What is it called when someone glides through a building’s external door behind you?

One form of social engineering is the practice of running up to a building’s external door just as an employee is entering. The employee often holds the door open for the intruder, bypassing security systems (RFID systems, for example).

Is there a name for this specific practice?

how to avoid hard-coding of client credentials in browser(front-end) for external web application when posting to SharePoint Online

I am able to successfully upload a file from external web application(SAP UI5, a javascript based framework) to SharePoint Online using SharePoint REST services. I have registered the app as a ‘SharePoint Add-In’ in Azure ACS and set the ‘App permission requests’ by allowing ‘app-only policy’.

I have the generated ‘client-id & client secret’ credentials with me which i hardcoded in my web application while making Ajax POST request in order to authenticate and get the access token(that is required to make REST calls to SPO).

There is no server-side code, so all code is written/implemented in front-end, I want to know if there is a way to directly get access token in our application without passing the client credentials?

Can we pass the client credentials somewhere in SPO instead of hardcoding in the application or is there any other option like installing client certificate etc to authenticate instead of user/password ?

Sharepoint: Pulling String information from a list item to populate external URL

I am working with Sharepoint 2013, and I have a list of items that have a client id. These client ids are references to a database referenced by another group. I am wanting to pull the string information from a list item to populate a variable in a URL for a Custom Action. Please see example for clarification.

enter image description here

I want to extract the actual ClientID to insert into a URL when clicked. (i.e. https://mywebsite.com/customerno=[ClientID_from_List_1]/showall.aspx

So if I clicked CASABONITAS ClientID in Sharepoint it would open a new page with the URL being https://mywebsite.com/customerno=123456/showall.aspx

I have done some searching and cannot find any customized tokens that can be used for extracting this information, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Is it possible to have external provider-hosted app work with SharePoint Lists effectively?

I have been learning about SharePoint and Provider-Hosted Apps recently. Based on some videos and tutorials, I have seen most having a site with a SPHostURL. I was able to recreate that as well.

Then heard displaying multiple apps in an iFrame. (See image)

When clicking on a hyperlink to the app, the app displays into the iFrame. The right side has the SharePoint calendar, or other client side lists that the Provider-Hosted app can communicate with,e.g. selecting dates, looking up contact details, notes.

For example if one app is a project tracker, then setting a deadline in the app shows in the SharePoint calendar. enter image description here

Is this method easily possible and is it effectively?

What is the best approach for Provider Hosted Apps?

Network manager goes bad after hot unplugging an external usb wifi adapter

While my Lubuntu 18.04 is connected to a wifi network via an external wifi adapter, I hot unplug the external wifi adapter.

Symptoms of the problem:

  1. When I plug the external wifi adapter back to my computer, no wifi network is detected, even though both networking and wifi are enbaled.
  2. The top process shown in the output of top is:

     PID USER      PR  NI    VIRT    RES    SHR S  %CPU %MEM     TIME+ COMMAND  1068 root      20   0 1029552   8060   4864 R  85.7  0.1  29:25.70 NetworkManager 

    Trying to kill it by sudo kill 1068 or sudo service NetworkManager restart/stop or sudo systemctl restart/stop NetworkManager will result in hanging forever

    Trying to run any sudo command e.g. sudo pm-suspend will result in the same forever hanging

  3. The usb port on my laptop where the external wifi adapter was originally plugged in has also stop working for other external devices, unless I reboot my Lubuntu.

How can I solve the problem? Preferably not rebooting my Lubuntu.

How can I avoid the problem in the future? Is NetworkManager the culprit? Will some alternative be better and which ones?



This is part of /var/log/syslog around the time when the problem happened. (I unplugged a keyword to free up a usb port for a flash drive, and then unplugged the external wifi adapter, to free up a usb port for a printer, and then plugged it back. )