am doing is the following.

https://mysite.sharepoint.com/_api/search/query?querytext='Path:https:%2f%2fmysite.sharepoint.com%2fsites%2fIntranet%2fLists%2fmylist%2f'&rowlimit=100&selectproperties='RefinableString00%2cCreatedBy%2cListItemID'&refinementfilters='and(RefinableString03: %22*myValueA*%22 ,RefinableString01: %22*myValueB*%22 )'&sortlist='LastModifiedTime:descending'&clienttype='UI' 

To find out what the problem was, I tried to launch the query directly in the address bar of the browser. If I run it on google chrome, it correctly returns the results within a table inside the RelevantResults tag that is inside the PrimaryQueryResult tag.

But the problem comes if I run the same query in internet explorer, in that case the result table is empty. The query is exactly the same in both cases.

Anyone know what the problem may be for this to happen? Do I have to add some specific configuration in internet explorer for this to work?

Any help will be appreciated.


Ubuntu 18.04 File Explorer with Preview window like MS Windows File Explorer

Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome 3.28.2 – I have a ton of documents and images that I need to go through efficiently without having to open them or hit the spacebar. I just want to select them in file explorer and have a preview similar to what Windows File Explorer generates on the side. I am using Nautilus. I do have Dolphin but have other issues there like not seeing symbolic links and no previews there either. I don’t know how to obtain what I want.

Is there any terrain option that would fit Avernus/the Nine Hells for the ranger’s Natural Explorer feature?

I’m reading through Descent into Avernus and my vision of it is a Mad Max-esque world. Red, desolate, almost like a desert but not classified as one. The mountains there have no vegetation… just more rocks.

For Ranger’s Natural Explorer, and I play Adventurer’s League so Rules as Written, would any terrain work in this environment? I feel like the most accurate description would be Tundra. But the closest option is Desert.

How to show other locations/local drives on left pane of file explorer?

On my Ubuntu 16.04 all my local disks were on left pane of file explorer and mount with one click. On 18.04 I have to select other locations from left pane first then select the disk(partition). My question is can I somehow make it like in 16.04. Also my 3 local disks (D,E,F) all have same name when viewed in other locations. This creates further confusion.

I tried bookmarking but it doesn’t auto mount clicking it. I have to mount it first time for bookmarks to work.

Do the Rangers natural explorer foraging feature and the outlander background wanderer feature for foraging stack?

I am planning on building my first ranger ever and I was wondering about the natural explorer feature. it states:

Natural explorer

When you forage, you find twice as much food as you normally would.

The outlander feature wanderer states:


In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth.

Would these features stack so theoretically a Ranger outlander (given they are in their favored terrain) can find enough food and water for more than the six people up to twelve? Would the ranger only have to forage every two days?

Sharepoint 2016 internet explorer error – window.location.pathname is undefined

Hello i’m facing this problem in a sharepoint 2016 on-prem environment. i customize my masterpage (starting from the seattle one) adding some custom javascript such as following……………

<SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javscript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/jquery.js" LoadAfterUI="true" Defer="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javscript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/handlebars-v4.1.0.js" LoadAfterUI="true" Defer="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javscript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/Bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js" LoadAfterUI="true" Defer="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javscript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/Bootstrap/bootstrap-select.min.js" LoadAfterUI="true" Defer="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javscript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/popper.min.js" runat="server" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javascript" Name="sp.runtime.js" runat="server" OnDemand="false" LoadAfterUI="true" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javascript" Name="SP.Taxonomy.js" runat="server" OnDemand="false" LoadAfterUI="true" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javascript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/Js/jquery.flagstrap.js" LoadAfterUI="true" Defer="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" />         <SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javascript" Name="~sitecollection/Style Library/BMS/Js/initFlagstrap.js" LoadAfterUI="true" Defer="true" runat="server" Localizable="false" /> 

what happens is that sometimes the pages break using internet explorer (hiding the sharepoint above bar and no longer running javascripts in the page).

the first exception that i get using IE developer tools is :

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'toLowerCase' of undefined or null reference in the file init.js (which is not custom). 

strangely if i type “window.location” in the console i get the object that i can expand and notice that window.location.pathname DOES have a value but if I type “window.location.pathname” in the console i get a variable = undefined error.

i’m getting crazy with that, anyone has any clue? thanks!!!