Does haste extra attack gets triggered when you cast haste on yourself?

My question here is what is the right combination of the answers from these two questions:

  • Does Extra attack stack with haste?
  • Can you get an extra attack after casting a spell whilst hasted?

Assuming I’m a level 5 fighter / level 5 wizard and I cast haste on myself.

It’s clear from the second question I can then proceed to use the attack action as per haste. My interpretation:

  • RAW is you get only one attack and extra attack does not get triggered as per the answer to the first question.

RAI it looks like that particular line “one weapon attack only” was intended to limit attack explosion on the fighter:

The “one attack only” stipulation is preventing the use of the extra attack feature in the additional action, so a character with extra attack could use his regular action to make 2 attacks and use the additional action granted by haste to attack once more. This is to prevent say, a fighter at level 20 who gets 3 extra attacks from having 8 attacks in a single turn on top of a possible bonus action.

As specified in the answer of this other question.

Is there any indication (by WOG or similar in either direction) as to where in this particular scenario the fighter would get the extra attack? Which would mean, if you cast haste on yourself on your turn, the effect of casting haste is you get to do your turn as normally without the benefit of haste but also without having lost the action into casting haste.

Do you get the extra attack from a Haste spell you cast on yourself with 1 round duration?

A rogue PC in my campaign has just picked up the Trapsmith prestige class and gained spellcasting this way. He picked Haste as one of his first spells. Now I wonder: His current caster level is 1. If he casts haste, how long does it last? Only the round he casts the spell? Then he would only benefit from increased speed (+30 feet or double, whichever is lower) and +1 dodge to Reflex and AC until his next turn. Or could he transfer the benefit to the next round, if he takes his move action first and then casts the spell with the standard action?

Does anyone know how to make the extra data, about the number of jobs on page, show in google search results?

I have noticed that when I google for jobs for example ‘plumber jobs in Melbourne’ some results have a prepended piece of data ‘407 jobs’ before the normal meta description is shown.

example of search result

Anyone know what seek has done to get this data shown in google search results?

Can I use REGEX to 301 a URL with extra characters at the end?

I’ve just set up PHPlist to manage my email subscribers.

When folks opt-in, they’re taken to this page:

I’d like to redirect them to a custom page here:

I tried to 301 from /lists/?p=subscribe&id=1 to /welcome, but this won’t work. I presume this is because of the characters after /lists/.

And, I can’t 301 from /lists to /welcome because /lists is the first portion of the unsubscribe page as well.

Is there a way I can 301 from the full address above with REGEX? Or is there another way to get folks to a custom page–without editing PHP’s code base?


Can monk move between his extra and bonus attacks?

There are clean rules for moving between actions and between attacks granted by those action (e.g. a fighter with four attacks can move between them freely).

But the monk’s Flurry of Blows feature is different. It states you can make two unarmed bonus attacks immediately after your attack action. The wording is fuzzy even more because the monk’s Attack action can be melee or ranged as well.

  1. Does word immediately deprive you from movement?
  2. When you kill an enemy with your first normal unarmed attack and the nearest other enemy is 10 ft. from you, can you move to him?
  3. What about if you made ranged attack with your Attack action?
  4. Can you move between first and second Flurry of Blows attack?

Not allowing move will hurt even melee attacks very badly. A fighter with 4 attacks is able to move freely between them but a monk with 2 attacks + 2 flurry attacks will be able to move only between the first two attacks – possibly not taking the other two at all.

How does a Gloom Stalker’s Dread Ambusher interact with Extra Attack?

The Gloom Stalker Ranger from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything gets the Dread Ambusher feature at level 3, which says (pg. 42):

At the start of your first turn of each combat, you walking speed increases by 10 feet, which lasts until the end of that turn. If you take the Attack action on that turn, you can make one additional weapon attack as part of that action. If that attack hits, the target takes an extra 1d8 damage of that weapon’s damage type.

Rangers also get Extra Attack at level 5 (PHB, pg. 92):

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

So, for a 5th-level Gloom Stalker Ranger, since both class features involve taking the Attack action, do I have to pick whether to make my extra attack with the Dread Ambusher feature or the Extra Attack feature (similar to how a monster with Multiattack has to choose “Multiattack” instead of the standard “Attack” action) or do I effectively get 3 attacks, like a level 11 Fighter (but only on my first turn, obviously)?

Can you reload two crossbows with Aegis Greater Extra Arms or having multiple arms and Crossbow Mastery feat in the same round?

Can you reload two crossbows with Aegis Greater Extra Arms or having multiple arms and Crossbow Mastery feat in the same round?

Extra Arms, Greater: The extra arms on the aegis’s astral suit function at nearly the same capacity as his normal arms. Each arm can now wield or use a light or one-handed weapon, shield, or any other item that he could normally use. Alternatively, the aegis can use one or both arms when wielding a two-handed weapon, possibly allowing him to wield a pair of two-handed weapons. The circumstance bonus on Climb checks and CMD against grapple attempts increases to +3 per extra arm that is not holding anything. The aegis must be 8th level and have the Extra Arms and Lesser Extra Arms customizations before selecting this customization.


Crossbow Mastery

Will extra rules to my diceware list generation scheme decrease security?

I finished reading the Code Book by Simon Singh, I’m interested in playing with some of the ideas in the book to help increase my own understanding. I don’t intend to implement the following in any consequential settings; I’m only interested in exploring the security implications.

I want to generate alternate diceware lists that have quirks, like each word is typed with the left hand only, or keystrokes alternating hands when typing. Assuming I can generate 7776 different strings, and am able to follow all of the other guidelines of diceware, are all diceware lists equally secure?

In the German Enigma Machine no letter could be encoded to itself (ex, a cannot be encoded to a). This detail helped crack the code. However I don’t think this applies here, the strength of the password doesn’t rely on a cipher. I don’t see why 6 or 7 strings randomly chosen from a list of 7776 wouldn’t have the same entropy, no matter the list. Theoretically, it could just consist of 7776 different binary lines couldn’t it?

I understand that additional rules to password generation sometimes decrease security. If an attacker knows my diceware list, does it matter if every entry consists of only 15 unique characters of the left hand? Is there less entropy?