D&D Is there a complete map of the faerun?

Is there a complete map of all known places in faerun?

Many of the top level maps don’t have all locations (Helm’s hold next to neverwinter), phandalin and generally all of the locations that are marked in the DM maps (that are not on the players maps) are also very hard to find (if you don’t know in what adventure to look for)

Is there a map with all known locations that either have an adventure taking place there or a dungeon or something similar?

Are there any Chosen left in Faerûn following the Second Sundering?

Throughout Toril’s history, its various deities have engaged in a practice of vesting mortals with power and purpose. Those mortals are sometimes called Chosen. The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide contains a number of references to Chosen — including their involvement in tumultuous events during the Second Sundering. See, e.g., p. 17 (“Throughout this period, tales began to spread of individuals who had been touched by the gods and granted strange powers. Some of these so-called Chosen were at the root of the conflicts that grip the land.”)

A couple of SCAG‘s references might be read to suggest that, after the Second Sundering, Chosen might have become a thing of the past. To wit:

  • p. 9, a description of an uprising in Calimshan led by a Chosen of Ilmater notes that the Chosen disappeared and that “[m]any pray for the return of the Chosen and the completion of his work.”
  • p. 12, a discussion of Mulhorand says “the Chosen of the gods began to appear in the last few years,” and then a few sentences later mentions that “the upheaval ended and the Chosen began to disappear . . . .”
  • p. 18, detailing the year 1489 D.R., notes that by then “the deities ceased interfering with the world through their Chosen. The gods were no longer silent but quiet, and in many places new priesthoods arose to interpret the gods’ now subtle signs.”
  • p. 45, a story about the grisly revelation “[j]ust a few years ago” that

None of these references mention any Chosen currently active in Faerûn. Several of them strongly imply that certain Chosen disappeared and have not reappeared.

Is there any evidence in first-party published materials that the Chosen are still a phenomenon in the post-Second Sundering world?

What is an easy in game mechanic to have a race from 5e Eberron show up in Faerûn?

I know Eberron and Faerûn are different planes but I have players who want to play warforged. What connections exist between the planes to facilitate a Eberron race ending up in Faerûn?

I am looking for a way to explain how the level 0/1 got to Faerûn. He does not need to be the source of the effect.

It was my understanding that there are locations in lore that describe semi-permanent gateways between planes, and I am trying to find out if there is a chain I could use to get someone from Eberron to The Sword Coast.

Faerûn: Why is there a gap in the Trade Way?

In Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Mike Schley’s map shows a series of gaps in the Trade Way/Coast Way between Waterdeep, Baldur’s Gate, Sconubel, and points east. The version available for free on the Wizards of the Coast website shows the gap:

enter image description here

I figured the interrupted road between Scornubel and Dragonspear Castle at least was a misprint, but subsequent versions of the same map show the same discontinuity. The version currently for sale on Mike Schley’s website has been updated for Storm King’s Thunder, with all of the roads redrawn. However, the gap persists.

map showing a gap in the road between Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep

Is there a canonical reason for this? Does all trade between Baldur’s Gate and Waterdeep take place by water? Or is this still a misprint? The Forgotten Realms Wikia shows no such interruption, but it tends to have a heavier focus on earlier editions.

Transporting players from Faerun to Athas (Dark Sun) [on hold]

Am looking for some idea’s on how one would send his/her current players to Dark Sun from Forgotten Realms, allowing the players to remain content & happy, keeping their precious characters due to not wishing to part with them.

And how would their current currency possibly be affected?

Some ideas I thought might work, possibly a Gate spell gone array, a random portal possibly placed within a region of wild magic.

Currency I am really unsure about. I know Athas uses a different system, where metals are extremely rare. How would you deal with their currency without robbing your players blindly?

Due to none of them being Psionic, how would you awaken their psionic abilities?

Regular Faerûn events?

I’m wondering if there are any regular, realm-wide events (about every century or so) that would affect the material plane. Either nearly everybody knows it’s happening, or just that strong magic-users would feel it.

I love the great modron march, but it’s too long between events. Maybe a comet or celestial alignment? Something along those lines, though, would be nice.

Answers focusing on 5e lore are preferred, but open to existing lore as well.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and knowledge.