Correct value for ItemAvailability in structured data vs. google shopping feed

I’ve been working on implementing a data feed for Google merchant center and after submitting it for the first time I noticed that Google’s automatic update changed some of our items’ availability from out of stock to in stock with this message:

Your product’s availability status was automatically updated to match the data on your landing page.

A help article ( explains that this is likely to occur due to a discrepancy between the data provided in the feed and structured data shown on the product page itself. It goes on to say:

Check your product data for those products (using the item ID), and make sure that each item has the same values for availability as is represented on your own site and in its structured data.

There is a problem here though since we use OnlineOnly in our structured data and this option is not valid in the merchant center feed. My best guess is that Google classifies OnlineOnly the same as in stock.

The items in question are items that we don’t keep physical stock of, but like many online retailers these items are available directly from the supplier and fulfilled for orders as they are placed. We don’t want to falsely claim that they are in stock, so originally OnlineOnly seemed like the best option for our structured data.

At this point I’m left with a few options that I can think of to resolve this:

  • Change both values to out of stock
  • Change both values to in stock
  • Allow the discrepancy stand and let Google do as they see fit

Can anyone advise what is the most correct value for availability on both the feed and our structured data in this situation?

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Getting feed response in SharePoint framework

I am trying to get SharePoint feed data in SharePoint framework, tries different approach but getting different errors.

var promise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {         var url = "SharepointListFeedsURL";         const httpClientOptions: IHttpClientOptions = {           headers: new Headers(),           method: "GET",           mode: "cors"         };         this.context.spHttpClient.get(url,SPHttpClient.configurations.v1,httpClientOptions)         .then((results: SPHttpClientResponse): Promise<any> => {             return results.json();           }).then((data: any) => {             $  .each(,(index)=>{               allData.push([index]);             });           }).catch((error) => {            });       });     });     return promise; 


Blocked by CORS policy: The ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin.


workbench.html:1 Access to fetch at ‘’ from origin ‘https://localhost:4321’ has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn’t pass access control check: It does not have HTTP ok status.

Getting below errors when running in sharepoint env

Refused to get unsafe header "SPClientServiceRequestDuration" Refused to get unsafe header "SPRequestGuid" Refused to get unsafe header "X-SERVICEWORKER-DATA-SOURCE" Refused to get unsafe header "SPRequestGuid" Refused to get unsafe header "X-ServiceWorkerFetchInfo" 

How do we solve this?

Could a regenerating troll feed enough stirges to live off them?

We are working on creating a room that is a self-sustaining ecosystem (like ecosystem aquariums but with creatures) that is an obstacle for PCs to pass (as part of an entire “Island of Dr. Moreau” filled with these ecosystems.)

Our current thought is a mad wizard who has set up a room with hundreds of stirges fed by a regenerating troll in a box that only allows as many stirges to feed on him at once as it can regenerate. Ideally, the troll could occasionally grab and eat some of the stirges as well.

The question we have is what guidance is there anywhere across the game or previous adventures or interviews with designers to calculate any or all of the following:

  1. The amount a creature needs to eat each day to survive.

(This would give the number of stirges the troll could support and the number of stirges the troll needs to eat per day.)

  1. Whether there is any known gestational period for stirges

(This would allow us to answer the question whether or not a troll could actually survive on something feeding on its regenerating blood – and allow us to calculate the equilibrium state for number of stirges supported.)

We use DnD to teach kids math, biology and physics. If we can make scenarios that teach various principles while also fitting with existing game guidance – it is a double win.

Of note, the underlying assumption in this scenario, of course, is that a troll’s regeneration has a magical aspect to it given how fast trolls regenerate and given that there is nothing describing how much they have to eat based on what they regenerated. (Proportional eating would be required if regeneration was a purely physical phenomena.)

Which layout is suitable for a live cryptocurrency news feed?

  • I am trying to build a live cryptocurrency news feed and this is a new domain + I am new to UX
    • I researched a bit and seem to find a few patterns on how these can be built.
    • Which layout would serve the purpose optimally?
    • I researched a few guys to see what layouts are there and this is what I found


enter image description here

  • Has a 2 pane layout with list details view
  • On the mobile, either the list or details are shown
  • So many buttons on top? Are those buttons really needed?
  • Monospaced font for news?
  • Like Dislike …buttons at the top seem to be sticky if you scroll the news on mobile? Is this required

2) enter image description here

  • Same 2 pane layout
  • Font seems far better
  • Right pane seems smaller than left one? What do you think should be the size? Should the user be able to change it?
  • Adds images to the news making things more interesting I guess
  • Has a READ FULL button at the bottom to take you the news site whereas Cryptopanic has KEPT the title clickable? What to do here?

3) Faws enter image description here

  • Instead of a 2 pane layout, uses an expandable list
  • No option to like dislike stuff, other 2 had them

4) enter image description here

  • Very different from the rest, shows a screen on right pane
  • Detail news opens in a chat popup sort of window
  • Has a question at the bottom of each news article saying what do you think with again way too many buttons

So based on these, here are my questions

  • 2 pane layout or expandable list
  • How big should each pane be? 50 50%, 75 25% customizable?
  • Should the links in the list on the left be clickable or should they merely show names? Cryptopanic has them clickable but rest merely show names
  • Are all those buttons needed? can it be cut down to Likes Dislikes Bullish and Bearish? Instead of adding a button for FUD or Shilling would a person not click Dislike?
    • Should the link the right detail be clickable (Cryptopanic) or should there be a button at the bottom saying Read Full (CoinSpectator)
    • Should the left section show anything about likes dislikes or does it only have time, title, website name and tags?
    • Should the tags on left be clickable?

Any suggestions are super appreciated

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