Can any armor rune be applied to explorer’s clothing?

Explorer’s clothing "can grant an item bonus to AC if etched with potency runes." But can armor runes be applied to explorer’s clothing, or only potency runes?

Can armor runes be applied to "Unarmored"? Is that a total lack of clothing, or does it also include clothes other than the "durable clothing" that explorer’s clothing is described as?

How “official” is Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount?

What’s the state of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount? Is it first-party or third-party? Was it playtested? Is it an AL-legal sourcebook, can I use it for the "+1" rule?


  • Is Matt Mercer's homebrew setting of Exandria now considered an official setting, as of the release of the "Explorer's Guide to Wildemount"?
  • How "Official" is the Blood Hunter class?

Why does an explorer’s pack come with more things that can fit in it?

The Explorer’s pack comes with a backpack and a bunch of stuff that (I assume) goes inside.

A Backpack can fit 30lbs in it. But the stuff – a bedroll (7), a mess kit (1), a tinderbox (1), 10 torches (10), 10 days of rations (20), and a waterskin (5) – totals 44lbs.

My party holds the weight of stuff a bit loosely, rather than playing RAW. But if you did play RAW, you wouldn’t be able to carry all the stuff you’re given. Why would the game designers do that?

How does Immovable Object spell (from Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount) work?

Immovable Object p187 from Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount says:

You touch an object that weighs no more than 10 pounds and cause it to become magically fixed in place. You and the creatures you designate when you cast the spell can move the object normally…. …If the Object is fixed in the air it can hold up to 4000 pounds of weight.

So does this mean that to the caster can move the object at will and wherever he lets go the object just sits there (in 3 dimensional space)?


Can the caster place the object in the air and swing on it or climb using the “immovable” aspect himself? If so is it a free action to activate, since no action is listed here.

Tweaking WIN10 (2019) File Explorer’s file size: filter thresholds. (how can we do this?)

In Windows File Explorer you can type size: into the search box, and it will offer 7 predefined size-ranges empty/tiny/small/medium/large/huge/gigantic

For the longest time “gigantic” was set as >128mb This was useful, you could quickly find all movie files in a folder tree.

Recently (some 2018/2019 update), Microsoft decided to modernise the definitions of these 7 predefined size-ranges so that:

  • Large (128MB – 1GB)
  • Huge (1GB – 4GB)
  • Gigantic (> 4GB)

… ok that is a more ‘modern’ definition, but now the size: search function becomes less useful to me. Now my movie files are fragmented between 3 different search results!!

Question: Does anyone know a registry key which can be used to manipulate the thresholds of the size: search filter in file explorer?

Total channel count differs from explorers

I have my own c-lightning node. listchannels returns 11,455 but explorers, e.g show around 39,000. Do I need to set something to get all channel info?

$   lightning-cli listchannels | grep source | wc   11455   22910  996585 

I’m thinking “initial_routing_sync” might be relevant. But I can’t find how to use it.

upon receiving an init message with the initial_routing_sync flag set to 1: SHOULD send gossip messages for all known channels and nodes, as if they were just received.

1ML shows larger number of nodes comparing to other lightning network explorers

I found that 1ML displays almost double the number of nodes comparing to other lightning network explorers.

I think 1ML does not provide the datasource but are you able to guess about the reason of the difference?

Besides 1ML, the numbers of nodes are almost same.

My own c-lightning nodes shows about 4,000 by listnodes command and uses lnd’s GetNetworkInfo rpc call according to their source code.

  • 1ML
Nodes: 7,462 Channels: 39,310 
Nodes: 4,011 Channels: 39,514 
  • Indexplorer
Nodes: 3,941 Channels: 38,983 
  • Lightning Explorer
Nodes: 3,971 Channels: 39,201 
  • Lightning Explorer
Nodes: 3,978 Channels: 39,009 

Why explorers show difference balance for genesis block?

When I check balance for the address 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa – different sources show different results.

66.92700504 BTC

16.91700504 BTC

and many others who don’t sum two transactions:

for 50 BTC

and 0.1 BTC