Difficulty to run a Wolfram Script (with FacialFeature function) on Windows Command Line

I am on Windows.

I am working on a project which consists in analysing a very high number of images. More precisely, I am using the FacialFeatures function of Mathematica to quantify the visibility of women in Hindi cinema in the last fifty years.

Here are the steps I have followed:

  1. I prepare a Wolfram Script. I have borrowed the coding from this source: https://community.wolfram.com/groups/-/m/t/2288529

  2. I save the Wolfram Script under the name script_test.wls in a folder which I call workplace_folder. This folder also includes another folder – film_folder – which contains the images I want to analyse.

  3. I open my Windows Command Line, and I change the directory to workplace_folder

  4. I run the following command: >script_test.wls film_folder output_file.json

  5. Windows asks me the program I want to use to open the file; I choose wolframscript.exe

  6. A new Windows Command Line window opens, some text appears (too quick for me to be able to read), and then the window closes. As if the work was done.

  7. However, nothing seems to be happening. No output_file.json has been created, and no analysis seemed to have taken place.

Is there any step I got wrong?