Facebook changing owners does it take away credit card info associated?

My boss set up all kinds of pages for our different programs at our nonprofit, through her personal page, meaning she logged into her personal page then created new pages. When she put in a credit card for ads for the programs it linked the biz credit card to her personal Facebook page. Anything she can do?

Also if we give ownership of one of our pages to another nonprofit will it remove the credit card stored? The biz credit card is linked to each page she created. If she clicks deactivate ad account on one will it deactivate all and if the new owner decides to reactivate the ad account does it still have the old credit card in there or does it start anew with new CC information needing to be added?

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Prevent ‘reply all’ in Facebook group message

I’m the admin for a Facebook group of approximately 50 members, and I want to send a single message to everyone in the group. I need to use a message because most members of the group do not receive notifications for posts on the group page.

The last time I sent a message to the whole group, a few members started replying in a casual chatty way that spammed all of the other members and led to some of them leaving the group.

Is it possible to send a message to a group that does not allow anyone to “reply all”?

Facebook share button [pendente]

Estou com uma dúvida em relação ao share button do facebook. Segui os passos no site developers.facebook.com, criei o html porém as imagens e a descrição do conteúdo não aparecem no compartilhamento.

Utilizei as tag’s meta conforme o tutorial:

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Não funciona no compartilhamento via browser. Só consegui ver a imagem e descrição quando compartilho no Whatsapp ou telegram. Existe alguma configuração a mais no plugin do facebook?

Facebook page policy regarding sharing of same url & description with different infographics

My website is centered around a single product. I usually create several infographics (images) relevant to my target audience and share on my website. I am thinking of sharing these infographics on my Facebook page as well. Daily I would be sharing around 15 to 20 infographic photos. While uploading the infographics, am I permitted to add a short description and hyperlink to my product page (in the status/text input area)? I am asking this because, the description and hyperlink aren’t going to change with infographics. They will be the same as my website is focused on one single product?

How do I disable the add friend button for mutual friends on Facebook?

I have seen on Facebook that it is explicitly possible for a user who shares mutual friends with another user to somehow disable the ability to become added as a friend. This is regardless of recent blocking or unblockings, or even recent friend requests. and a clearly visible group of mutual friends on their profile. I would like to know how to apply this privacy setting on my Facebook page, so that certain users who I share friends with cannot send me requests.

In Facebook’s privacy settings, it seems that I can either set my “Add Friend” possibilities to “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends”. How do I make it so some mutual friends cannot add me?

To be clear I do not want to block these people.

Can I request to remove a Facebook page that were hacked/hijacked from me?

I tried everything from Facebook support to recover my page but they said since it was a friendly hack, they couldn’t give me back my admin rights and there’s no hope for me to recover the page anymore that was stolen. I have a website with the same name, that was connected to Facebook instant article before but of course the hacker removed it already. I reported for intellectual infringement to claim my brand name and sending them my registered domain name as a proof that I own the page’s name, logo and contents since I have a website registered a year ago but up to this point Facebook hasn’t replied yet. They only removed the copyrighted contents that I reported but the page is still up and running, and worse is that the hackers are reposting my old posts from the Facebook page pretending to be me and replying to my followers as if they were me. I’m losing all hope to Facebook.

Does Facebook use any other CDN apart from Akamai? Encountered fbcdn.net subdomain that does not belong to Akamai

I received a notice from my third-party firewall application (Little Snitch) that when I had Facebook open, my browser (Chrome 46.0.2490.80 on El Capitan 10.11.1) was attempting to connect to “scontent.fper1-1.fna.fbcdn.net” and “scontent.fmel1-1.fna.fbcdn.net”. Having never seen these particular variations on the fbcdn domain before despite daily use of Facebook and having used LS for a while, it was a little suspicious to me.

Looking up the IP addresses ( and respectively) point to Internode, an ISP located in Adelaide, Australia (I live in Australia, but not Adelaide) and AFAIK, Facebook does not use their CDN and I don’t think Internode even provides such services.

But the domain is fbcdn.net. right? And if that’s so, which is legit domain used by Facebook for content/cookies etc, even if the IP addresses don’t resolve to Facebook or Akamai, it should be fine? Nothing suspicious?