SharePoint Calculated field Failed to update value on all items on Large List

So this is the problem:

I have a list with around 1 million records

I added a Calculated Column, with a very simple formula:

"0" + [textfield] 

and return it as number

The request returned an update conflict error but when I browsed at the list I could see that the items were getting updated from the oldest to the newest over time with the new calculated field value. but some time later it stopped leaving more than half of the items without getting their value calculated returning them as -4XXXXXXX (I think this means is a null number)

I checked the logs and found out that for 3 hours every 20 seconds the ULS kept logging the following error:

A large block of literal text was sent to sql. This can result in blocking in sql and excessive memory use on the front end. Verify that no binary parameters are being passed as literals, and consider breaking up batches into smaller components. If this request is for a SharePoint list or list item, you may be able to resolve this by reducing the number of fields.

And then Finally a request timeout error log having the same Correlation ID as the previous error

Is there a safe way to add that calculated field?

do I need to increase a timeout variable to give the calculated field enough time to calculate all the items?

how can I recalculate the remaining fields without affecting the modified by and modified date of the items ?

Thank you!

“apt-get update”: failed to fetch (Ubuntu 18.04 TLS via Windows 10)

  1. There are many different solutions on the Internet, but they didn’t not help me, or I do not know how to correctly execute them. After reading many of them, I think maybe I should configure internet connection settings.

I disabled all firewalls on my PC AND on my router (I use wifi), also I disabled domain protection, windows defender, and changed my wifi connection to public. Also, I found that I can ping IPs via ubuntu.

I am very new to Ubuntu and I use it via Windows 10, please help me! I think that maybe I have to do something with my proxy and network settings. Many people had the same problem, they set a proxy for apt, and after that their problem was solved. I write code from home and I don’t have any proxies. I hope that you will give me a hint


    sudo apt-get update Err:1 bionic InRelease   Temporary failure resolving '' Err:2 bionic-security InRelease   Temporary failure resolving '' Err:3 bionic-updates InRelease   Temporary failure resolving '' Err:4 bionic-backports InRelease   Temporary failure resolving '' Reading package lists... Done W: Failed to fetch  Temporary failure resolving '' W: Failed to fetch  Temporary failure resolving '' W: Failed to fetch  Temporary failure resolving '' W: Failed to fetch  Temporary failure resolving '' W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. 

Booting Kernel Failed: Invalid Argument (Non-VM)

Backstory: I have been trying to install Ubuntu the last few days, but I have been facing problems. First, I had to change the File System of my Ubuntu USB and then after that I am facing this problem.

What happened?: I launched the Ubuntu Installer with my USB and then say an accessibility icon and a keyboard when booting. Right after, I saw a black screen saying “Booting Kernel Failed: Invalid Argument”. I can confirm that my install of the iso is not corrupted with qBitTorrent confirming it. Also my USB is not the problem. I used Rufus’ dd mode to install Ubuntu on the drive to keep it in FAT. Also, I tried using my USB on a Chromebook but just stated a “Graphics Initialization Problem” message. I also tried writing help and enter but it did not boot.

initramfs unpacking failed: write error

I’m attempting to put Ubuntu on an old HP Pavilion zt1130, which has a Celeron i686 processor. I used an Ubuntu MATE 16.04 disk that was lying around. However, I got the error:

initramfs unpacking failed: write error 

I’ve seen this before, and so I got a blank DVD and burned a new copy of vanilla Ubuntu 16.04. I booted to the CD and got the same error! I’ve also tried using the forcepae boot parameter which often does miracles on older machines, but got the same error. I’m no expert, so I can’t tell what’s going on here. I’d really appreciate the help.

Mounting /cow on root failed: Invalid argument overlay mount failed

I am using an xps 13 9365, which was data wiped from bios by a friend who then gave it to me thinking it was dead. I tried booting with a USB (current LTS distro (18.04 or similar)) boot disk and got into the language selection / setup menu. By using the F6 option I selected noapic. In bios sata is set to raid and legacy the secure boot option is off.

But when I try to install I get kicked into a tiny font window with the following message

(initramfs) mount: Mounting /cow on root failed: Invalid argument overlay mount failed

Any ideas?

After failed update to 19.04 from 18.04 (and fixing) I recieve “Firmware is not ready to run!” when trying to start computer

Title explains my question. The image below contains all the errors. I messed around and eventually got apt upgrade and update to go in recovery mode so all my packages should be good now. Errors

I’ve done some reading and some people say it may be from my Nvidia GPU? If it helps I have a PNY 1060 6gb.

MarketplaceDiscoveryStrategy failed with an error Node not found

Cuando intento acceder en Eclipse a los plugins y componentes instalados, mediante Help–> Eclipse MarketPlace y una vez ahí clico en la pestaña Installed, me salta el siguiente error:

MarketplaceDiscoveryStrategy failed with an error Node not found

Os adjunto una imagen, aunque sé que no somos muy fans de ellas y por eso he puesto antes el error en texto para facilitar su copia

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Necesito actualizar el plugin de maven para solucionar unos errores Desconocidos (Unknown) que he visto en esta página que se deben a la versión de este.

¿Alguien podria ayudarme que no encuentro solución?

Microsoft PSI build failed

I am trying to set Microsoft PSI to work on some machine learning

g++ -g -shared -Wl,-Bsymbolic -o FFMPEGReaderNative.o /libavdevice/ /libavfilter/ /libswresample/ /libavcodec/ /libavformat/ /libavutil/ /libswscale/ g++: error: /libavdevice/ No such file or directory g++: error: /libavfilter/ No such file or directory g++: error: /libswresample/ No such file or directory g++: error: /libavcodec/ No such file or directory g++: error: /libavformat/ No such file or directory g++: error: /libavutil/ No such file or directory   g++: error: /libswscale/ No such file or directory make: *** [Makefile:15:] Error 1 Microsoft (R) Build Engine version 16.3.0+0f4c62fea for .NET Core Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.  Attempting to cancel the build... /usr/share/dotnet/sdk/3.0.100/NuGet.targets(123,5): error : Restore canceled! [/home/osamanatouf/psi/psi/Sources/Audio/Microsoft.Psi.Audio/Microsoft.Psi.Audio.csproj]  Build FAILED.  /usr/share/dotnet/sdk/3.0.100/NuGet.targets(123,5): error : Restore canceled! [/home/osamanatouf/psi/psi/Sources/Audio/Microsoft.Psi.Audio/Microsoft.Psi.Audio.csproj]     0 Warning(s)     1 Error(s)  Time Elapsed 00:00:00.31 

I tried to install all the packages showed on this error and nothing happened, The other thing how do I check if I have broken packages, apt-mark showhold does not show anything