Perfect Father’s Day?

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in the U.S. I am wondering what the Dad's on DP think is a perfect day for them.

I have decreed in my household that tomorrow will be an unusual Father's Day for me and the family. It will involve no work on anyone's part and no efforts or any activities causing work or stress. This means that there will be no cooking, grilling, organized activities, or anything else that requires anyone in the household to do anything in support of the holiday. It will be…

Perfect Father's Day?

How to add UK Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day to Google Calendar?

I use Google calendar and the “Holidays in the United Kingdom” calendar doesn’t include Mother’s Day (in the UK) and Father’s Day as they are not actual holidays.

Is it possible to add events for Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day ? As they occur on different days of the month each year (ie. third Sunday in June for Father’s day and three weeks before Easter Sunday for Mother’s Day).

Identifying my late father’s D&D stuff found in the attic

I recently found a box of Dungeons & Dragons stuff in the attic of my father’s home. In addition to an old boxed set of Dungeons & Dragons (the Men and Magic booklet mentions hobbits and ents), there’s a plethora of other materials that I couldn’t readily get more information about.

Below are some images of a few of the items in the box and the boxed set itself. I also found miniatures which I believe go with the game in some way. (Also I think the miniatures are lead due to their age and softness.)

I’m investigating these because I want to try to better understand my father when he was a young man. (He would have been 14 or 15 years old in 1974). He hadn’t shared this part of himself with me; I would have loved to play this or a newer version of D&D with him before he passed away.

The quality of the photos is awful, but I will try to improve that shortly.

Here are the titles of the found items:

  • Dungeons & Dragons, Rules for Fantastic Medieval Wargames Campaigns with Paper and Pencil and Miniature Figures Gygax & Arneson 3-Volume Set Published by Tactical Studies Rules Price $ 10.00 (Including three booklets, correction sets and item/weapon/monster lists)
  • The Ringbearer by Dan Bress and Ed Konstant Illustrated by Wendall Hill
  • Kranor-Ril Issue #1 (with an editorial by Chip Charnley, Editor): ‘The Vadhagh’ A New Class of Character As Developed from The Chronicles of Corum Vol. 1-3

What exactly are these items?

D&D Box The RingbearerKranor-RilThe VadhaghKranor-Ril #2

Can my father’s smartphone be compromised?

My father said to me that he allowed installation of apps from unknown sources when he was asked to do it to go further with something (he said that don’t remember when or what he was doing).

In android 8.0 (the version of him smartphone) we can allow third-party installation in individually apps, so I went in this tab and I saw that only Google Chrome was able to this type of installation. So, I navegate through my father’s apps and found nothing suspicious.

When I went to files, I found a folder called didi. Inside, a file with no extention called psnger_encrypted or something like this. When I went select the file to see details, I accidentally clicked on the file. Android said to me that was not found any app to open that file.

Could a file have been executed even when Android says that message? If this file is malicious, it is possible that has executed and so infected the phone?

Doing some research, I found that a chinese app called “DiDi” that have a file called “psnger” too. Also, I found a file in my father’s phone called .omega.key, and this file is also seen in topics related to DiDi app. The fact is that I can’t find this app on the phone, and I’m looking for ways that can indicate if the phone have any malicious content. I executed AVG, and Malwarebytes but both detected nothing. What else can I do?

How can I state my father’s monthly financial commitments in visa application?

I’ve been refused in uk standard visitor visa and one of the two reasons is that they are unable to access my father’s monthly financial commitments : ” I note that you have provided an employment letter for you father and bank statements reflecting salary deposits , however Iam unable to access what your father’s monthly financial commitments are and if he is able to fund your proposed visit to uk as stated ” knowing that bank statement has suitable sum of money with many transactions.