Hobby project with facial recognition

not quite a “how do I program” question, but I think it’s related.

Basically I want to write a system that thats a bunch of photos at one end, and spits out an ordered collection of photos all grouped by faces in those photos. I.e, I give it 10 photos, and it shows me which faces are in those 10, and which photos each face is in (lets you find yourself in a large album of photos).

But, if I ever want this thing to be a useable product, I need to answer the question around legality. Is that kind of application of facial recognition legal? (I’m in the UK btw).

How to detect facial landmarks – using haar and other way?

I have done some projects using haar cascade(Ex.- Face-detection,Eye inside face detection,shoe detection etc), I also have some knowledge about it. I have trained my own models learning from youtube, this site etc.

Now I want to take it to the next level.

I want to detect facial landmarks, I have used different modules to do this, I have used dLib. But I want to learn more about it and as far as I know using multiple haar will be very much inefficient.

So how can I do this?

What I want to detect from the image :

facial landmark detection

What are the required conditions for Photos to start a facial scan?

I’ve recently been building a large photo library, and, now that almost all of the content is in, I would like to start completing the people album. Photos says that it will “continue to scan your remaining photos when you’re not using the app and your Mac is connected to power”, so what I’ve been doing is letting the app run in the background (opening it and the focusing to another Window), telling my Mac never to sleep, plugging it in and leaving it on overnight. This, however, does not seem to be working; indeed, the number of faces scanned seems to be going DOWN (yesterday 57,807 photos had been scanned and now it’s just 57,381). I seem to be meeting perfect conditions and yet nothing’s happening. I should perhaps mention, however, that I’ve been getting it a little off each time, but not in a way that should affect it, I hope.

  • The first two nights I quit photos
  • The third night I left Photos focused.
  • And tonight I left Mission Control focused

The third night I left Photos focused and tonight I left Mission Control running.

What is causing this problem, and what am I doing wrong? If it helps, here are my system specs: My System Specs: mojave

I need to make a real time facial recognition program, where do i start? [on hold]

I need to make a program that uses reference images to train itself and then recognize people in video.

I’ve tried the face_recognition library, it does not work for me, dlib build fails on windows 10 as well as a linux mint virtual machine. I need something that gives accurate and consistent results, it must be usable rather than a proof of concept. I’ve looked into opencv and face_api.js but could not get even github repos to work on my windows 10 machine. Any suggestions on where to start and what to do would be appreciated, I know python, C & C++

Camera does not turn on when laptop is locked when using howdy (facial recognition)

I am attempting to use the howdy package to attempt facial recognition. Though I am able to use its functionality in terminal, while using sudo commands, I cannot do so while logging in. It seems my laptop camera does not turn on when I attempt to login. At the login screen, howdy does post a message saying “Attempting facial recognition”, but I feel that it cannot get access to the camera in a locked state. Is there a way around this, perhaps, by granting the camera privileges to turn on when the laptop is locked, or anything else?

I am currently using Ubuntu 16.04 and the howdy package I speak of, can be found here: https://github.com/boltgolt/howdy

I would appreciate any useful insights into this. Thank you!