Does hp fall to 0 if a creature is knocked unconscious from failing a save, and if not, how does the unconscious condition end?

I was looking at the Prismatic Beetle Swarm, and it says that "In bright light, a creature within 30 feet that looks at the prismatic beetle swarm must make a successful DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or be blinded until the end of its next turn. If the saving throw fails by 5 or more, the target is also knocked unconscious."

If a creature in range falls unconscious from the dazzling light of the swarm, do their hitpoints automatically drop to 0? It doesn’t say so specifically, like it does for drowning rules and other things, nor does it say so in the actual unconscious condition. And spells like Catnap and Sleep don’t make hp drop to 0, although I feel like unconsciousness from falling asleep is different from falling unconscious in this manner.

If their hp does not drop to 0, how does the unconscious condition end? Does the unconscious creature still need healing?

SQL Server Snapshot replication – Failing to start the Publisher snapshot agent

I am trying to set up a Snapshot replication using an Azure SQL Managed Instance. While trying to see the Snapshot Agent status, I see this error. Failed to connect to Azure Storage ” with OS error: 53.

While configuring the Distribution wizard, I had the option to set the Snapshot folder as well as the Storage account connection string.

I got the storage account connection string from the Azure Portal and pasted that in. I am in doubt about the Snapshot folder. What value should I set in there ?

Is it a folder inside Azure Storage account or in the Distributor SQL Server instance ? In the Distribution wizard, it said, that the details of the folder would also be in the Azure portal. Is there a place where I could get it ?

I am getting a feeling that if I have the correct setting for this, my snapshot replication would work just fine.

Can anybody guide me to find out the problem ?

Fall of Plaguestone: why is my group failing so hard? [Contains Spoilers]

I’m new to pathfinder and started it with my group on roll20 due to Corona. I have decade long gm experience in in games like DSA (Das Schwarze Auge) and Shadowrun but not for Dungeon Crawlers.

Long story short: We are playing the Fall of Plaguestone module and my group (Rogue, Sorcerer, Paladin and Priest) needed hard intervention from my part as not to die on multiple encounters. Since I still need to get a feel for the difficulty I’m not changing anything from the module and play it by the letter.

The group nearly died by: (contains spoilers)

Enemies are totally able to one-hit my players with a critical hit and I feel the only reason they survive at all are the mighty resurrection possibilities of the priest (the 3 action heal). I’m looking for advice how to make the adventure more fun by not obviously saving my group but also for other opinion on how difficult that module is.

Failing to capture messages 1 and 3 of WPA2 4-way handshake?

Trying to demo cracking a WPA2 protected AP using the aircrack suite, but the results seem to be nondeterministic (i.e. not good for demos).

Did some detective work with Wireshark and observed that after the authentication and association conversations, my monitoring interface only captured the client portion of the 4-way handshake (messages 2 and 4) approximately 95% of the time.

The device I’m monitoring with is about 15 feet away from the device I’m deauthenticating, and the router is in another room probably about 20 or so feet away from both devices, if positioning is a factor here. I’ve tried deauthenticating a smart phone and a laptop with similar outcomes. Any explanation or suggestions would be appreciated.

Proxies Passed in Scrapebox Proxy Checker But Failing in GSA SER

Hi Sven,

I need your clarification about an issue I’m having at the moment.

I currently use SB to check proxies I scanned for through port scanning.

My problem is this, for instance, after checking the proxies in SB I might get like 400 working proxies. I test them again within a 5-minute window and they are still working.

I then take them to SER to check and all fail except may be for 3 or 5 proxies.

When I immediately go back to SB to check the proxies, only about 7 will fail but when I re-check in SER again, the same issue persist.

What could I be doing wrong?

Or are there specific proxy types that SB works with than those GSE SER uses?

If yes, how do I go about searching for GSE SER proxies in particular.

Thanks a lot for your usual understanding.

Alien failing to convert .rpm to .deb (18.04)

I’ve used this command before and it’s worked fine so this may have to do with the file I’m trying to convert but when I run alien on this .rpm I get this error:

mkdir -/debian failed: No such file or directory at /usr/share/perl5/Alien/Package/ line 373. 

No .deb is created but some folders with names like opt/ and etc/ are created in the same directory as the .rpm, I tried just copying their contents to the respective system folders but that didn’t work, guess its not that easy.

This is what I’m trying to install:

And the files themselves:

Content query webpart using a calculated page field value in a filter failing

I’m having trouble getting a calculated page field (DocIdDelimited) to work as a filter value in a content query webpart. DocIdDelimited should resolve to text. I’m querying if the calculated field text is contained in another text field(RelatedDocId).

I’ve seen people use calculated filter values with dates, so why is this calculated field with text not working?

If I create the filter with a text page field with the same content, the filter works.

enter image description here

Snaps are not launching or failing to install

I am having issues with snaps. I first noticed this because anbox, a snap I had installed and used previously, stoped launching so I then tried reinstalling upon which I would receive the following

error: cannot perform the following tasks: – Run install hook of “anbox” snap if present (run hook “install”: cannot locate base snap core: No such file or directory)

I know core is a snap that should already be installed so I did a snap list and got the following

enter image description here

Just to see if it was specific to anbox or an issue with snaps, in general, I tried installing the hello world snap

and got the following

sudo snap install hello-world [sudo] password for zany130: hello-world 6.4 from Canonical✓ installed


cannot locate base snap core: No such file or directory

So no snaps are working on my ubuntu machine I also tried installing a snap through the software center, again it would install but not run. Any ideas on what to do next?