Facebook Sharing API does not get the PHP echo-ed meta data

I have provided og:meta tags for my page which is filled in by PHP based on the GET id in the request.

The issue is, that when I check out what does the Facebook crawler see when it goes through my page, it gets empty data. All the meta tags are empty, there is no title the page is just loaded with the HTML template but no actual content in it. It sure as hell works when accessed by a normal web browser, most browsers actually.

So what could be the cause for this issue, afaik PHP is not something bots can block like they can block JS, right ?

Can someone can hack my Facebook if i give someone my browser for a while?

As anyone can see network data using browser developer tool, can someone get access to my cookies or API keys by just turning on the developer tool in Chrome or Firefox?

For example, imagine a webapp that sends api key in header with each request. Could someone see this key by just turning on “inspect” in Chrome?

Likewise, if i have an active Facebook session and I gave my system to someone for browsing, could they check for cookies or api keys by just using “inspect” in Chrome?

Is there any way to avoid this?

Seems Facebook must think Santa Claus is a real person

Hi All

So i posted a santa claus sleigh driving licence for parents to put under the xmas tree and a personal letter from santa asking if they find his driving licence then can keep it as the elfs have issues a new one for next year

but this was blocked in the marketplace as

Seems Facebook must think Santa Claus is a real person

How To Reveal Your Competitors Facebook Ad Strategy?

Simply navigate to your Competitors page and click “Info and Ads” on the right-hand side of the screen. The only downsides are that you can’t view customer interaction with the ads and that competitors can also spy on your ads. Having the ability to research your competitor's ad strategy is crazy powerful. Not only can you target things that they’re doing that are less than the best, but you can also work to improve an already good strategy and make it better.

question regarding facebook pages and posts


I have a facebook page with about 68.000 Likes, and for about a month now i have made posts on it (make this 7 posts a day) with a link to one of my websites in each posts and i keep doing this every day. I wonder how valuable this is for my website in term of advertising and link building if i keep doing this? the average post gets shared about 20-50 times depending on the content on question.

SELLING: 68.000 Facebook likes, 12 posts a day 10$ each or suggestions


I own a facbook page niched in anime with about 68.000 Likes on it and i post 12 image posts a day on the page. in those posts i put links to various pages, and the images gets shared by the facebook community.

The posts are 1$ each and i can Schedule them ahead of time if you want any specific date that the images be posted on.

You pay ahead of time with Paypal and i can show you a picture of the Scheduler if you want so you can know your images with your links wants to be posted….

SELLING: 68.000 Facebook likes, 12 posts a day 10$ each or suggestions

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising E-BOOK PDF for $2

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