Setup Nvidia 1070Ti external GPU

I have Dell XPS 9570. I am trying to connect egpu using thunderbolt 3 port.

OS: Ubuntu

My laptop has an internal 1050Ti graphic card. So the system is not recognizing the external GPU. I tried to disable it from the bios but I did not find any options that are suggested online. The GPU is not detected in both ubuntu and windows OS.

How can I fix this issue?

External links: Whether & how to distinguishing them from internal links, and to open them

How do other IAs/UXD’s treat external links & what are the perceived pros/cons of different options. Specifically looking for recommendations on:

  • whether & how to visually distinguish external links from internal links
  • whether to open them in the same window/tab or a different window or tab

I’ve found some great feedback re these questions on &

Looking for additional opinions, thoughts & especially any usability test findings contributors of this site might have re these questions.

SharePoint online, external cloud storage for images and videos

I am implementing a sharepoint online and have an issue with images and videos. Basically, there are more than 30Gb of videos and images being generated every week and we need to keep them easily accessible in our sharepoint online (using also tagging and metadata for easier access and search)

I want to know what other solutions there might be for storage on the cloud for this volume of data and linking to SharePoint Online.

Any suggestions or ideas?

Why Would A Web Server Allow Loading XML External Entities?

I’ve been reading up on XXE Injection, and so far every example I’ve seen has involved a webserver voluntarily loading xml external entities (as below).

<?php  libxml_disable_entity_loader (false);  $  xmlfile = file_get_contents('php://input');  $  dom = new DOMDocument();  $  dom->loadXML($  xmlfile, LIBXML_NOENT | LIBXML_DTDLOAD);  $  creds = simplexml_import_dom($  dom);  $  user = $  creds->user;  $  pass = $  creds->pass;  echo "You have logged in as user $  user";?> 

Given the risk of XXE Injection attacks and the possibility for those attacks to a) disclose confidential information and/or b) perform remote code execution (RCE), why would a web server developer/admin decide to enable loading external xml entities in the first place?

So far I haven’t seen any explanation for what the motivation is to enable loading external xml entities. Is it just lazy coding? Ignorance? Convenience?

Ubuntu (on internal hard drive) won’t boot without external hard drive (with ubuntu also installed) connected to it

Yesterday I went about installing Ubuntu 18.04 onto an external HDD, from within Ubuntu 18.04 on the computer’s internal SSD. (Ironically, I did it so I could boot from the HDD in case something went wrong with my main Ubuntu setup.)

First in the external hard drive I set up a swap partition and a main partition, using Gparted. Then I booted Ubuntu from a LiveUSB and went through the installation process, selecting the HDD main partition as the installation destination.

I can boot from the external HDD with no problem. With it connected, I can even boot from my SSD just fine. But when I disconnect while booted from the SSD, things seem to break (e.g. I lose the menu and application bar, and other odd things happen). When I disconnected the HDD prior to booting normally from the SSD, I get put into the boot menu as normal. From there, I can select ubuntu or windows boot manager etc as normal. When I select ubuntu, though, I get put into a window that says at the top “GNU GRUB version 2.02” and then “grub>” below.

It may be important to note that previously, I tried to make/boot from an image copy of Ubuntu from a different partition in the external HDD. Essentially I booted from a live usb and used dd to copy my ubuntu partition into the external hdd partition I made for it. That didn’t work because I couldn’t boot from that partition of the external HDD, but it also didn’t mess up my ubuntu install on my SSD.

Magento 2:Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions

I try to import product using csv file in localhost of wamp server but show error in Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions I add product images in pub/media/import

Multi Line Text box for External Content Types

I have an External Content Type mapped to SQL Server External Data. There is a column with more than 350 Characters. So, I made that column with Datatype of NVarchar with 350 size. I have created a new SharePoint list by using this External Content type. But in the SharePoint the list is showing only single line instead of Multiple lines. How do I fix this issue? I will need to show all 350 Characters in SharePoint.

Booting Issue in Ubuntu 18.04 external hard drive set up

I have installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 on an external hard drive. The details of the hard drive are: Storage: 500 GB Type: SSD Make: SanDisk

The installation happened seamlessly, but after I remove the live USB and restart the system, I am facing an issue.

I am seeing the Ubuntu drive option while I hit on the OS loader option (F12 key) and after I select to boot Ubuntu, its booting Windows 10 instead of Ubuntu. Here’s the video of what is happening.

Here, when I open the drive, I see a EFI boot loader menu showing up on File Manager. I feel that there is some error with respect to EFI boot.

I am not able to figure out the fix for it. If someone can help me out with this, it would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.