Do animals summoned by the Conjure Animals spell get extra HP from Circle of the Shepherd’s Spirit Totem ability?

This came up last game and seems very powerful. A 5th level druid gives each animal an extra 10hp. This let our druid summon 8 boars with nearly double hp (21 instead of 11).

Do summoned creatures count as allies? Should there be a limit to the nunber of allies affected?

Do I need an extra license to control access to Sharepoint Online from unmanaged devices?

We have a Office 365 for business Sharepoint Online environment and struggle to control access from unmanaged devices. Users use family laptops without logging to the local OS. When a authorised user opens a document in Sharepoint with a local App (Word) the service and credentials are cached and the next user of the laptop has onautorized access to Sharepoint. I think this is the same issue with internet cafe devices. How can I control access of Sharepoint Online from unmaged devices? Do I need an additional license to configure this? Pleas help Jan

What happens to extra attacks after you kill your declared target

Say I decide I want to attack a Gnoll Pack Lord 10 feet away from me and I have 3 attacks. I roll 3 times and each roll is a hit. If my first two attacks kill the Gnoll, can I use the third on one of his buddies (assuming they’re within my range) or is the attack lost?

Only asking because on Critical Role, it seems like they roll all their attacks and then roll for damage after all of the attack rolls are made.

How does Extra Attack and Two-Weapon-Fighting work for a fighter?

Since all PC’s are capable of two weapon fighting, is the phrase “you can use two weapon fighting…” just redundant or is it giving you the two-weapon-fighting fighting-style of a fighter, so I can take great-weapon-fighting, dueling, or archery instead?

Secondly would a fifth level Eldritch knight with the Dual Wielder feat and Two-Weapon-Fighting fighting-style be able to:

  1. Shoot hand crossbow
  2. Throw hand-axe
  3. Summon his battle axe and war hammer with his bonus action
  4. Action surge to attack with summoned weapons one of which will have booming blade on it, and will that attack generate any additional actions?

Does his 5th level extra attack come into play during first attack, or at any other time?

Ubuntu has extra hidden gamma curve? (weird stuff…)

As soon as i loaded my test image i noticed the gradient was no longer smooth but it contained some vertical artifacts. I should point out that the gamma is set to default in Ubuntu: xgamma gamma 1.0

I also have Windblows 10 and OSX and there the gradient is smooth. However in Ubuntu it is brighter and contains vertical artifacts. And each time i take a screenshot, test image becomes brighter. This is driving me crazy.

So here is a test image:

When i open it on Win and OSX it is smooth and contains proper black. Here is a screenshot from Win10:

Here is a screenshot from Ubuntu (notice vertical artifact, less blacks, make sure to zoom in):

Here is a screenshot of a screenshot:

Here is a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot:

The test image in the last example has become stupidly bright indicating there is another layer of gamma control present in the display settings that is just hidden from access.

Please keep in mind before you mention i should change gamma, this is all happening at gamma 1.0.

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Is there anything I can do about this My boss never says “Thank You” or shows any appreciation when I do extra things (I wasn’t hired to do)?

1 Example was, A squirrel was seen (a few times) in the office. My boss was aggravated about it & told me indirectly to take care of this problem (although I was only hired to do computer work for him). I took care of the problem (working the exterminator) which took a few hours. When I told my boss I took care of the problem. My boss had a certain expression on his face that said he heard me. Aside from this my boss was silent as if I told him something that wasn’t important. I took care of the problem (working WITH the exterminator) which took a few hours.

What level should a spell that lets a character briefly attune to an extra item be?

I am considering adding a homebrew spell to a game I DM. Here is the exact wording I intend to use:

Superior Attunement

8th level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M*

Duration: 8 hours

You touch one creature and one magical item which requires attunement, but to which no creature is currently attuned. At any time within the next eight hours, the affected creature may, as a bonus action, touch the affected item and instantly attune to it without requiring an attunement slot. The creature remains attuned to the item for one minute. After one minute, the spell and the attunement end.

The spell ends early if the creature falls unconscious or if any creature attunes to the magical item. No creature can use this spell to attune to any more than one item at a time.

The creature must still meet any specific requirements this item has for attunement (class, alignment, etc.). If a creature attempts to use this spell to attune to an item whose requirements it does not meet, it suffers the same consequences as it would in the normal attunement process.

* (Any magical item that requires attunement, but to which no creature is currently attuned)

I have tentatively decided this spell should be an 8th-level spell. I feel this strikes a good balance. This spell is a utility spell, and who wants a 9th-level utility spell? But it has the potential to make a character quite powerful for a short period of time, so I don’t want a character to be able to cast it more than once a day.

Does this seem like a reasonable spell level? If not, what level should this spell be