REST API Alternatives for external facing services

I am looking into REST API alternatives and am having trouble finding info on if/how people do it for exposing services to third parties. Say there is a service that requires large complex/nested payloads be sent from customer/client for processing.

While there is no reason you couldn’t expose your service to your 3rd party client as if its an internal microservice of theirs, I can’t seem to find examples of this. For example, if your service reads from a Kafka cluster to do processing and your B2B customer can write to cluster. Or, you expose a gRPC server to your customer. Both get the benefit of compact binary message format for those large payloads vs. JSON/REST. and instead of your typical Open API documentation, you provide an SDK? I have seen putting grpc server behind a REST API, but not fully 3rd party facing.

any thoughts greatly appreciated. is this even feasible? are people doing this?

How to make TEXT RENDER stand facing the camera of my character and also for the camera of simulation?

I have an actor (Minion) with a Text Render just above it mesh:

enter image description here

As you have seen, I defined your rotation as absolute, so the text does not rotate along with the actor.

In the game the rotation setting is good and acceptable at various times:

enter image description here

At other times it is very bad:

enter image description here

An example of what I want is something like the life of the champions in the League of Legends:

enter image description here

I would also like to know how to do this when I am simulating:

enter image description here

I’ve made some attempts at the camera of my main character. And I got some of what I tried.

Character Blueprint:

enter image description here

I know I could put on the Event Begin Play because the camera does not rotate.

Minion Blueprint:

enter image description here

I did (partially):

enter image description here

Ignoring the fact that the text is inverted. I tried to Split Struct and I added 180 to the 3 axes (ROLL, PITCH, YAW) and I could not solve it anyway.

Simulating nothing works:

enter image description here

Are PCI DSS standard requirements regarding TLS applicable only to customer facing webs or to whole even internal networks?

I have found Are You Ready for 30 June 2018? Saying Goodbye to SSL/early TLS article that says TLS 1.0 should be disabled:

30 June 2018 is the deadline for disabling SSL/early TLS and implementing a more secure encryption protocol – TLS 1.1 or higher (TLS v1.2 is strongly encouraged) in order to meet the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for safeguarding payment data.

Is PCI DSS standard requirements regarding TLS applicable only to customer facing webs or to whole even internal networks?

Different Bootstrap themes on vendor vs client facing admin dashboards

I’m creating a multi-tenant web application. We (the vendor) are developing an application where each organization that subscribes will have its own administration dashboard.

The “client facing” admin dashboard is themed using Bootstrap 4 and a commercial Bootstrap template which looks nice. However, our “vendor” dashboard will be much simpler and is mostly just a UI to add/remove organizations and change some settings. The rest of the administration would be done by logging into one of the organization’s admin dashboards with escalated privileges.

My concern is continuity. Vendor administrators (i.e. people in my company) might have a poor user experience while managing clients if the page layout and theme keeps changing when switching to our admin panel to the client admin panel and vice versa.

On the other hand, in my opinion having two different styles makes it clear and obvious which system your currently working in. It would also save some costs not having to use a commercial theme which only our company would be viewing.

Any thoughts on this? Is there recommendations against having two different styles/layouts?

facing problems in styling in react native and achieving a better responsive layout

I tried to run my code on various screen sized emulators, the layout of my design keeps on varying from device to device. I need help to make the code mor responsive and fixed on different sized screens such as tablets,3″mobile,6″mobile

———–or connect with us on———– I want to style this line in better way and that remains the same look on every device

I tried using dimensions of the screen and also by defining the width and height using variables and also describing the values in percentage, but nothing worked

import React, { Component } from ‘react’; import { View,TouchableOpacity, Text, StyleSheet, Image, Dimensions } from ‘react-native’; import BacgroundImage from ‘./BackgroundImage’; import Buttons from ‘./Reusable/Button’;

const { width: WIDTH } = Dimensions.get(‘window’);

class LaunchScreen extends Component {

render() { return (

        <BacgroundImage>             <View style={styles.logoContainer}>                 <Image                     source={require('./images/logo.png')}                     style={styles.PlaceLogo}                 />             </View>              <View style={styles.Buttons}>                 <Buttons style={styles.signupButton}                 onPress={() => navigate('Login')}>                     <Text style={styles.buttonText}> SIGN UP</Text>                 </Buttons>                 <Buttons style={styles.loginButton}>                     <Text style={styles.buttonText}> SIGN IN</Text>                 </Buttons>             </View >             <View style={styles.sepratorView}>                  <Text style={styles.sepratorText}>--------- or connect with us on ---------</Text>              </View >             <View style={styles.socialButtonStyle}>                <TouchableOpacity                     style={styles.fbstyle}                     activeOpacity={0.5}             >             <Image               source={require('./images/facebookicon.png')}               style={styles.iconstyle}              />               <View              style={styles.sepratorLine}              />             <Text                 style={styles.socialButtonText}              >FACEBOOK</Text>           </TouchableOpacity>             <TouchableOpacity             style={styles.googlestyle}             onPress={this.signIn}             activeOpacity={0.5}             >               <Image               source={require('./images/google.png')}               style={styles.iconstyle}             />              <View              style={styles.sepratorLine}              />             <Text style={styles.socialButtonText} >GOOGLE</Text>            </TouchableOpacity>         </View>            </BacgroundImage>         ); }; 


const styles = StyleSheet.create({ logoContainer: { flex: 1

}, PlaceLogo: {     width: WIDTH - 140,     margin: 75,     resizeMode: 'center',     justifyContent: 'center',     alignItems: 'center', }, yosoButtons: {     width: WIDTH - 80,     justifyContent:'center',     marginTop:350              }, signupButton: {     height:40,     paddingTop:7,     marginBottom: 15,  }, loginButton: {     height:40,     paddingTop:7,     marginBottom: 15 }, buttonText: {  }, sepratorText: {     textAlign:'center',     fontSize:20,     color: '#b6b7ba',          }, sepratorView: {     flexDirection: 'row',     justifyContent:'center',     alignItems:'center' }, socialButtonStyle:{     flex:1,     flexDirection:'row',     justifyContent:'center',     alignItems:'center',     margin:5 }, fbstyle:{     flex:1,     flexDirection:'row',     borderColor:'white',     alignItems:'center',     backgroundColor:'#485a96',     borderWidth:1,     borderRadius:35,     height: 40,     marginLeft:15,     marginRight:15 }, googlestyle:{     flex:1,     flexDirection:'row',     alignItems:'center',     backgroundColor:'#dc4e41',     borderWidth:1,     borderRadius:35,     borderColor:'white',     height: 40,     marginRight:15 }, iconstyle:{     resizeMode:'stretch',     height:25,     width:25 }, sepratorLine:{     backgroundColor:'white',     width:2,     height: 40 }, socialButtonText:{     color: '#fff',     flex:1,     textAlign: 'center',             fontSize: 15,     fontWeight: "bold"  } 


export default LaunchScreen;

I want the layout to remain the same and the logo and buttons remains at the same position on every device

also want a better dynamic solution for separator i have used in code ————–or connect with us on———–

Does anyone else facing problem in withdrawing payment from Paypal?

Hello Everyone,

I get these error messages when I try to withdraw money from my paypal account.

"Please check your information and try again."
"Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later."

I am from India and I was using paypal for more than 12 years but now I am getting these errors. What actually is the reason? Is anyone else facing the same problem?

Please help if you know the solution.

Thank You

Facing issues With my visa. Need quick reply

actually I have a passport which expires in September and I got a new one as they told me that I won’t be allowed to use the passport anywhere 5months before the expiration. So I got a new passport and then applied for a Shenzhen visa. But the embassy has put my new visa on my old canceled passport and sent it to me. I need to travel tonight and I don’t know what to do. Pls help me out

Problem facing with mktlog folder

I am using lenovo cell phones for years and well satisfied. Recently I found that the memory is decreasing every hour. I tried all applications as per my knowledge and even deleted some files. But surprisingly, immediately after deleting a file, the memory decresed more.

I somehow found mktlog which is creating problem.

My only enquiry is IF I DELETE mktlog FOLDER AS IT IS, WHAT EFFECT IT MAY PRODUCE? Whether datas on my phone will remain intact OR the syatme may get damaged?