Questions regarding Auto Save feature

I have added an autosave feature to my web app, but I couldn’t think of whether it’s toggle place or default value on page load. I’m thinking of remembering it’s state with localStorage when the user is not logged in or the database when I have a logged in user. The layout looks like this:

enter image description here

So, the questions,

  1. Should I event have a save button? I coded it, because I want to keep autosave intervals long, like 30secs.
  2. Should the autosave toggle button be outside the dropdown? On the toolbar maybe?
  3. The autosave feature will be only available for logged in users, guests will have a live copy in local storage, and when they come back, they will see their last screen before they left. Logged in users will see the last autosave. So, what should the first logged in user have as the autosave feature: enabled, or disabled by default?

Thanks in advance. (The button placements are temporary, nevermind that. If you have some ideas about the toolbar layout, feel free to comment about that too. I need some fresh ideas 😉

How does a Death Domain cleric’s Touch of Death feature work with Touch-range spells delivered by familiars?

My player is playing a Death Domain cleric. They have the Channel Divinity option Touch of Death (DMG, p. 97), which deals extra necrotic damage on a hit with a melee attack. They also have the find familiar spell from the Ritual Caster feat (PHB, p. 169), choosing the wizard spell list. They were wondering, based around the wording of find familiar, if a touch spell from the familiar can still trigger the Touch of Death ability.

Can a touch spell delivered by the familiar trigger the Death Domain cleric’s Touch of Death?

How does the Favored Enemy feature of the Slayer prestige class work?

I am building a Ranger 4/ Slayer 7/Ardent 2 NPC. Now I wonder about the interaction of the Slayer’s and the Ranger’s Favored Enemy class feature:

The NPC is themed to hate Yuan-Ti, so he got humanoid (reptilian) as his ranger class favored enemy.

The Slayer class demands “a type of psionic creature” as the enemy he detests most.

I am not sure what “type” means in this context: A specific monster (like Yuan-Ti – I am using the psionic version in my campaign) or the types of favored enemies of the ranger with “psionic” added (like psionic reptilian humanoids). Either way I am uncertain whether the bonus of the two favored enemy class features would stack.

So these are my two questions: How specific does the Slayers favored enemy have to be and does the class features bonus stack with the same class feature of the ranger?

Does the ranger’s Archery Fighting Style apply to the monk’s Deflect Missiles feature, for a multiclassed monk/ranger?

I’m considering a multi-class of Monk and Ranger, and have been trying to decide which Fighting Style I’d like to pick.

Two-Weapon Fighting and Defense are useless for a Monk, as they won’t be wearing armour, and using multiple weapons stops unarmed strikes.

Dueling could work, if the character uses a 1-handed monk weapon, giving a +2 to damage with it (I believe).

As for Archery, I was wondering if catching and throwing something with Deflect Missiles would get the +2 to attack. The reason I believe it would is that it counts as a Monk Weapon for the attack.

Does this logic look right?

Use custom Feature Icon for SPFx

Is there a way to use a custom icon for SharePoint Framework features? When we navigate to the Site Settings, it would be nice to see our branded icon instead of the default one.

enter image description here

Part of thepackage-solution.json

I don’t see any icon-related properties here:

"features": [       {         "title": "Application Extensions - Top Header & Footer",         "description": "Deploys application extensions to display a Header at the Top placeholder and a Footer at the Bottom placeholder",         "id": "24125f88-b8dd-46e1-acd4-a801e650709c",         "version": "",         "assets": {           "elementManifests": [             "elements.xml"           ]         }                 } ] 

My best guess is that it’s impossible, but can someone confirm it, please?

How does the Ring of Spell Storing interact with the Glamour Bard’s Mantle of Majesty feature?

At level 6 Glamour Bards gain the ability Mantle of Majesty which allows them to cast command up to 10 times (ability lasts a minute and command is cast as a bonus action) without expending a spell slot:

you take on an unearthly appearance for 1 minute or until your concentration ends (as if you were concentrating on a spell). During this time you can cast the command spell as a bonus action on each of your turns without expending a spell slot.

Does this mean that I could activate the ability (outside of battle) and then store 5 castings of command in a ring of spell storing for use at a later time?

How should I integrate routine history tracking feature with the routine itself

Let’s say I am writing code to run a machine similar to a 3D printer and I have a routine like:

machine.moveTo(x1, y1); machine.alignByCamera(); machine.heatUp(); machine.extrude(amount1); machine.moveTo(x2, y2); machine.extrude(amount2); 

I want to add a new optional feature to keep track of process history. Let’s say I want to keep temperature, shots from camera, coordinate values after alignment. So my new code looks like this:

machine.moveTo(x1, y1); historyTracker.takeInitialPhoto();  historyTracker.recordLocationBeforeAligment(machine.x, machine.y); machine.alignByCamera(); historyTracker.recordLocationAfterAlignment(machine.x, machine.y);  historyTracker.recordTemperatureBeforeHeatup(machine.temperature); machine.heatUp(); historyTracker.recordTemperatureAfterHeatup(machine.temperature);  machine.extrude(amount1); machine.moveTo(x2, y2); machine.extrude(amount2); historyTracker.takeFinalPhoto(); 

As you can see code becomes much uglier. I even haven’t not made it an optional feature yet. Let’s make it optional:

machine.moveTo(x1, y1); if(historyEnabled)      historyTracker.takeInitialPhoto();  if(historyEnabled)     historyTracker.recordLocationBeforeAligment(machine.x, machine.y); machine.alignByCamera(); if(historyEnabled)      historyTracker.recordLocationAfterAlignment(machine.x, machine.y);  if(historyEnabled)     historyTracker.recordTemperatureBeforeHeatup(machine.temperature); machine.heatUp(); if(historyEnabled)      historyTracker.recordTemperatureAfterHeatup(machine.temperature);  machine.extrude(amount1); machine.moveTo(x2, y2); machine.extrude(amount2); if(historyEnabled)     historyTracker.takeFinalPhoto(); 

So my question is, how can I decouple history tracking feature from the routine itself if it is possible. Otherwise how can I improve my code. Is there a better way(design pattern maybe) to approach this problem.