How many two-skill +2/+4 bonus feats are there and is it balanced to homebrew more?

Each skill except for Appraise, Linguistics, Craft, Perform, and Profession corresponds to a core feat that has no prerequisites and grants +2 to two skills or +4 if you have 10 or more ranks. Those feats are:

  • Acrobatic: Acrobatics and Fly
  • Alertness: Perception and Sense Motive
  • Animal Affinity: Handle Animal and Ride
  • Athletic: Climb and Swim
  • Deceitful: Bluff and Disguise
  • Deft Hands: Disable Device and Sleight of Hand
  • Magical Aptitude: Spellcraft and Use Magic Device
  • Persuasive: Diplomacy and Intimidate
  • Self-Sufficient: Heal and Survival
  • Stealthy: Escape Artist and Stealth

There’s also Prodigy, which lets you pick from two different Craft, Perform, or Profession skills.

Beyond this standard list, there are a few feats that have a similar effect and either stack on top of the same skills (such as Uncanny Alertness, which grants bonuses to Perception and Sense Motive like Alertness) or apply to a skill pair that is not covered by an existing feat (such as Oracular Intuition, which grants bonuses to Sense Motive and Spellcraft). Voice of the Sibyl is kind of similar, although it doesn’t quite fit into the same pattern.

What other feats follow this +2/+4 to two skills format? I’m looking for Bluff/Diplomacy in particular because I’m considering creating a feat for that pair. I’m concerned that it may be too powerful since it can be taken in conjunction with Deceitful and/or Persuasive as an easy way to pump those skills. Is this actually efficient enough that such a feat would be overpowered? What about other overlapping feats such as Stealth/Bluff or Perception/Survival?

Does losing the use of a feat also prevent the use of feats that have that feat as a prerrequisite?

I’ve seen many similar questions but I’ve not seen this exactly answered.

Let’s say that I’m rolling a 10 Int character and gets a temporary buff to Int by an item that let’s him pick Combat Expertise. Sometime after, he picks the item again on a level up and picks Karmic Strike. If he loses the Int bonus, aside from the use of Combat Expertise, does he also lose the use of Karmic Strike due to losing the use of Combat Expertise?

Per RAW, does knowing Assassin’s Stance allow for feats that have “sneak attack” as a prerrequisite?

I’ve read that both Craven and Staggering Strike are very good feats for a Sneak Attack oriented swordsage, however, per RAW, I don’t think knowing Assassin’s Stance would accomplish the prerrequisite of being able to make sneak attacks, since it’s more of an "added" ability rather than a "natural" ability like, for example, the Rogue has. So, as the title says, would RAW allow that? It could easily be houseruled, however my DM is already giving me the stink eye by multiclassing into Swordsage.

Is this homebrew feat, Overheal, balanced with regard to other feats?

Is this homebrew feat, Overheal, balanced with regard to other feats?

You have learned to use the healing arts for more than simple recovery post-injury. Now, whenever you use magic to restore one or more hit points to a creature, any healing that would exceed the target’s max hp is instead gained as temporary hit points.

The intent is now any excess healing is not wasted but instead turned into temp HP for damage mitigation. For example, say we have a cleric with this feat and a friendly rogue. The rogue is missing 6 HP so the cleric casts Cure Wounds and rolls a lucky 8. This cleric also has a +3 to Wisdom so now normally the rogue would be healed to full and that’s it. But with this feat the rogue now also gains 5 temp HP.

Is this significantly more powerful than other feats and/or is it potentially gamebreaking with higher level spells such as Heal being used on a target at full health to give them 70 temp HP?

Is there any way though feats for a non-caster tiefling to get wings?

Right now I’m running a Tiefling monk and while I don’t think it would be particularly useful to sprout wings, while I was researching feats I found out there are feats specific for tieflings that give them wings (Fiendish Bloodline and Outsider Wings).

However, those feats are for 3.0 and in 3.5 the first feat has the prerrequisite of being able to cast 1st level spells without preparation, so even if there was a feat that required the first one, non-caster tieflings would not be able to get them. So, as the title says; is there any combination of feats in 3.5 that can give wings to a tiefling?

Do Hidden Houses Wild Talent feats have prerequisites?

Complete Psionic lists some extra feats which market themselves as alternative versions of Wild Talent. It says that Talaire humans need to take one as their bonus feat, but it doesn’t seem to say whether or not anyone else can take them. The regular Wild Talent feat has no prerequisites, so it would make sense in that way, but it seems somewhat unclear, since the book explicitly calls them feats, but then doesn’t have the regular information for them that feats normally have.

But what seems to be implied is that, for example, despite the feat’s name implying a connection to the human House Adon, a pegasus could take the Wild Talent (Adon) feat and gain all its benefits?

Are there any feats that grant at-will ranged attacks that scale off of character level?

Feats which grant damaging effects that scale based on character level seem to be uncommon, but they definitely exist–for example, for monk-type (Superior Unarmed Strike) and rogue-type (Craven) builds. I can’t find any designed for blaster mage-type builds, however.

Reserve feats effectively scale based on caster level, since their damage is based on your highest available spell level, which isn’t really the same as scaling based on character level. The Shape Soulmeld feat can get you Dissolving Spittle, which you can kinda force to scale off of character level, but only by buying more essentia feats. That’s closer to what I want, but it’s pretty feat-expensive.

So… Is there any other feat that can give heavily-multiclassed character some sort of pseudo-eldritch-blast that actually remains (at least somewhat) useful at higher levels?

Mounted Combatant: How does reach of attack interact with the feat’s deflection?

I was playing a campaign, and my DM attacked the mount. Imagine this is the battlefield (seen from above); I was on the C, my mount is large (A), and the monster is M:

# # # # # # # # # # A C # # # # # A A # # # # M # # # # # # # # # # # 

When I said “I deflect the attack to me,” the DM said “But the foe does not reach you, which means you can’t pull the attack to yourself.” That got me thinking. I’m wanting to know how this works in this situation.

What are some feats that are required to maximize eldritch blast damage output?

I am working on a warlock build for my next campaign and I am having trouble finding feats that would apply and boost Warlock’s eldritch blast damage output. This is because Warlock is not a traditional spell caster from PHB and I am unsure which feats would apply to EB as its a ranged touch attack. What are some of my options for EB feats and at what level they would come into play?