Extract coefficients from ODE

I’m trying to extract the coefficients from an ODE $ $ y””+y”+x^2 y’-6y+ 8\ cos(x)$ $
and hoping the code will give a list with all the coefficients in, ranging from lower order to higher order, i.e. $ $ \{8\ cos(x)\,,\,-6y\,,\,x^2\,,\, 1\,,\,1\}$ $

So far I can only extract the $ x^2$ and $ -6$ in $ x^2 y’$ and $ -6y$ using

In[1] : Cases[ y'''' + y'' + x^2 y' - 6 y + 8 Cos[x],           Times[x_, Derivative[_][_]] :> x, Infinity]   Out[2]: {x^2}    In[3] : Cases[ y'''' + y' + x^2 y' - 6 y + 8 Cos[x], x__ y :> x, Infinity]   Out[4]: {-6} 

How can I deal with the $ y”’$ and $ y”$ which do not have the Times header before them? I’ve tried this one which just return me all the $ y^{(n)}$ s.

In[5]: Cases[ y'''' + y'' + x^2 y' - 6 y + 8 Cos[x],         Derivative[_][y], Infinity]   Out[6]: {y',y'',y''''}   

Powershell: Is there a way to extract the Identity from a WSP file?

I want to automatically add and install some wsp files. To check if the file is already installed I (think I) need the identity of the solution that I am about to deploy. How can I extract the Identity of the solution out of the WSP file?

foreach ($  wspFIL in $  solutionsARY) {     $  fileNameSTR = $  filesDIR + $  wspFIL     $  identitySTR = getIdentityFromWsp fileNameSTR#... this is what I need      Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath  $  fileNameSTR     Install-SPSolution -Identity  $  identitySTR } 

extract emails from any facebook group for $1

I will provide facebook user emails from any Fanpage, Group or Profile. I will provide you: NameUsernameE-mailGender (If Available)DOB (If Available)Phone Number (If Available)Location (If Available) Note: group must be public. Inform you that we are only able to get 1-20% members from each Fanpage or Group. But I guarantee that those emails will be 100% genuine. Thank You

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What’s the best way to extract data from Sharepoint to SQL server database?

The source data are from MS Project on SharePoint. The business would like to see the updates of MS project near real time. We have the reports pulling the MS project data off SQL server database. Right now, we are using SSIS package to get the MS project data from SharePoint to the database, but it’s slow or get disconnected.

Create a function to extract filenames from multiple filenames using delimiter in bash

e.g.,report jpg will display about all the files that are called something.jpg. Here’s a code I’m working on including my questions.

function report {         x=`ls *.$  1`         num=`ls *.$  1 | wc -l`           **q1. Want to use variable for x to get num, but num=`$  x | wc -l`               didn't work for this purpose.**          echo There are $  num $  1 files         if [ $  num -lt 10 ]; then             **q2. for this part, I want to use "find . -name '*.$  1'                   with delimiter . to extract filename from its extension                   and display them (Also maybe need to use while or for                   loop)**                       done         fi } report jpg report html 

Filter or Extract Data from RAW Data for $15

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