Best Facebook Auto Poster?

I'm looking for the best social network auto poster? Mainly something for Facebook to allow me to automatically post to hundreds of groups at the same time instead of going to each one. I've found a few free Facebook auto posters online but I'd like to know if anyone is using a auto poster and what they'd recommend?

Also should I be using one of these programs? Are there downsides?


Ad Breaks Facebook Audience Network

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Ad Breaks Facebook Audience Network

Does the Facebook Pages app have language settings?

My android phone is in german because I’m learning it and I find it productive that my apps are all in german.

The few apps I just can’t use in german aren’t a nuisance because I can change this in-app and everything is fine. The Facebook Pages app doesn’t seem to fit this profile.

I’ve just had an idea for a page and a fellow friend told me to download the app to manage it. Since this classifies as one of the apps I do not want to use in german, is there a way to change it? ‘Cause I didn’t find any language settings.

I tried changing the language in the Facebook app but it was useless. Changing the phone’s language might work – but I’d really rather not do it.

[HELP] Facebook Comment And Auto Reply Templates

I'm starting a new marketing campaign and want to auto comment and auto reply to comments on various FB fanpages and groups.

I've got the technical part handled. The part that's holding me back is creating templates for the facebook comment and auto replies so I don't have hundreds of the same comments/replies on each page.

Does anyone have a list of facebook comment and auto reply templates they are willing to share?

extract email from facebook group

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facebook and databases

hi, so new to the forum and new to back end and sql development. currently studying the ciw foundations course. i have a particular project i intend to start work on and at the moment I'm just researching. the site i have in mind is similar to facebook (only on a much smaller scale) so my question is, how is facebooks databases structured.

what happens when a user signs up for the first time, is a MySQL database created specifically for that person with several tables for user info, account…

facebook and databases

Where to find standards for implementing ‘Facebook’ style?

Context: I’m trying to improve my unofficial University Events website design. I’m a student programmer who is new to design.

Goal: Implement a mobile website design that has a similar look and feel as the Facebook mobile app for iOS/Android.

Design Features Desired:
-Most of the screen is taken up by the feed, consisting of a scrollable list of screen-width boxes.
-A menu of navigation options (in a small, horizontal row of icons, with an off-white background color.
-A small gray filler between posts.

Question: Are there any specific style guidelines released by Facebook? Ex. A description of their sizing for the nav bar, specific colors used for backgrounds, spacing of icons, etc.?

If not, how can I go about trying to re-engineer Facebook app design?