Windows feature that stores specific data about applications run to help them start faster? [migrated]

do you know of a Windows feature that stores specific data about applications run to help them start faster? Asking because a forensics challenge I’m attempting to do had that as a hint to find the most recently run executable. Can I get any help?

Laravel Security feature is not secured?

I’m a junior web application developer. I do not know much about Laravel. But I have been building web application using ASP.NET stack. As far as I have understood, MD5 is not recommended by many security experts for securing any application.

My senior PHP developer has started a new project with Laravel and he decided not to use Security feature from Laravel by giving the reason that so many developers are using Laravel framework. For that reason he thinks that Lavavel Security feature is not secured enough because security hole can be discovered by anyone. I do not agree with him.

I objected his decision for using MD5 to build custom authentication and custom session and middleware for authorization and I think it is not as secure as that of Laravel Security feature.

So, here’s the how the authentication is handled. When a user is signing up, he hashes the username and password using MD5 and store them in a table. For Authentication, he hashes the input of username and password with MD5 and do a select statement for comparison.

Here’s the code for authentication and storing auth and roles info in the session:

<?php  namespace App\Http\Controllers;  use Illuminate\Support\Facades\DB; use Illuminate\Http\Request; use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;  class LoginController extends Controller {    public function index(){       return view('login');    }     public function authenticate(Request $  request){      $  validatedData = $  request->validate([       'username' => 'required',       'password' => 'required',     ]);      $  user_name = md5($  request->username);     $  upass = md5($  request->password);      $  employee = DB::table('employee')     ->select('uuid', 'login_username', 'title',              'given_name', 'surname')     ->where([       ['login_username_encrypt', '=', $  user_name],       ['password', '=', $  upass ]     ])->first();      $  employee_priv = DB::table('employee_privilege')     ->where([       ['employee_uuid', '=', $  employee->uuid]     ])->first();      if($  employee) {       // create session for the logged in user       $  user_name = $  employee->given_name . ' ' . $  employee->surname;  //     building privilege       $  privilege .= "-$  employee_priv->manager";       $  privilege .= "-$  employee_priv->saleperson";       $  privilege .= "-$  employee_priv->secretary";   //    set session data       $  user_name = $  employee->given_name . ' ' . $  employee->surname;       session(['isLoggedIn' => TRUE]);       session(['uuid' => $  employee->uuid]);       session(['user_name' => $  user_name]);       session(['emp_privilege' => $  privilege]);        return redirect('dashboard');     } else {       return redirect('login')       ->with('login_failed', 'Your username or password is wrong, try again.');     }    }     public function logout(){       session()->flush();       return redirect('login');    }     public function resetPassword(){       return view('resetPassword');     }  } 

My question is that: Is Laravel Security really not secured as he thinks? Does his custom authentication and authorization better than that of Laravel Security feature?

Magento 2.3 upload_max_filesize max at 8M for import feature

I adjusted upload_max_filesize in magento 2.3 and i can change the value to be anything between 2M and 8M.

If i put anything else like 85M, 9M, 50M, etc the Admin bar > System > Data Transfer > Import prompt says

Make sure your file isn’t more than 8M.

It won’t let me upload a file beyond that size even if it’s set in /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini or /etc/php/7.2/cli/php.ini after restarting apache2 service.

Is this a bug in 2.3? How do i get around this for data imports?

integrate voting contest feature on your website for $5

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How to explain and show a new feature in a website?

So, there is this website with news and other things, like the weather, horoscope, etc.. And there will be a new service where some news will be prime, the user will have to pay to see the article. I want to make something to introduce this new feature to the users, and I was thinking a coach mark, the first time the user enters and sees an article, it pops up a dark layer explaining what it is, and it doesn’t appears again.

I wanted to know what are your opinions on this and if there is a better solution?