Struggling w/ low conversion rate, feedback on site welcomed.

Hi everyone,

We have recently launched our online shop at

Using a mix of Google & Bing Ads, SEO and Affiliates, we send a healthy amount of traffic to the site. However, conversion rate has been terrible and below 0.005%.

We're sending traffic to either our category pages or the actual product page.

Customers don't seem to stay on the page for too long and only browse 1-2 pages on average.

I was hoping to get some advice from the community to see if there's…

Struggling w/ low conversion rate, feedback on site welcomed.

Chat waiting time feedback

We have a Live Chat services but the problem is we don’t have enough number of agents to answer all the inquiries of all customers. So customers really need to wait especially during peak hours.

Our initial solution is to show the Queue number and the estimated waiting time but at the moment, we can’t implement it due to technical limitations.

Do you guys have any suggestion on how we can improve our Live Chat experience for customers waiting? What do you think is the proper message to tell to the customers that they need to wait in a way that they will understand the situation and they will not be frustrated. Thanks!

(DnD5e) Feedback on homebrew: Monk – Way of the Four Elements

I don’t have too many friends in the RPG community that could give me some valid balance/playability etc feedback on such a thing, and was hoping the community here could. I’ve created a new version of the Monk-Way of the Four Elements, which gives a little more freedom and versatility to the class. That being said, I’m not certain how overpowered (if at all) I’ve made this. If your only feedback is to rewrite it so it sounds more fantastical, that’s cool too.

Monk - Way of the Four Elements Homebrew Pg1

Monk - Way of the Four Elements Homebrew Pg2

Lack of Agent feedback – Live Chat waiting time

what is your recommended solution for our mobile Customer service mobile app? We have a live chat that caters all the concerns of our customers but the problem is, we just have a limited number of agents available so definitely, some customers need to wait. What do you think is the best solution to inform them that the queue is quite long and they need to wait (in a way that they will not get mad and understand the situation). Thanks!

C++ Array sorting, feedback please

This started as a simple excercise in sorting an array. I wanted to make it a bit more complex which is why I made it a 2D array.

I then noticed that each pass that checked and swapped values, it was checking all ten values. This seemed unecessary because with each pass the highest value gets moved all the way to it’s final position. So I made it check one less element each pass until it finished.

I did not want to use std::sort, this was an excercise in finding my own solution.

The program was “falling off” the end of the array, and although I managed to work around it, I’m not sure I did it in the right way, or even why it was doing it in the first place.

The program seems to work as intended but would like some feedback on how it can be improved, or an issues etc. Cheers 🙂

#include "stdafx.h"  #include<iostream>  using std::cout; using std::cin; using std::endl;   int main() { const int ROWS = 10; const int COLUMNS = 2;  int person[ROWS][COLUMNS] = {     { 1,100 },     { 2,20 },     { 3,80 },     { 4,10 },     { 5,50 },     { 6,150 },     { 7,30 },     { 8,60 },     { 9,40 },     { 10,1 }  };  for (int i = 0; i < ROWS; ++i) {     cout << "Person " << person[i][0] << " ate: " << person[i][1] << " pancakes";     {         cout << endl;     } }  // Sort lowest to highest  int loop = 1; int count;           // for counting the number of loops int limit = ROWS;    // reduced by 1 each loop to skip uneceassary checks  for (int j = ROWS - 1; j > 0; --j, loop++, limit--) {     cout << "Loop " << loop << endl;     cout << "Loop limit: " << limit << endl;     count = 0;      for (int i = 0; i < ROWS; ++i, ++count )     {         if (loop + count == ROWS + 1)   // skips unecessary checks         {             break;         }         if (person[i][1] > person[i + 1][1] && i != ROWS - 1) // The && condition stopped the  program falling off the end of the array // but not sure why it was in the first place         {             int temp = person[i][1];             person[i][1] = person[i + 1][1];             person[i + 1][1] = temp;         }         //cout << person[i][0] << " " << person[i][1] << endl;         //un-comment ^ to display inner loop passes     }     cout << "Number of inner loops: " << count << "\n" << endl; }  // display final order for (int i = 0; i < ROWS; ++i) {     cout << person[i][0] << "   " << person[i][1] << endl; }  int pause; cin >> pause;  return 0; 


I would love to hear your feedback on my site:)

Hi friends,

My awesome site :

We just release our early access:) Our platform optimize visuals to increase real-time conversion. Providing insights to save time & money on new creative.

Some of the question I would love you to answer:

  1. Did you understand what we are doing?
  2. What is the product?
  3. How was the design?
  4. Who you think is the target audience?

Thank you for your help <3