Does an out-of-sight creature affected by the Fear spell have to keep running if they fail the saving throw?

Imagine a (D&D 5e) spellcaster casts Fear on an enemy, and the enemy fails their Wisdom saving throw. On its turn, the enemy drops what it’s holding and takes the Dash action, running away from the spellcaster and around a corner, putting it out of sight of the spellcaster. The enemy ends its turn out-of-sight of the spellcaster, so it can make the Wisdom saving throw again; again, it fails. On its next turn does the enemy have to continue running away? Even though it’s out of sight of the spellcaster? My reading of the spell is yes: they have to continue to run away until they succeed on the save (or the spellcaster drops the spell for some other reason). Is this right, or can the enemy remain in place out-of-sight? (They obviously can’t approach closer to the spellcaster because they’re affected by the frightened condition.)

Can a frightened creature freely circle the source of its fear?

A frightened creature A is standing horizontally or vertically next to the source of its fear B.

The creature can’t willingly move closer to the source of its fear.

Can A freely circle B, for example to flank them or to attack another of its enemies, or to pass them with impunity in a 10′ hallway (subject to AOO rules as normal of course)?

I am asking, because this seems somewhat counter-intuitive: If you are next to the source of your fear, the fear does not practically restrict your movement. I hope there’s something in the rules or maybe sage advice which clarifies this, other than just lack of restrictions that would apply.

Campaign in already existing world and story – fear of NPC domination

This is my first time running a campaign, with just some one-shots of experience.

I thought it would be easier for me to create a campaign in an already existing world that I know very well (World of Warcraft). However, since I would like for my players (who do not know the story at all) to experience the story and to follow some important characters, I fear that they might see their story and aventures as "secondary".

I definitely will allow them to change the story, apart from a few cases which I want to keep.

Do you have any tips on how to allow my players to experience the story arc of some important characters without giving them the feeling that it might not be "their" story and that they are not just spectating some NPCs?

Losing Fear Immunity

If I have an active Draconic Malice Spell taking away the fear immunity of all creatures around me, and say I inflict the Panicked condition for 20 rounds on an undead in my aura. The undead then turns tail and runs. What happens to that condition? Is it cured entirely, or just suppressed. If they are mindless will they take one step away, then turn back and re-engage next turn? If it just suppressed will they instantly become panicked again when re-entering my aura?

How do multiple Pit Fiend fear auras stack?

So a Pit Fiend has a neat little thing called a fear aura. Essentially if you start in it, you have to make a save or be frightened. If you are standing in range of multiple pit fiends, do you need to make multiple saves? And also, it says "If a creature’s saving throw is successful, the creature is immune to the pit fiend’s Fear Aura for the next 24 hours." Does this mean it would be immune to the aura from other pit friends?

Can you negate the Frightened condition by not looking at the source of your fear?

As the title says, if you cause a creature to be Frightened of you, as in the Frightened condition, but they can somehow manage to not see you, do they stop rolling with disadvantage to attacks/ability checks?

Below are scenarios to illustrate my question.


  • If a creature is frightened of you, and they turn their back against you to hit someone else, would they no longer have disadvantage to attack rolls/ability checks?

  • If a creature is frightened of you and they have Blindsight, can they close their eyes to stop seeing you, and hence stop rolling with disadvantage?

  • If a creature has 60 ft of movement and is frightened of you, and there is a corner they can reach in 15 ft that will block you from sight, can they run to that corner to stop being frightened, then run back to attack without disadvantage? Assume they would not provoke OA to do this, although the OA is immaterial to the question.

Deadhand Style Feat Stacking Fear Effect

As written, this feat has some undefined qualities and I’m interested in knowing more specific details. As of right now, I am unaware of any errata or comments from the devs’ that clarify.

Deadhand Style, from Horror Adventures

Benefit(s): While using this style, if you have at least 1 point in your ki pool, you gain a +2 bonus on saves against fear effects, and the DC of Intimidate checks against you increases by 4. As a swift action, you can spend 1 point from your ki pool to empower your unarmed strikes. Creatures hit with your unarmed strikes must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your character level + your Wisdom modifier) or become shaken for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Will hitting a creature multiple times cause an increase in severity of the fear condition? Most effects that cause fear will list specifically that they don’t (such as Intimidating to demoralize), but there’s also the general no stacking rule, so I’m unsure.

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Does immunity to fear prevent a mummy’s Dreadful Glare from paralyzing a character?

A Mummy has an ability called Dreadful Glare:

The mummy targets one creature it can see within 60 feet of it. If the target can see the mummy, it must succeed on a DC 11 Wisdom saving throw against this magic or become frightened until the end of the mummy’s next turn. If the target fails the saving throw by 5 or more, it is also paralyzed for the same duration. A target that succeeds on the saving throw is immune to the Dreadful Glare of all mummies (but not mummy lords) for the next 24 hours.

The Berserker Barbarian has the Mindless Rage feature:

Beginning at 6th level, you can’t be charmed or frightened while raging. If you are charmed or frightened when you enter your rage, the effect is suspended for the duration of the rage.

Say a Mummy uses its Dreadful Glare action on a Barbarian who is currently raging and has the Mindless Rage feature. What happens if the Barbarian fails their save by 5 or more? Does the Barbarian become paralyzed because they failed their save so badly? Or are they unaffected because they are immune to fear and the two conditions must be applied together?

What do they fear?

So, what does a character with the following have to fear?

  • normal AC around 30
  • touch AC around 25
  • unlikely to be flat footed or surprised in combat due to passive perception of 35+
  • Smash from Air
  • All saves 15+
  • able to heal themselves without limit during combat
  • ability to see in darkness and invisibility (dont believe fog or similar however)

Most magic attacks wont do anything as they can either pass the save or use smash from air to destroy the spell.

Super ranged combat relying on true strike attack spells, massed combat, or considerably higher CR’s are all I can think of which would challenge them. No, dispel magic or antimagic field would at most affect their abilities by about -2 AC. Saves would decrease in AMF but most spells wont work either.