Package of websites and some large Facebook pages

I will either sell these all as a package (which is what I prefer) or one at a time but the price will be higher one at a time. I have one FB page that is car for sale related that has about 100k followers, one that is a dating page that has 26k followers, one that is business investment related with 56k followers, and a maxbounty affiliate one that is active with 7800 plus the sites.

I dont really use the sites a whole lot. They are really just to drive offers to but I have seven sites…

Package of websites and some large Facebook pages

Can/Should I self-host marketing scripts (Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, etc.)?

Many marketing providers and plugin providers provide embeddable scripts, but many don’t use a CDN so their response time is slow. They also DON’T cache their scripts because they need to update them from time to time (this is for Facebook pixel, Google and other big guys too) . This slows down the site loading speed.

I’m thinking of hosting some of the script files myself either on my servers or on a CDN, and auto-updating them whenever the original source file is updated (this would be done periodically and programmatically).

Can someone tell me what’s the pitfall of this strategy?

For example, Facebook and Google warn against self-hosting their scripts. I think their main concern is that users will have outdated scripts if these companies update them.

BUT – if I take really good care of that, then is it really an issue? If I check every 5 minutes and update my hosted file accordingly, then I’m assuming I could potentially have lost or bugged out data for those 5 minutes, but no more.

I maybe have facebook virus. PLEASE HELP! [closed]

so i got messege on facebook messenger from a friend that was actually sent by virus.the messege said something like “is this you haha ” and had link…only it was on my language. the link lead me to fake facebook page where i log in. i actually forget my password so i click on that fake site forget my password where i change it by loging in my google account. i loged in on my android phone and linux(ubuntu) pc. in panic i make a backup of my photos and videos on google photos and made factory reset on my phone and factory reset on pc. so i am worried. 1. did I remove a virus 2. did i had a virus or was i just giving my password 3. could they hack into my google account because of that 4. could my virus spread by my wifi to router and then on other devices 5. could virus be on my google photos. 6. do i need to do something

by the way i now changed all my google accounts passwords and on facebook i changed password

Is Google Creating a Facebook Killer?

Rumor is that Google is creating a direct social media competitor to Facebook. This rumor has legs, and an identified source, Adam D’Angelo, former Facebook CTO. D’Angelo, who now runs Quora, stated on that site “This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident of this”. His comments came shortly after Digg founder Kevin tweeted as much (and then had his tweet removed) and even named names, that is, the product…

Is Google Creating a Facebook Killer?

Finding Your Competitors Facebook Ads Is Easier Than You Think

If you’re intimidated about doing market research, don’t be. It’s significantly easier than you think it is, that we’ll promise. Thanks to the election scandal, Facebook has purposed to be more transparent when it comes to ads and customer data. And this means that they have given us a powerful tool in that we can now click through competitors' ads in less time than it takes to ask if it's possible. The first step is to navigate to your competitor's Facebook page. You’ll see a button on the…

Finding Your Competitors Facebook Ads Is Easier Than You Think

Embed Iframe inside a Facebook post to allow users in emergency situations to report us

My company has the need to collect emergency data from our Facebook page fans.
We are doing an experiment to allow some users who are located very far from emergency services to report their cases on our Facebook page (very long story).

So we want to place an iframe with a form that was optimized for a very long time.

I saw an app that is doing that:

But I don’t have a clue how they did that.