Need your professional feedback

Hi guys! I signed up here to ask you for feedback. I've just designed my first "serious" site for a startup and it would be really awesome to know what you think. My experience is not that huge: three months ago I finished web courses and this is my first commercial project. I was said, it's too much animation on my site but I don't know which one I should get rid of. Anyway, what do you think? Thank you all so much in advance!!

Homebrew spell idea for DnD 5e: Chromatic Blade. Chromatic orb + Green Flame Blade hybrid. Looking for feedback and potential balancing

Honestly this was my Eldritch Knight player’s idea but I thought it interesting and am trying to work out the balance.

Spell Concept

The idea is to imbue chromatic orb’s ability to pick the element, a powerful ability, into a melee attack with similar-ish splash damage. Something akin to dragonbreath’s short range cone felt right.

Current Draft

Chromatic Blade


Level: 2nd

Casting time: 1 Action

Range: 5 feet

Components: V, M (a weapon)

Duration: Instantaneous

Your weapon gleams with incandescent light. You choose acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder for the type of glow you create. As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell’s range, otherwise the spell fails. On a hit, the target suffers the attack’s normal effects and elemental energy of that type bursts forth from your weapon in a 5-foot cone directed at the point of attack.Creatures within the cone’s area of effect take 2d6 damage of the chosen elemental type. This spell’s damage increases when you reach higher levels.

At higher level

When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3nd level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above 2nd.

Wording clarifcations for reading purposes

  • “Incandescent” tends to mean “glows from being heated” (like an incandescent lightbulb) and my nearest alternative I could think of was radiant and while I think that’s a better fit semantically, that is already its own damage type (and intentionally not one of the options here to keep in line with chromatic orb). Could just do “chromatic light” but chromatic is just the light spectrum already so that’s lame/nonsense.
  • “directed at the point of attack” is a little awkward but the intent is “from you in the direction of the attack”. Unsure on the best wording there to represent this.
  • “Cone of 5 ft radius”, The intent of the spell is to represent an area like so:
 | | |X|  |O|X|X|  | | |X| 

With the O being the caster, the Xs being the targets. So, the cone would include the hit target of the melee (like green flame blade) and proceed to jump to the 3 adjacent/back tiles (back, diagonal up, diagonal down). If there’s a better way to word that part in general I’d be open to it

Balance considerations

My thinking was that being able to pick your element is a powerful feature of chromatic orb and giving it an AOE effect both warranted it dealing less direct damage than the nearest equivalents (1 casting of chromatic orb and 1 spray of dragonbreath). Math comparisons of similar abilities/attacks/spells:

  • chromatic orb, 1st level, does 3d8 of chosen type to a single target based on spell attack roll (averaging 13.5 on a hit)
  • dragonbreath spell, 2nd level, does 3d6 per breath (average 10.5 per target) but with a save so at least some guaranteed damage (average 5.25 on a save per target) and across a 15-foot cone (bigger area than proposed)
  • dragonbreath character ability, once per short rest and character specific (like from a red dragonborn), does 2d6 of your lineage’s elemental type (average 7 per target) with an associated save for half damage (average 3.5 per target) for a 5-foot cone (same area)
  • scorching ray, 2nd level spell, 3 individual ranged attack rolls for 2d6 fire damage per hit (average 7 per hit)
  • green flame blade, cantrip, melee hit + fire damage on additional creature within 5 ft based on your spell modifier (1-5 realistically)

All of the above scale to include an extra damage die per level, or in the case of green flame blade, being a cantrip, at select player levels.

Alternatives/options speculated

  • Could perhaps use a save for the elemental damage, DEX or CON respective to the element chosen like normal)

    • Pro(s): fits closer to dragonbreath spell’s damage per target (also 2nd level)
    • Con(s): spell already requires a struck melee attack before it does anything and that then means its a roll per target, which I know lots of spells do but just adds to the complexity of the mechanics
  • Could make it just a single additional target within 5ft of the melee attack target.

    • Pro(s): Would make it fit a little closer to Green Flame Blade’s effect
    • Con(s): then the damage at face value seems a little underwhelming being 2d6 per target (though in it’s current form of not needing a secondary save for each target in the cone it’s potentially up to melee weapon + 8d6 damage in total, compared to 6d6 for all 3 rays hitting for scorching ray and you get to pick the damage type for this, though a more realistic situation of melee target + 1 extra is melee + 4d8 chosen damage)
  • Could increase/decrease the damage dealt or increase the range if the damage seems right but maybe not enough AOE (more similarly scoped to dragonbreath spell, also 2nd level)

So… thoughts?

Best place to post 5e homebrew for feedback? [closed]

I have been searching around for the best places to post DnD 5e homebrew classes for feedback. I have already posted to r/DnDHomebrew and the Giant in the playground forums. Any help would be great.

As opposed to making two separate posts, here is the homebrew class any feedback on it would be excellent. There has been some playtesting done already and balancing based off of that. I am looking for feedback on balance and potential issues with it.

The class is the Slayer, a sort of cross between barbarian and paladin that runs off of Runes instead of spells and rage.

algorithm for scheduling tasks based on constraints and feedback loop if possible

I have a list of recurring tasks (1k+ tasks) and I am trying to find a optimal scheduling given a shared constrained resource.

In other respects the tasks are independent of each other

Each task is configured to run recurrently at a given interval (i.e “cron” job). For instance a particular task could have been configured to run at 10 minute intervals while another task could be configured at 20 minutes etc.

The duration of tasks varies (disregarding the shared resource)

Tasks have priorities (importance).

The task interval is in respects to the completion time of the previous run.

Task interval is “soft” and can be offset to accommodate for higher priority jobs.

I can estimate based on historical evidence how many “shares” of the shared resource each task requires

+-----------+-------------+----------+--------------------+-------------------------+ | Task name |  Interval   | Priority | Estimated duration | Estimated resource      | +-----------+-------------+----------+--------------------+-------------------------+ | task1     | 30 minutes  |        1 | 10 minutes         | 10                      | | task2     | 10 minutes  |        3 | 25 minutes         | 90                      | | task3     | 60 minutes  |        4 | 5 minutes          | 25                      | | ...       |             |          |                    |                         | | task 1000 | 180 minutes |        2 | 75 minutes         | 100                     | +-----------+-------------+----------+--------------------+-------------------------+ 

conceptually the architecture should be:

                                                                              +------------+   task list                                                                   |            | +-------------+                                                               | Task x     | |             |                       +-----------+                           |            | |    Task1    |                       |           |      running  tasks------>+            +----------+      +-----------------+ |    Task2    |    choose tasks       |           |               |           |            |          |      |                 | |    Task3    +----------------------->  Scheduler+---------------+           |            |          |      |                 | |    ....     |                       |           |               |           +------------+          |      |                 | |    Task_N   |                       |           |               |               .                   +----->+                 | |             |                       |           |               |               .                          | constrained resource |             |                       +-----------+               |               Many tasks                 |                 | |             |                                                   |               .                   +------>                 | +-------------+                                                   |               .                   |      |                 |                                                                   |           +------------+          |      |                 |                                                                   |           |            |          |      |                 |                                                                   |           | Task z     |          |      +-----------------+                                                                   +----------->            +----------+                                                                               |            |                                                                               |            |                                                                               |            |                                                                               +------------+ 

Looking for feedback to improve user testing and usability platform

Hi everyone!
I am working on the development of online user testing and usability platform to help web and UX designers, UX researchers and Front end testers. We are looking for feedback from web designers that is why I am posting here. If you tried it out and gave us some opinions you would be very helpful. Please register HERE .
We will also activate full access for 30 days free if you email what mail you used to register at so you can improve your…

Looking for feedback to improve user testing and usability platform

The polite request for feedback

Dear Users,

I hope all of you are doing well,

I would like to approach you with the polite request of sending me feedback about my web design portfolio. Would be extremely grateful for any advice regarding the already existing website. The goal is to maximize the UX performance and make the website pleasant for the users.

Thanks in advance

Collection of custom Apocalypse World moves, with feedback? [closed]

For the Hardholder in my Apocalypse World game, I thought of a custom move and would now like to share it and in particular get feedback on it.

Also, I’d like to see if somebody else has thought of something similar, and be inspired by other people’s custom moves.

Is there a canonical place where Apocalypse World (and related hacks, like Dungeon World) custom moves are collected, preferably allowing searching, sorting, rating and feedback?

Feedback on homebrew spell similar to Shadow Blade

I’m trying to create a homebrew spell that fills a similar niche to the Shadow Blade spell.


  • Add meaningful decisions with significant tradeoffs, rather than raw strength. Using blade abilities leaves you without a weapon until your next turn, and costs your bonus to reform it.

  • Allow for highs and lows to combat through the ebb and flow of blade reforming. Costs a bonus action to use the abilities but also to reform blade, so only usable every other turn.

Sandstorm Blade

Level 4 transmutation

Components: S, M (a container of metallic sand worth 20G)

1 bonus action, 1 min duration, concentration

You form a shimmering blade of metallic sand in your hand. This magic sword lasts until the spell ends. It counts as a magical melee weapon with which you are proficient. It deals 3d8 slashing damage on a hit and has the finesse and light properties. If you drop the weapon or throw it, it dissipates at the end of the turn. Thereafter, while the spell persists, you can use a bonus action to cause the sword to reappear in your hand.

Additionally, on your turn when you strike a creature you can use your bonus action to change the sword:

  • Whirlwind. Your strike explodes the sword into a whirling cloud that surrounds you. Ranged attacks made against you have disadvantage until your next turn. Sword is lost until reformed.

  • Piercing strike. The blow strikes your target and onwards. If there is a creature directly behind your target you may strike them for 1d8 damage. Sword is lost until reformed.

  • Shredding edge. You send the sand coursing deep into the creature, tearing through it’s insides. Your blow explodes your sword, dealing an additional 1d8 damage. Sword is lost until reformed.

While you are wielding the sandstorm blade, you may spend your reaction to shape it to shield you from attacks, increasing your AC by 3 until your next turn. Sword is lost until reformed.

For context this is for use with a bladesinger.

Thank you!

How to provide validation feedback for multiple rows in a grid?

I’m designing a page that needs to let a user upload a spreadsheet with content to be imported into my database. I anticipate that some of these rows will contain data that’s fine in Excel, but invalid in the destination table, for instance, a string field that’s too long, or a user id that’s a duplicate of one already existing: standard validation stuff.

So I need some intermediate UI to take the proposed import and show the rows that are valid and invalid, and for the invalid rows, to indicate what the problem is. So far, I can imagine something like this:

enter image description here

The problem is that I’m not seeing how to indicate what the user needs to change in a granular way. I could highlight only the invalid cells, but I’m not sure where to put a more detailed message, like Reference name must be a maximum of 6 characters (which would be true for the whole column) or This user id is already in use (which would only be true of the one cell).

Normally, I’d put this next to the offending input control, but the message might not fit in the cell, and I can’t put it before or after the grid, because there might be dozens of them, and I can’t see how to stack the messages for a single row before or after that row, because there might still be a few of them per row.

What’s a good UI pattern for a situation like this?

Is finding the minimum feedback arc set on graph with two arcs for each node np-complete?

I have a graph with at most two outgoing arcs for each node and i need to extract a dag by removing the least number of arcs. I know that the general problem is np-complete but i can’t reduce it to the other one.

I know that each graph can be mapped to a graph with only two outgoing edges for each node, but i can’t find a way to convert from many edges to two edges that allows me to perform the reduction. If I convert a node with 3 edges to something like

A----B-OUT1 |    | OUT3 OUT2 

Then the mimimun edge set will contain AB instead of B-OUT2 and B-OUT1, provided that OUT1 and OUT2 are generating a cycle, since by cutting AB it will save a point in the objective function.

Is this reduction possible?