Why does it feel like web development is a hodgepodge of frameworks and plugins? Where do I even start?

sorry for the “click-baity” title.

I am currently a Junior back-end developer, I write Java and Scala and I love it.

I really want to get into web-development but it seems like every time I look up some guide on web development it is really just a guide for a specific Framework, I totally understand that the way the web has evolved over the years has forced developers into more efficient and dynamic ways of building web applications, but as a beginner it is really frustrating not even knowing where to start.

If I’m following a Flask guide it feels like I’m learning Flask, not web development, and if I was going to switch to Angular I could maybe use 1% of the Flask skills I acquired.

I don’t want to learn Bootstrap, Vue or Django.

I want to learn web development.

Sorry for this being more of a rant (which I’m hoping at least in part made sense) than an actual question but I’m hoping someone can help me see the light.

¿Como puedo cambiar dinamicamente el look & feel de un Jbutton de java?

Quiero que la GUI tenga el L&F del sistema operativo por defecto, sin embargo hay un caso especifico con unos Jbutton donde necesito removerles el L&F porque quiero que estos sean planos y no tengan la apariencia de Windows ya que esto arruina mi GUI, ¿exite la forma de cambiar dinamicamente el L&F o ponerle a los Jbutton la apariencia por defecto?

Can Mage Hand feel?

I’ve seen the debate on whether Mage Hand can be used without being seen or being cast in an area that cannot be seen by the caster, but my question is can you feel through the mage hand?

For example, a Mage Hand is cast and the caster has the mage hand travel around the corner to a shelf to grab a specific object? I’ve read that some DM’s rule this as a Sleight Of Hand check with a blindness condition and thus disadvantage but that is assuming you can feel what the mage hand is grasping? Heck, if you can’t feel the mage hand, you wouldn’t even know if you were holding something in the mage hand without seeing it.

Obviously this ties in to being able to only use Mage Hand if you can see what you are manipulating. I love the flexibility of the spell and the imaginative ways it can be used, but it’s also a cantrip that can break the game if not properly defined.

How to make a ‘One Hit and Dead’ platformer feel fair

I am currently making a run ‘n gun platformer, in which the player dies instantly when they get hit. I’m curious how to make this feel fair. I’m aware of putting checkpoints frequently enough, allowing the player to retry almost instantly, and merciful hitboxes. But I’m curious to know how I should go about level design?

You see, games like Hollow Knight let you learn how to avoid taking hits early in the game by giving easy challenges. If you get hit by something unexpected in Hollow Knight, you can always focus and gain some health, and it wouldn’t feel unfair. If that happened in my game, that would feel unfair.

Since I’m designing a Megaman-X like game with a boss at the end of each stage, how am I supposed to go about teaching the player how to dodge fast moving projectiles that you would only know how to dodge after seeing how they act?

And yes, there is going to be a first level before you can go play the other ones in whatever order you like.

[ Politics ] Open Question : I’m supposed to feel sorry for Government workers when they didn’t have any savings or a good enough credit score to get a loan?

Don’t cry when hard times come and you didn’t have anything saved up and never paid your bills so now you can’t get a loan. When you’re screwed you’re screwed

Where to find themes for Angular to get feel of the applications as google’s any app has?

Internet is cluttered with so many material design themes , however i don’t find any of them which give look and feel like any standard app of google does.

Every google app have a very good header, footer, layout, very good components, good login/logout flow , smartly placed options in headers and well designed side menu. Though there are many ready to start templates available, i don’t find any of them as simple and beautiful as google app designs.

Below are some snapshots of the look and feel of standard google application.

Google Flights:enter image description here Google Maps:enter image description here Google Keep:enter image description here Angular Material:enter image description here Gmail:enter image description here Google Plus:enter image description here

Is there any starter template of angular 2 on wards , where the developer can just start using it where all basic template is ready and which should feel like the apps above with respect to design, components, header, footer,header options ,login/logout

How do I make my campaign feel less linear? How do I make PC decisions Rewarding?

This is my first campaign as a GM and I feel that I need to give my players more options, or the ability to make more decisions, and sometimes when they make big decisions, I feel like I am not prepared. So this makes me feel like I have made a linear campaign.

For example, one of my PCs has decided that he wants to go help an NPC on a quest while the rest of the group wants to continue on their main mision. I am not scared of them splitting up the party, they have done it before, and I know what i am going to do to make them come back together. I just don’t know how to make this PC’s decision to feel rewarding to him.

when you feel that the frameworks do not have the scope of what you need

I am reviewing my code publicly, looking for: community evaluation. Advice, Criticism, even improvements.

but before posting I want you to know: which is a complete, extensive project and I do not know how to catalog it in the world of programming.

So the first question is how to publish it to reach the goals described above.

<?php class CORE {     public static $  ObjClass;     public static $  ObjClassP;     public static $  ObjClassInst;     public static $  ObjClassInstP;     public static $  ObjSiS;     public function __construct() {         require_once 'const/Security.php';         require_once 'const/Constant.php';         require_once 'class/ClassManager.php';         $  this->AUTOLOAD = new ClassManager();         $  this->AUTOLOAD->LoadClass();         foreach (self::$  ObjClass as $  key => $  Class) {             require_once $  Class;         }         $  this->AUTOLOAD->ClassPack();         self::$  ObjClassInst['Generic']['APPMANAGER']->RunInit();     }     public function __destruct() {         self::$  ObjClassInst['Generic']['APPMANAGER']->RunClose();     }     public function Main() {         self::$  ObjClassInst['MVC']['CONTENTMANAGER']->GetContent();     } } 

[ Other – Australia ] Open Question : Do Australians feel hard done by that Miss Universe has been crowned for the Philippines even though she is half Australian?

Catriona Gray has just won Miss Universe and the title went to the Philippines even though Miss Gray was born in Australia, grew up there and has an Australian dad. The Philippines are mad about beauty pageants though, 1 in 3 people in the country watched the final! I don’t know what the opinion of these kind of pageants are in Australia but in the UK they are generally frowned upon and deemed demeaning for women.