Please Help me a bit master GSA Ranker about indentified verified submitt fail

Hi im newbies please be mercy me  
Im just try use 1 month 
i use GSA Ranker + GSA PI + GSA PR and put private dedi proxy in GSA PR 
but i need a bit help 

Im confuse about  option   indentified verified summitted fail 
what i have to use cause next times  i would like try scrape backlink by Hrefer

Please help me a bit master 

This my setting 

Block access to multiple files with .htaccess – RewriteRule and FilesMatch fail [closed]

I am trying to block access to specific files. Neither the RewriteRule or FilesMatch rules I have tried work on the live server, it serves the files as normal with status 200 OK (I’m expecting 404 Not Found).

The regex I am using for FilesMatch is (?:test|readme|license|changelog|-config|-sample)\.(?:php|md|txt|html?). I have tested it at and it is successful for

  • /readme.html
  • /wp-content/test.txt
  • /_test/test.txt

I have also tested the RewriteRule at It is successful for URL and with .htaccess rule RewriteRule (?:test|readme|license|changelog|-config|-sample)\.(?:php|md|txt|html?) - [R=404,NC,L].

I have seen the answer at The following does not work for me, I still get 200 OK for readme.html and test.txt in the root directory.

<filesMatch "(readme\.html|test\.txt)">     Order Allow,Deny     Deny from all </filesMatch> 

Can anyone suggest why the following FilesMatch and RewriteRules appear to be ignored by Apache?


RewriteRule (?:test|readme|license|changelog|-config|-sample)\.(?:php|md|txt|html?) - [R=404,NC,L] 


<FilesMatch (?:test|readme|license|changelog|-config|-sample)\.(?:php|md|txt|html?)>   # since apache 2.4: Require all denied   Order Allow,Deny   Deny from all </FilesMatch> 


  • Cloudways
  • Nginx 1.19.8-0
  • Apache/2.4.25 (Debian)



Can a creature under Dominate Person choose to willingly fail the saving throw from Calm emotion if the caster is viewed as an enemy?

The description of the Calm emotions spell says:

You attempt to suppress strong emotions in a group of people. Each humanoid in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on a point you choose within range must make a Charisma saving throw; a creature can choose to fail this saving throw if it wishes.

If a player controlled by Dominate Monster is asked to kill his allies, could he willingly fail the saving throw since he view them as ennemies and calm emotion could be "dangerous" for him?

Does Astral Projection spell fail if cast while on the Elemental Planes or Material Echo Planes (Shadowfell, Feywild)?

Further to the question: Can there be portals in the Astral Plane that lead to the Elemental Planes , I wanted to ask does Astral Projection spell fail if cast while on the Elemental Planes or Material Echo Planes (Shadowfell, Feywild)?

According to the Etherealness spell (PHB p238) :

This spell has no effect if you cast it while you are on the Ethereal Plane or a plane that doesn’t border it, such as one of the Outer Planes.

According to the Astral Projection spell (PHB 215):

You and up to eight willing creatures within range project your astral bodies into the Astral Plane (the spell fails and casting is wasted if you are already on that plane).

And later in the same spell description:

Your astral form can freely travel through the Astral Plane and can pass through portals there to any other plane.

However, according to DMG in the description of relevant planar travel spells (DMG pg 46) it indicates the following :

And the astral projection spell lets adventurers project themselves into the Astral Plane and from there travel to the Outer Planes.

Accordingly, for both RAW and RAI, does Astral Projection spell fail if cast while on the Elemental Planes or Material Echo Planes (Shadowfell, Feywild)?

What would cause cron jobs to fail? WordPress site unresponsive after migration

After a server migration, on a custom-configured server, a large WordPress site is becoming unresponsive once moderate traffic is pointed at it.

There seems to be no seemingly apparent reason for this, as server specs are very much sufficient. One clue is cron jobs are not running. Refreshing pages will not trigger them to run, and they report as "running now" or are scheduled for -40+ years ago (aka, to force them to run now)

However, this fixes it, in wp-config: define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);

But, why? I feel like this is a symptom of what is wrong with the migrated website, as it does not function at all once it receives traffic (20+ second loading, and/or unresponsive). CPU load/etc, is withing "normal-high" range, aka normal. It just, seemingly dies. Disabling/enabling cache and cloudflare doesn’t change anyhting. The original site, same settings, functions great.

What would cause cron jobs to fail and a server to not handle traffic after a migration to a freshly configured server?

Fail to establish database connection

I did a backup for my client’s website for both the web files and sql. Now, I am trying to restore it to my cpanel. I have no problem restoring the web files but the sql automatically change the name to xx_databasename. And when I tried to see the website live, it says there is a problem to establish a database connection.

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

cannot scrape any proxies (all fail from Scrapebox provided source)

Am I suppose to use a proxy when scraping proxies, all of them failed…cedSEOClub 

This is method I used. Nothing else And this is fresh install of Scrapebox

I went ahead an checked if my ip is blacklisted anywhere I don’t think it is.

Is there a way I can export these results to have you take a look?

Can an Echo Knight’s Echo ever fail a saving throw?

In an unsurprising turn of events the wording on the Echo Knight’s wording continues to cause confusion.

The description of the Echo states the following:

If [the Echo] has to make a saving throw, it uses your saving throw bonus for the roll.

The overwhelming consensus is that the Echo Knight’s Echo is not a creature, as it is simply "an image". Every spell or ability that requires a saving throw, as far as I know, targets creatures. Take for example, the spell Fireball.

Each creature in a 20-foot radius Sphere centered on that point must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 8d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

The Echo is not a creature, therefore it can never take damage from Fireball. Are there any saving throws that the Echo can actually fail?

After reviewing the wording on several monster abilities and spells I’m left scratching my head as to whether a character set on destroying an Echo really has any options besides simply hitting it via the attack action.

Have had to add reCapatcha to my website. Now automation tests fail (obviously)

I have automation tests that run on my site every night to test that the site loads, displays certain key bits of text and fills in and sends a contact form.

Today the test ran and passed but we did not receive the contact form messages from the website.

Turns out that our mail server had been blocked as there were too many bounced mails being sent. Bots had been using the contact form to send spam.

The solution to this is reCapatcha which I have added to the site… The problem now is that my automation tests (obviously) fail.

Are there any solutions to this? If it weren’t for the automation tests it might have been a long time before I realised that my mail server was not working and I could have missed a lot of of business.


Resource Hosting Subsystem was terminated which caused Availability group to fail

The following error was occurred in cluster events and the availability group was failed which resulted the databases in non-synchronizing state.

A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion. This caused the cluster resource ‘AG’ (resource type ‘SQL Server Availability Group’, DLL ‘hadrres.dll’) to exceed its time-out threshold. As part of cluster health detection, recovery actions will be taken. The cluster will try to automatically recover by terminating and restarting the Resource Hosting Subsystem (RHS) process that is running this resource.

Please help me to find the root cause (A component on the server did not respond in a timely fashion).