Review On Fastest VPN

We know how difficult finding the best VPN service, and we also know that people have a lot more choice to deal with another. Some people may do busy to make both ends meet along with managing their selected service, some may have inadequate knowledge about security and privacy, and some may not be too well to deal with the best thing. So, in situations like these, when you finally make up your mind to avail of an online VPN, you enter into another dilemma. Because it’s true, choosing a…

Review On Fastest VPN

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Is C the fastest language because most kernels are written in C viz. Unix, DOS and Macintosh?

Hypothetically if there were an OS named YAOS(yet another OS) written in ALWAC (Another language with another compiler), assuming ALWAC is assembly optimized of course. Would ALWAC be comparable to C in performance, given that C is the fastest language that there is.

To rephrase the question: Would it be a good idea to write a language specifically for a kernel plugin like Symbian OS, Purity OS or Nutanix OS to speed up the development without compromising C like performance? A language native to an OS/kernel module, if you will. I mean, C came after Unix, historically, which is what raised this doubt.

Fastest way to look up an entity with a set of components?

I’m currently trying to implement an ECS system, but I’ve sort of ran into a problem trying to fetch all of my entities that have a specific set of components. I currently have a Dictionary that maps a component name to a list of Guids (entities), so I have no problem fetching a list of entities if I were to query for just one component. But if I were to query entities for more than one component (e.g. all entities that have Render and Transform component), I run into a problem where it’s no longer a constant time lookup.

I could probably loop through the entities to see if they contain that set of component names (they are stored in a dictionary that maps Guid to a list of strings), but I was thinking that there could be a faster way of doing this?

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Fastest way to select a page from server

In our app the user ask for a Then, based on the unique ID we decide what html page we show him, by asking the server with this unique ID.

I am now thinking about 2 approaches, since I am new to this :

  1. User ask for , he get a redirect page where we send server the ID, then we know the right new url, and ask this url from server again. (2 server access, 1 db access)

  2. User ask for, he get a page with all html(+their css/js), we ask the server about the ID, and load right on the client side the right html that we already have. (1 server access(larger file file), 1 db ).

  3. preload html on server side which I DONT LIKE.

How is this usually done ? (we use Firebase)