Where to find themes for Angular to get feel of the applications as google’s any app has?

Internet is cluttered with so many material design themes , however i don’t find any of them which give look and feel like any standard app of google does.

Every google app have a very good header, footer, layout, very good components, good login/logout flow , smartly placed options in headers and well designed side menu. Though there are many ready to start templates available, i don’t find any of them as simple and beautiful as google app designs.

Below are some snapshots of the look and feel of standard google application.

Google Flights:enter image description here Google Maps:enter image description here Google Keep:enter image description here Angular Material:enter image description here Gmail:enter image description here Google Plus:enter image description here

Is there any starter template of angular 2 on wards , where the developer can just start using it where all basic template is ready and which should feel like the apps above with respect to design, components, header, footer,header options ,login/logout

How do I make my campaign feel less linear? How do I make PC decisions Rewarding?

This is my first campaign as a GM and I feel that I need to give my players more options, or the ability to make more decisions, and sometimes when they make big decisions, I feel like I am not prepared. So this makes me feel like I have made a linear campaign.

For example, one of my PCs has decided that he wants to go help an NPC on a quest while the rest of the group wants to continue on their main mision. I am not scared of them splitting up the party, they have done it before, and I know what i am going to do to make them come back together. I just don’t know how to make this PC’s decision to feel rewarding to him.

when you feel that the frameworks do not have the scope of what you need

I am reviewing my code publicly, looking for: community evaluation. Advice, Criticism, even improvements.

but before posting I want you to know: which is a complete, extensive project and I do not know how to catalog it in the world of programming.

So the first question is how to publish it to reach the goals described above.

<?php class CORE {     public static $  ObjClass;     public static $  ObjClassP;     public static $  ObjClassInst;     public static $  ObjClassInstP;     public static $  ObjSiS;     public function __construct() {         require_once 'const/Security.php';         require_once 'const/Constant.php';         require_once 'class/ClassManager.php';         $  this->AUTOLOAD = new ClassManager();         $  this->AUTOLOAD->LoadClass();         foreach (self::$  ObjClass as $  key => $  Class) {             require_once $  Class;         }         $  this->AUTOLOAD->ClassPack();         self::$  ObjClassInst['Generic']['APPMANAGER']->RunInit();     }     public function __destruct() {         self::$  ObjClassInst['Generic']['APPMANAGER']->RunClose();     }     public function Main() {         self::$  ObjClassInst['MVC']['CONTENTMANAGER']->GetContent();     } } 

[ Other – Australia ] Open Question : Do Australians feel hard done by that Miss Universe has been crowned for the Philippines even though she is half Australian?

Catriona Gray has just won Miss Universe and the title went to the Philippines even though Miss Gray was born in Australia, grew up there and has an Australian dad. The Philippines are mad about beauty pageants though, 1 in 3 people in the country watched the final! I don’t know what the opinion of these kind of pageants are in Australia but in the UK they are generally frowned upon and deemed demeaning for women.

[ Christmas ] Open Question : Is it wrong to feel irritated that I bought all my families Christmas gifts and my gf wants to put her name on the tags with mine?

I got presents for my family and she didn’t help pay for any of them and is putting her name on the tag with mine.. I get we are together but she isn’t doing the same for me for her family and I said something and she said are you gonna help me buy my families gifts? I feel this is unfair and also she puts her name on my Christmas cards but won’t put mine on hers. I’m just a bit irritated that I’m paying for these gifts and she didn’t help and is making it seem like she did and I don’t want my family getting her something if she can’t even get them something. That’s just how I feel

Is there is any way either in Obj c or swift, to alter the background so nicely that one could feel the person must be in the image

I just want to know is it possible..to alter the background image so nicely that one could feel the person must be in the picture..if yes then please let me know any tutorial regarding this..or any kind of help. both obj c or swift language code will be helpfull..thanks in advance