Creating a website with a profile that can be used to log into another website (like gmail/ facebook log in) [closed]

Where would I start doing this type of project? I am new to programming and really I have only just started learning to use the "gsub" command in Komodo / ruby on rails.

I have made part of a sample website with a box for input, however it does not do anything.

Is there a description in any textbooks or instructional video?

How to run Facebook Prophet in Mathematica?

I would like to use the Facebook Prophet API for timeseries forecasting in Mathematica.

I’m trying to make a function prophetM which takes a list of date, and integer pairs (or a Timeseries object), and returns a list of length N of date and integer pairs for N future periods.

An exmaple of the code in python is given below, where:

LIST_IMPORTED_FROM_MATHEMATICA = {{"2020-01",1},{"2020-02",2},{"2020-03",3},….}

(the data could also have a day, or be a DateObject[] — but that isn’t needed)

Would anyone have any idea how to do that?


Exmaple python code:

import pandas as pd from fbprophet import Prophet  df = LIST_IMPORTED_FROM_MATHEMATICA  m = Prophet()   future = m.make_future_dataframe(periods=N, freq='MS')   forecast = m.predict(future)   ``` 

Why is my website talking to Google and Facebook servers? [closed]

When I visit my website and look at the trackers using the uBlock Origin’s report, I can see that some of the Java Scripts on my website are trying to connect to Google and Facebook servers.

enter image description here

When I inspected the network tab, I figured that the scripts is trying to connect to in particular (Couldn’t find any request to a sub domain for I thought these requests were the result of a plugin I installed to get the share buttons on different social media platforms but I removed the plugins and it didn’t change anything. I was wondering if and how can I stop these requests.

What is the mathematics behind Facebook friend suggestion algorithms [closed]

Can anyone help me know how Facebook suggests unknown friends? Or, any references in this regards will do.

What i know is there are infinite ways in which Facebook can suggest friends. One of the ways in which Facebook suggests you friends is that when that person has mutual friends with you or that person is directly or indirectly connected your friendship networks (even if you have no mutual friends with him). In the line of this algorithm, i am thinking of a an algorithm to predict friend suggestion by Facebook using graphs and its union and intersection operations.

My problem is that, i couldn’t find any Mathematical algorithms of the mechanisms of friend suggestion by Facebook. Any reference in this regards will be appreciated.

facebook customer chat for website – button click event help need

Dear friends, I need a help. I am facing a problem;

I have setup facebook customerchat in my site. It appear at the bottom-right corner of the page. When clicked on the green round button it open.

View attachment 255988
# I wish to add another option on it, so that I can also open this chat clicking another button/ image/ text also. Suppose see the attchment, if I click on "Chat with us" or the female face image, it will open the customer chat same way.

Also can I add…

facebook customer chat for website – button click event help need