How to return Facebook likes counter

In my blog, I have many articles, and so, a like button on each article. In parallele, I post these articles on Facebook by using og meta tag.

Thereso, my article has two likes counters, one on the blog, and another one on Facebook.

I want to combine both counters to get a total of likes.

Is there any tool or an api request on Facebook to return this number ?

Joining a group as a Facebook Page?

I’ve recently learnt that you can join a Facebook group as a page yourself, which is great for me as that means I can interact as the page rather from my personal account. However, when joining a page that requires you to answer a question, I do not have the option to select the pages name.

A couple of points:

  1. I’m only an Editor
  2. The group admin has selected the right setting

enter image description here

Any ideas why I cannot join?

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Input audio sounds as a robotic gargle during videocalls skype, facebook and other services

So here’s the scoop, I could send audios with no problem and hear everything fine when I play them back, but when I make video calls the recieving party cannot understand my audio. The audio is distorted and sounds like a robotic gargle. I’ve tryed various fixes but nothing seems to work. Mainly all the fixes related to audio here on the forum.

Facebook Pages – how to retain the name

Currently I have a page attached to my personal facebook profile. I would first like to delete the page from my personal facebook profile and start a fresh page for my business that is not linked to my personal facebook profile. I would like to make a business facebook profile instead. I do not want to lose the name that I currently have on my personal profile page. My questions are: 1. Once I delete the Facebook page (I know how to do that), how long do I have to wait to use my page ‘name’ again? 2. If there is a waiting period – is there a chance they can release it sooner? I really do not want to lose my page name.

Hope someone can help! Thanks!

Sharing base64 images on facebook

I was reading FB instant game docs when I came across this snippet:

FBInstant.shareAsync({   intent: 'REQUEST',   image: myBase64Picture,   text: 'Hey I\'m stuck on this puzzle! Can you help me?',   data: { myReplayData: '...' }, }) 

Is this possible outside the context of FB instant games and through regular JS? I found this graph api code but it seems to be no longer supported by FB (making a POST to