Click Gap Signal- Facebook’s Groundbreaking Latest Algorithm Update

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It's been a long time I was out from this lovely community. I learned a lot here and have contributed back.

On 11th April 2019, Facebook has informed the world about their new Click Gap Signal and this news is definitely a disrupting change for Facebook eco-system.

This new Click Gap Signal has something to do with the method once used Google's PageRank (PR).

The more explanation is given by me in this video

I want to know…​

Click Gap Signal- Facebook's Groundbreaking Latest Algorithm Update

Facebook’s cookie doesn’t change

On Facebook, in Activity Log -> Security and Login Information -> Active Sessions, you can see a string named “Cookie” on the last line (only four characters are visible). In my account, this string never change, even when I do login in another account. I login in my another account and the cookie still the same, so I asked to a friend to check if his cookie change when he switch between his accounts, and he said “yes”. He give to me a account password to do a test, and even in his account my cookie still the same. I think this is not normal, since his has one different cookie for each account. So, what it can be?

There are 2 reasons why I’m asking this:

The first one: In Security and Login Information -> Logins and Logouts, at february, there is a gap between day 5 and day 17. It’s like I never logged for day 6 until day 16, but I did it many times.

The second one: On day 18 of the same month, another friend said to me that I have been logged for all morning, but I only have logged at midday. However, my friend said that I did not receive any messages in that time interval. I read that it is possible to do. A important detail is that my PC is personal and only I use it.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but another information is that, about three times in my login history, I have logout when I’m still logged, so I can see that I logout two times before I have login again.

I think that the cookie issue is the most weird thing here. It can be a security problem?

I checked my login history and all IPv4 connections (my IP changed sometimes over this period) are from my city and IPv6 connections are from a IP owned by my IPS (I don’t know how to discover IPv6 location), but I don’t know if it is possible to someone remotely access my account using my own IP, stealing my cookie or something like that.

Where do I input facebook’s recovery codes?

I don’t have any problem with my account at all, all 100% fine. I’m just trying to TEST the recovery codes of this page. When clicking on “show codes”, I can see the 10 alphanumeric two word codes clearly. However, I can’t find any place to input them: I go to incoginito mode (to not get loged in automatically) and then, to facebook login screen in desktop or chrome android, then where do I put them? in the password field? If then, what do I put in the username field?

Desktop: If the correct way is to click on “Forgot account”, and then use them to reset password, as it says when you continue that path, then that’s bad, because, I don’t want to reset my password. Now, facebook says clearly in the page linked before:

“Use these codes for when you don’t have your phone with you, for example when you’re traveling.”

Nowhere at all there says anything about password change. So facebook is being inconsistent in what this “recovery codes” are for.

Mobile browser (chrome on android): I only see username, password, “forgot password”, that I don’t want to click for the same reason as before.

Facebook android app: same problem, where to input it?