Face scroll-linked error while make chainned dropdown

I’m facing scroll-linked trouble while making chained dropdown. I’m using php as programming language and codeigniter as the framework, here are the codes

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     <div class="form-row">        <div class="col-md-4">          <label for="inputBody">Body Number</label>          <select name="inputBody" id="inputBody" class="form-control" required="required">             <?php foreach ($  body as $  bd) { ?>               <option value="<?php echo $  bd->bodynumkids ?>" onchange="ambildata('+<?php echo $  bd->bodynumkids ?>+');"><?php echo $  bd->bodynumkids ?></option>             <?php } ?>           </select>         </div>         <div class="col-md-6">            <label for="inputKiddie">Kiddies Name</label>            <input type="text" name="inputKiddie" id="inputKiddie" class="form-control" placeholder="ex. Super Cop" required="required">         </div>         <script type="text/javascript">            function ambildata(x) {              $  .ajax({                 type:'POST',                 data :'input='+x,                 url :'<?php echo base_url()."Repairpaint/chained" ?>',                 dataType: 'json',                 success: function(data){                    console.log(data);                 }                })               }           </script>        </div> 

Controller Codes

public function chained()     {         $  dataKiddie = $  this->input->post('input');         $  where = array('bodynumkids'=> $  dataKiddie);         $  namakiddie = $  this->Model_repairpaint->chaincb('kiddiejadi', $  where)->result();         echo json_encode($  namakiddie);     } 

The result wasn’t appear in console, only these warning that appear

This site appears to use a scroll-linked positioning effect. This may not work well with asynchronous panning; see https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Mozilla/Performance/ScrollLinkedEffects for further details and to join the discussion on related tools and features! 

What expected is the data from database appear in console when I click the dropdown. Can anyone here tell me the solution? Thank you before, for helping me.

Can I cast Thunderwave and be at the center of its bottom face, but not be affected by it?

Questions like this and this show that you cast Thunderwave as a cube, and you (the point of origin) stand at one of the cube’s faces. From the PHB:

You select a cube’s point of origin, which lies anywhere on a face of the cubic effect. […] A cube’s point of origin is not included in the cube’s area of effect, unless you decide otherwise.

If I’m on the ground and I choose to be at the center of the cube’s bottom face, can I choose not to be affected by the spell’s area of effect?

Seen from above, C being me, and X the affected area, it would look like


So I could potentially explode and push 8 creatures away from me, without damaging myself.

My Indian friend is on tour visa and he had to tear last page of his passport, would he face any issue?

My friend (Indian) is in another country and he had to tear last page of his passport because that page captured some water droplets and if he wouldn’t have teared it would had affected other pages as well. I suggest him to visit Indian embassy in that country and talk to them.

What do you think its fine to his passport would be considered damaged and he needs to get it fixed? How much time it take to get new passport in a different country?

How can Facebook verify my face if it should not have one?

I do not use Facebook but recently I created an account for the purpose of connecting it to an app. I uploaded several photos of myself to Facebook, did what I needed with the app and deleted the photos.

The next day I tried to login to my Facebook account and saw this:

enter image description here

How can Facebook use my photo to check if the account belongs to me? They now should not have any of my photos, right? Does this mean they actually keep deleted content?

Smiley face doesn’t work

All of my Emojis work, except one. This one ☺️. In the emoji archive it’s listed simply as “smiley face”. It works in every other application except Google messages (not to be confused with Facebook messenger), and it’s only this emoji. when I select it, it well appear in my text box as I’m typing, but it disappears from my message as soon as I hit send. It also doesn’t matter who I send it to, Android or iOS, though interestingly, I can receive this same emoji just fine. I’ve found similar problems but have no idea how to fix it. It’s starting to bug me. my android version is Android 9. my phone is the pixel 2 XL. i’m using Google keyboard.

Is it possible to access Face ID sensors raw data?

My Honor 10 has facial recognition capability in the dark, I suppose it works like Apple’s Face ID which would rely on and IR camera and an Infrared pattern/dot projector.

So, since the Settings app and the Screen lock app can access those sensors, could it be possible to activate/ access those sensors data in another custom built app (on a Rooted smartphone) to use it for 3D scanning objects or simply recording the face of the user in order to 3D print a functional facial recognition “key”?

Photoshop Editing and Background remove, Face Swap, Image for $22

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How do I turn off face recognition in Lightroom Classic CC?

I turned on face recognition in Lightroom Classic CC (version 7.1) and, whilst it was quite cool, I’ve now realised that it doesn’t really fit with my workflow.

How do I turn it completely off?

In addition, I assume that this face recognition data is stored somewhere. Given that I don’t want to use it any more, is there any way to remove that too?