how can we get our facebook app approved

1/ This is what our app will do: We want to make an app (some kind of bot) that generates a random funny reply to people when they post a comment on a page post.

So the end user will only interact with (a post on) our page. The end user will never interact directly with our app.

Is it true that our app will need publish_pages and manage_pages? How can we get through the facebook approval process for something like this?

The approval procedure requires that we submit a movie – which shows how the end-user interacts with our app
– which shows why we need publish_pages – which shows why we need manage_pages

What should be in the movie? We are not certain how we should do this.

Kind regards, Tim Vande Walle

Manipulate the response from Facebook API

Having this response from Facebook Graph API:

    "data": [         {          "name": "page_impressions",          "period": "day",          "values": [             {                "value": 0,                "end_time": "2019-04-16T07:00:00+0000"             },             {                "value": 0,                "end_time": "2019-04-17T07:00:00+0000"             }          ],          "title": "Daily Total Impressions",          "description": "Daily: The number of times any content from your Page or about your Page entered a person's screen. This includes posts, check-ins, ads, social information from people who interact with your Page and more. (Total Count)",         },     {       "name": "page_fan_adds",       "period": "day",       "values": [         {           "value": 0,           "end_time": "2019-04-16T07:00:00+0000"         },         {           "value": 0,           "end_time": "2019-04-17T07:00:00+0000"         }       ],       "title": "Daily New Likes",       "description": "Daily: The number of new people who have liked your Page (Total Count)",       "id": "145648302731807/insights/page_fan_adds/day",     }]} 

My code until now:

def manipulate(result):     dates = []     if "data" in result:         dates = result['data']      entriesToRemove = {'description', 'title', 'period', 'id'}     for element in dates:         for entries in entriesToRemove:             element.pop(entries, False)      return dates 

…which returns: [{'values': [{'end_time': '2019-04-14T07:00:00+0000', 'value': 0}, {'end_time': '2019-04-15T07:00:00+0000', 'value': 0}], 'name': 'page_impressions'}, {'values': [{'end_time': '2019-04-16T07:00:00+0000', 'value': 0}, {'end_time': '2019-04-17T07:00:00+0000', 'value': 0}], 'name': 'page_fan_adds'}]

… I would like to manipulate it to this final form:

[{     "page_impressions": 0,     "end_time": "2019-04-16T07:00:00+0000",     },   {     "page_impressions": 0,     "end_time": "2019-04-17T07:00:00+0000",     }, {     "page_fan_adds": 0,     "end_time": "2019-04-16T07:00:00+0000",     }, {     "page_fan_adds": 0,     "end_time": "2019-04-17T07:00:00+0000",     }, ] 

How should I approach this situation? I can’t figure it out about manipulating the response. Or maybe there is another way to do this…

How to extract Facebook messenger password

I would like to ask you how can i see the stored password of FB messenger on my phone.

What i already tried:

  • Password reset did not work since the mail that was used is blocked and the phone number is in the bottom of the sea so no access there too.

  • It is not logged on with another website or application to get the password from there

  • Facebook support do not reply to the requests to reset the password

Please let me know what else i can try to find my saved password.

Thank you.

Create a local business facebook page outside the US?

I want to create a Facebook Page for a business in Mexico. I am stuck part way through. Here is a screenshot: Create a facebook page Business or brand facebook page form Local business facebook page Correct the highlighted fields -- city, state

It looks as though the Local Business category requires a US address. It asks for a city and state. (Mexico also has states… ) I created my user profile while living in the US, and I think that may be the problem.

Searched for answers in the forum, which is typically super helpful, but not this time. Maybe I’m having a hard time formulating the correct search phrases. It’s hard when the error message is so generic.

I tried:

  • “create local business facebook page in mexico”
  • “change locality facebook page”
  • “required city and state for local business outside america facebook page”

I specifically want people to see the address.

What does it want me to correct it to? On top of that, I’m fighting autocorrect. It doesn’t allow custom input. Typing in these fields only brings up options from a dropdown selector. If I try to write “B. C.” instead of “Baja California”, it will autocorrect.

How to post embedded YouTube video on Facebook?

In the past, when I shared a YouTube link, it was showing as embedded content. Which allowed the user to watch the video from within Facebook.

Now, when I share a YouTube link it doesn’t embed it anymore (only in comments).

Is there anyway to share the YouTube video as embedded content on Facebook?

I checked this question and the suggested solution is similar to what I used to do before – but it’s 7 years old, so it makes sense that a lot has changed since then.

Why Facebook profile images suddenly became so slow

I have an android app that worked well. Users are signing through Facebook. I have a recyclerview showing lists of users profile photos..

Don’t know what happened, suddenly this list is very slow loaded.. very slow up to 20 seconds.. to load 10 photos..

this is the url i’m using.<fbId>/picture?type=square

I really don’t know what happened.. Tried to fetch with small size 100X100, tried to stop using Picasso for loading and develop my own async task. But it is not the loading problem.. it is somehow Facebook.

Anyone ?