How would three level tens fare against a CR 14 False Hydra

I’m currently writing a one-shot adventure to run with my friends that has a false hydra as the final boss. I found the stat sheet for it here I’m planning on using the adult form with only three heads. Do you think that this thing is beatable with this party? Or will I need to bump it down a notch?

How can I make the flag to be true and false but each time only once?

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using Cinemachine;  public class UnlockCrate : MonoBehaviour {     public Animation anim;     public IKControl ikControl;     public GameObject securityKeyPad;     public CinemachineVirtualCamera virtualCam;     public CinemachineFreeLook freeLookCam;     public CamerasControl camerasContorl;      private bool playAnimOnce = false;      private void Update()     {          if (!playAnimOnce)         {             if (ikControl.handFinishedMove == true)             {                 securityKeyPad.SetActive(true);                 virtualCam.enabled = true;                 freeLookCam.enabled = false;                 Cursor.visible = true;                 camerasContorl.enabled = false;                             }              playAnimOnce = true;         }         else if (playAnimOnce)         {             securityKeyPad.SetActive(false);             virtualCam.enabled = false;             freeLookCam.enabled = true;             Cursor.visible = false;             camerasContorl.enabled = true;             playAnimOnce = false;         }     } } 

The problem is that the playAnimOnce flag is false then true then false then true all the time. I want that if it’s false do something and then only if it’s true do something else.0

Should I use another flag helper and how ?

How does the spell Mind Blank interact with shapeshifters and other forms of false identity?

Mind Blank states:

Until the spell ends, one willing creature you touch is immune to psychic damage, any effect that would sense its emotions or read its thoughts, divination spells, and the charmed condition. The spell even foils wish spells and spells or effects of similar power used to affect the target’s mind or to gain information about the target.

How does the spell Mind Blank interact with shapeshifters and other forms of false identity?

Are all aspects of their identity protected, or just information associated with their true form/name?

  • For example, can a guard give a description of a changeling’s persona via sending since it is not their natural form?

False PayPal regarding new phone number message?

I have just received a message from a false PayPal email account – (looks genuine, but it is NOT) – with the message "You added new phone number to your account".

Only I didn’t do that recently and the phone number in the email is not mine.

Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

The email does not even have the footer information that genuine PayPal info have, starting with:

"Copyright © 1999-2020 PayPal. All rights reserved."

Further more, clicking on the link in the email navigates to!!!

So, watch out for this, everyone, it is a fraud, by all appearances.

Are the following statements True or False? Briefly explain your answer

a. Best-first search is a special case of Uniform Cost Search.
b. A heuristic that always evaluates to h(s)=1 for non-goal search node s is always admissible (given that cost value for each node is positive integer)
c. Hill-climbing can be called Greedy Global Search.
d. Local Search uses less memory than Global Search.

Thank you for helping me <3

GATE CSE 2009, Which of the following is FALSE?

This is a question from GATE CSE 2009.

Which of the following is FALSE?

A] There is a unique minimal DFA for every regular language.

B] Every NFA can be converted to an equivalent PDA.

C] Complement of every context-free language is recursive.

D] Every non-deterministic PDA can be converted to an equivalent deterministic PDA.

The answer provided to me (without any explanation) is B, which I think is wrong.

Here is my approach.

A] Every RL has an equivalent DFA and there is one unique minimal DFA for a given RL. [so True]

B] Since RL are proper sub-set of CFL and every RL has equivalent FA and every CFL has equivalent PDA, every FA can be converted to PDA but not vice versa. [so True]

C] Given a CFL we can create an equivalent Total TM [RECURSIVE], RECURSIVE languages are closed under complement. [so True]

D] This is only remaining option and by method of elimination answer.

Is my answer correct?

Bloom filter alternative supporting deletion without false negatives

There are several alternatives to bloom filters that support deletion from the set, for example Cuckoo filters or Counting Bloom filters.

However, deleting an element from these data structures assumes that the element really is in the set. Deleting an element that is actually not in the set might introduce false negatives.

Is there a data structure that avoids this problem, trading it off against something else?