Where do I input facebook’s recovery codes?

I don’t have any problem with my account at all, all 100% fine. I’m just trying to TEST the recovery codes of this page. When clicking on “show codes”, I can see the 10 alphanumeric two word codes clearly. However, I can’t find any place to input them: I go to incoginito mode (to not get loged in automatically) and then, to facebook login screen in desktop or chrome android, then where do I put them? in the password field? If then, what do I put in the username field?

Desktop: If the correct way is to click on “Forgot account”, and then use them to reset password, as it says when you continue that path, then that’s bad, because, I don’t want to reset my password. Now, facebook says clearly in the page linked before:

“Use these codes for when you don’t have your phone with you, for example when you’re traveling.”

Nowhere at all there says anything about password change. So facebook is being inconsistent in what this “recovery codes” are for.

Mobile browser (chrome on android): I only see username, password, “forgot password”, that I don’t want to click for the same reason as before.

Facebook android app: same problem, where to input it?