House Rule – Upcasting Enlarge / Reduce to extend duration

The party is deep into my 5e-updated classic Greyhawk Giants series.

The hill giants and their orc and goblin minions have attacked the Sterish city of Headwater and have taken about a quarter of the city. The party is about to embark on a mission to go behind enemy lines, kidnap and assassinate a stone giant who is critical to the hill giants’ city / siege offensive as being their only trained engineer. While the party’s patron recognizes that the stone giant needs to die, she also recognizes that at present the Stone Giant Thane has not joined the giant alliance and wants to keep it that way. Thus, she is requesting that they carry the body of the slain giant honorably back to his Thane in an effort to preserve a fragile peace between the humans and the stone giants. I would like the party to be able to accept this mission, without it becoming either a logistical challenge involving wagons and draft animals, or without loaning them a portable hole.

Instead, I would like to provide them with a version of the Enlarge / Reduce spell which is in all aspects identical to the original except that it can be upcast to extend the duration.

I figure the giant is 17 feet high and 1000 pounds; after reduce it would be 8.5 feet and a manageable 125 pounds.

For this version of Enlarge / Reduce I am proposing that:

When cast at 3rd level against living creatures, it lasts 10 minutes

When cast at 3rd level against objects, it lasts 1 hour

When cast at 4th level against living creatures, it lasts 1 hour (similar to polymorph)

When cast at 4th level against objects, it lasts 8 hours

When cast at 5th level against living creatures, it lasts 8 hours (much less than geas)

When cast at 5th level against objects, it lasts 24 hours

The party Wizard is currently 8th level and getting close to 9th. Requiring her to use both her fourth level slots and maintain concentration for the duration of travel every day in order to move swiftly and stealthily into the mountains with the body is just the right level of challenge for the group.

My only concern is that allowing this version of the spell to the party wizard permanently will have some unforeseen interaction with some other spell, ability, or item that I will later regret. This question, for example, asks about upcasting enlarge to permit two changes in creature size, and answers identify the interaction with levitation and grappling being problematic. I am interested in a similar troubleshooting review.

How to extend Pathfinder point buy to scores below 7?

In Pathfinder point buy, ability scores of lower than 7 (before adjustments from race) may not be bought with point buy.

What would be a balanced price for such low ability scores?

I am looking for personal experience from people who have done such an extension, or for a reasonably accepted view in the character optimization community.

Motivation for the question: How likely is to roll elite array or better with 3d6 in order?

In particular, I am not worried about players creating horrible malformed monsters with only threes and eighteens as their ability scores.

The question Is it allowed to buy ability scores lower than 7? addresses whether buying low ability scores is allowed (no), which is not the question here. The answer also argues that allowing buying such scores is a bad idea. My use case is very different – I want to have a method of measuring how good or bad ability scores are, and allowing anyone to buy them is not an issue here.

Ways to extend my natural (non-weapon) reach?

I have a character who has taken Inhuman Reach from Lords of Madness and Deformity (Tall) from Book of Vile Darkness, and is two levels away from warshaper 3rd and the morphic reach feature from Complete Warrior. I have the long arm fiendish graft from Fiend Folio. All told, I’ll have a natural reach of 25 feet.

I want more.

What other options—aside from the obvious one of growing in size myself—offer more bonuses to reach? I’m aware of this question seeking ways to increase reach for unarmed strikes only, but again, that’s unarmed strikes only—I want this for everything (and actually the atavist option in the accepted answer is not useful to me, as I’m using claws rather than unarmed strike).

Non-epic 3.5e material (including 3.5e-legal 3e material) from Wizards of the Coast sources and/or Dragon or Dungeon magazine are acceptable. Homebrew and 3rd-party material (including 3rd-party material that licenses the D&D logo) is not. Epic material may be presumed to not exist.

Feats and class features are ideal. Meeting prerequisites may be left as an exercise to the reader, so long as they do not require an epic character or epic stats.

Items are also welcomed for this purpose. Spells and other limited-duration effects (including item effects, for activated items) are only acceptable if they last a day or more. Persistent Spell and other ways of persisting effects are not acceptable. Abusing polymorph any object’s poorly-defined duration rules is also not allowed.

For that matter, turning into another creature with longer reach is not acceptable. I want to add the bonus to my own reach, not turn into something else. Size increases are also unacceptable—I’ll no doubt be doing that too but that’s a separate concern.

Infinite and arbitrary loops, manipulate form, “unleveling,” and outside assistance are all banned as well.

Would Extend metamagic feat increase the duration of Warlock’s eldritch essences?

Extend spell like ability mentions:

The creature can use that ability as an extended spell-like ability three times per day (or less, if the ability normally usable only once or twice per day). When a creature uses an extended spell-like ability, its duration is doubled. Spell-like abilities whose durations are instantaneous, concentration, or permanent are not affected. The creature can only select a spell-like ability duplicating a spell with a level less than or equal to half its caster level (round down) -1.

Based on this, can a warlock apply this feat on any of its essences such as Brimstone Blast or Beshadowed Blast to increase the duration of the effect?

Example: Applying Extend on Beshadowed Blast would case victim to be blinded for two rounds instead of one. With Brimstone Blast, it is calculated by 1 round per five class levels you have, so normally for a level 10 warlock target would burn for two rounds but with extend, four.

Stone Shape: can the stone extend past the original affected area?

The spell Stone Shape allows the caster to reshape a stone object or section of stone:

You touch a stone object of Medium size or smaller or a section of stone no more than 5 feet in any dimension and form it into any shape that suits your purpose.

Can the reshaped stone extends past the original affected area?

For example, would it be possible to raise a stone pillar from the ground using this spell, or extend a stone wall into a ramp?

WordPress Admin Post Search extend to one custom field

I would like to extend the WordPress admin post search (so in back-end) in order to look at keywords in post title but also in one custom field.

I find this thread interesseting (except the custom post type because I don’t use it) : Extending the search context in the admin list post screen and adapt my function like below :

function rel_search_join( $  join ) {     global $  pagenow, $  wpdb;     if ( is_admin() && $  pagenow == 'edit.php' && $  _GET['post_type'] == 'post' && $  _GET['s'] != '') {             $  join .= 'LEFT JOIN ' . $  wpdb->postmeta . ' ON '. $  wpdb->posts . '.ID = ' . $  wpdb->postmeta . '.post_id ';     }     return $  join; } add_filter('posts_join', 'rel_search_join' );  function rel_search_where( $  where ) {     global $  pagenow, $  wpdb;     if ( is_admin() && $  pagenow == 'edit.php' && $  _GET['post_type']=='post' && $  _GET['s'] != '' ) {         $  where = preg_replace( "/\(\s*".$  wpdb->posts.".post_title\s+LIKE\s*(\'[^\']+\')\s*\)/", "(".$  wpdb->posts.".post_title LIKE $  1) OR (".$  wpdb->postmeta.".my-custom-field-meta-key LIKE $  1)", $  where );         $  where = str_replace( "OR wp_posts.post_status = 'pending'", "", $  where );         $  where = str_replace( "OR wp_posts.post_status = 'private'", "", $  where );         $  where = str_replace( "OR wp_posts.post_status = 'draft'", "", $  where );         $  where = str_replace( "OR wp_posts.post_status = 'future'", "", $  where );     }     return $  where; } add_filter( 'posts_where', 'rel_search_where' ); 

But this does not work at all, the search was no longer working at all.

I feel like there is a way easier solution but I am not able to find it on any forums.

I know there are other solutions like custom field filters but it is not suitable for my custom field which can have thousands of values.

PS : I use Advanced Custom Field but I don’t think there is any connection.

Is there a Spell or Magic Item that will extend the range of racial Darkvision?

My group has decided to head down into the Underdark. And I would like to optimize my Half-Elven Darkvision (60′)

Assume I have access to any spell or magic item that is in one of the hardcover books.. and do not want to use UA or 3rd party.

What is the maximum Darkvision range I can get?

Note: I would prefer to avoid Polymorph if I can.

Can the area of the additional spell effect of Druid Grove extend outside the area of Druid Grove?

The spell druid grove (XGtE, pg. 154) lists several effects that the caster may impose on the spell’s area (30-90 ft. cube). The spell also comes with an "Additional Spell Effect"; this reads:

You can place your choice of one of the following magical effects within the warded area:

  • A constant gust of wind in two locations of your choice
  • Spike growth in one location of your choice
  • Wind wall in two locations of your choice

So you select one of these spell effects and choose the location of its point of origin within the druid grove area.

The each spell’s listed area of effect can easily extend beyond the boundaries of the druid grove, especially if you only create a 30 foot cube grove.

Can the area of effect of the additional spell effect extend beyond the boundaries of the grove, or does the grove restrict the spell’s listed area?

As an example see this diagram. Here we have a 30 by 30 foot druid grove, and a 20 foot radius spike growth centered at the center of the grove:

enter image description here

Does such an arrangement work? Or must the spike growth be confined to the 30 x 30 foot area of the grove?