JQuery to parse RSS feed in SharePoint

I m trying to display RSS data on page using jQuery, So I have used below URL in my code and it is working fine to display feed from outside SharePoint sites.

“https://feed.jquery-plugins.net/load?url=” + encodeURIComponent(“feedURL”) + “&maxCount=” + def.MaxCount + “&dateCulture=” + def.DateFormatLang + “&dateFormat=” + def.DateFormat”

But in SharePoint, this is giving error.

{“statusCode”:400,”errorMessage”:”ERROR_ON_GETTING_FEEDS : ‘>’ is an unexpected token. The expected token is ‘=’. Line 11, position 72.”,”data”:null}

url for SharePoint is:

url: “https://feed.jquery-plugins.net/load?url=https://test.sharepoint.com/sites/DeveloperSite/_layouts/15/listfeed.aspx?List=f3d7161e-2f6d-4c6e-8d7d-1721e8b70ef0&View=5d658d21-4804-47d9-b993-0752aeb8feb5”,

error when using RSS feed webpart in SP 2013

I’m using the RSS webpart to display an RSS feed. It worked fine for 2 years, but a couple months ago it stopped working and displays the error message ‘The requested RSS feed could not be displayed. Please verify the settings and url for this feed. If this problem persists, please contact your administrator.’ I have used other RSS readers to try the feed and it displays fine.

I’m the site admin in the ‘I am responsible for this website’ way, not the ‘I am the server admin in the IT department’ way so I can’t check the logs or do anything server-side, which is frustrating. The RSS feed is hosted on the same top-level domain as the Sharepoint site and both URLs force HTTPS. From Googling the error I have a hunch it has something to do with either a proxy server or security issues relating to the cert. I’ve sent links to the server admin but they’re dragging their feet and I’m starting to wonder if they don’t know what’s wrong and I want to find something I can send to the server admin, because if I don’t, this is going to turn into a ‘ignore it and hope it goes away’ problem on their part.

Jenkins RSS feed into sharepoint 2010

Absolute noob here. We have recently been issued a Team Sharepoint site and I am trying to learn the ropes. They’ve given me wide ranging rights so I can learn and pass it along.

My team is wanting to include an RSS feed from Jenkins so that they know what is in our different environments.

When I paste in the RSS feed I am getting “Enter a valid RSS feed address.”

Any ideas on how to make this work? Or some other way of accomplishing what they are wanting?

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Populate field onLoad Social feed SharePoint 2013

I am try to auto populate user e-mail,name,title on a sharepoint form. I can see the values when I inspect the page (F12) but they dont appear on the form onload. i obtain the input fields id via the developer tool, not 100% sure I am using the correct ID.

here is the code I am using:

$  (function () { getUserProfileInfo(); 


function getUserProfileInfo() {

var fullUrl = "https://sites/sites/dome/_api/social.feed/my";  $  .ajax({     url: fullUrl,     type: "GET",     headers: {         "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",         "content-type": "application/json;odata=verbose",     },     success: onUserInfoQuerySucceeded,     error: onQueryFailed }); 


function onUserInfoQuerySucceeded(data) { var userInfoItemE = data.d.Me.EmailAddress; var userInfoItemN = data.d.Me.Name; var userInfoItemT = data.d.Me.Title;

document.getElementById('Email_a6570af6-8b72-4ab0-814d-93f50f26e185_$  TextField').innerHTML = userInfoItemE; document.getElementById('Name_b6023c0f-43be-45b4-b946-22ac2933bb77_$  TextField').innerHTML = userInfoItemN; document.getElementById('Title_fa564e0f-0c70-4ab9-b863-0177e6ddd247_$  TextField').innerHTML = userInfoItemT; 

} function onQueryFailed(sender, args) { alert(“Error”); }

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