Fetch the document name from Document Library using Document ID

I have a Document Library with multiple documents. One can select multiple documents even all the documents at a time.
I need to fetch the documents name which are selected in Javascript using JQuery & SPServices
First, I am able to get IDs which are selected using the following code

var context = SP.ClientContext.get_current(); var selectedItems = SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedItems(context); 

So, I am getting the IDs which are selected, now I need to fetch the name of those documents by the IDs.
Guys can anyone please tell me what is the best way to do so.

“apt-get update”: failed to fetch (Ubuntu 18.04 TLS via Windows 10)

  1. There are many different solutions on the Internet, but they didn’t not help me, or I do not know how to correctly execute them. After reading many of them, I think maybe I should configure internet connection settings.

I disabled all firewalls on my PC AND on my router (I use wifi), also I disabled domain protection, windows defender, and changed my wifi connection to public. Also, I found that I can ping IPs via ubuntu.

I am very new to Ubuntu and I use it via Windows 10, please help me! I think that maybe I have to do something with my proxy and network settings. Many people had the same problem, they set a proxy for apt, and after that their problem was solved. I write code from home and I don’t have any proxies. I hope that you will give me a hint


    sudo apt-get update Err:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic InRelease   Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com' Err:2 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security InRelease   Temporary failure resolving 'security.ubuntu.com' Err:3 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-updates InRelease   Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com' Err:4 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-backports InRelease   Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com' Reading package lists... Done W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/InRelease  Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com' W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/InRelease  Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com' W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-backports/InRelease  Temporary failure resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com' W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-security/InRelease  Temporary failure resolving 'security.ubuntu.com' W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. 

How to fetch different record when nothing matches in where conditions in the same query?

I am using ORACLE 12C database.

There are two components – Agreement and Case.

Agreement related information stores on Agreement_line and Object Table. Common column between these tables are Trans_id and agr_line_no.

Similarly, Case related information stores in Cla_case and Cla_event table. Common column between these tables is Cla_event_no.

I want to fetch details of case whose incident_date is falling between Cover_start_date and Cover_end_date of Agreement_line table. Incident_date is column of Cla_event table

I am getting desired output from the below query :

select cc.cla_case_no, al.poly_no,al.agr_line_no, al.agr_line_seq_no, al.product_line_id, al.trans_id, al.cover_start_date, ce.incident_date, al.cover_end_date, o.n15, cc.name_id_no, o.object_no, o.seq_no, CASE WHEN o.n15 = cc.name_id_no      THEN ' '      ELSE 'Joint Ins'    END    AS NAME_ID_CHECK from cla_case cc, cla_event ce, agreement_line al, object o where cc.cla_case_no = 9353152 and ce.cla_event_no = cc.cla_event_no and AL.COVER_START_DATE <= CE.INCIDENT_DATE and al.cover_end_date >= ce.incident_date and al.poly_no = 410385376 and al.product_line_id  = 'BHEDS'  and al.agr_line_no = o.agr_line_no and al.trans_id = o.trans_id 

But now I also need to fetch latest record of provided poly_no when the incident_date is not falling between cover_start_date and cover_end_date

I tried below query :

SELECT cc.cla_case_no,        al.poly_no,        al.agr_line_no,        al.agr_line_seq_no,        al.product_line_id,        al.trans_id,        al.cover_start_date,        ce.incident_date,        al.cover_end_date,        o.n15,        cc.name_id_no,        o.object_no,        o.seq_no,        CASE WHEN o.n15 = cc.name_id_no THEN ' ' ELSE 'Secondary insured' END           AS NAME_ID_CHECK,        ' ' "INCIDENT_DATE_CHECK"   FROM cla_case cc,        cla_event ce,        agreement_line al,        object o  WHERE     cc.cla_case_no = 9353152        AND ce.cla_event_no = cc.cla_event_no        AND AL.COVER_START_DATE <= CE.INCIDENT_DATE        AND al.cover_end_date >= ce.incident_date        AND al.poly_no = 410385376        AND al.product_line_id = 'BHEDS'        AND al.agr_line_no = o.agr_line_no        AND al.trans_id = o.trans_id UNION SELECT cc.cla_case_no,        al2.poly_no,        al2.agr_line_no,        al2.agr_line_seq_no,        al2.product_line_id,        al2.trans_id,        al2.cover_start_date,        ce.incident_date,        al2.cover_end_date,        o2.n15,        cc.name_id_no,        o2.object_no,        o2.seq_no,        CASE WHEN o.n15 = cc.name_id_no THEN ' ' ELSE 'Secondary insured' END           AS NAME_ID_CHECK,        'Incident date not falling between cover start date and cover end date '           "INCIDENT_DATE_CHECK"   FROM agreement line al2, object o2 where al2.poly_no not exists ( SELECT al.poly_no FROM cla_case cc, cla_event ce, agreement_line al where cc.cla_case_no = 9353152 and ce.cla_event_no = cc.cla_event_no and AL.COVER_START_DATE <= CE.INCIDENT_DATE and al.cover_end_date >= ce.incident_date and al.poly_no = 410385376 and al.product_line_id  = 'BHEDS' ) and al2.poly_no = 410385376 and al2.product_line_id = 'BHEDS' and al2.newest = 'Y' and  al2.agr_line_no = o2.agr_line_no and al2.trans_id = o2.trans_id 

I am getting error saying “Command not properly ended”. Could anyone please point out what I am doing wrong and is there any other alternative way instead of using UNION ?

failed to fetch postgres

Good day, I am having issues installing postgresql for ubuntu 18.04 to start off i installed a previous version of ubuntu and upgraded to 18.04 before doing any installations and 62% of the headers went thought before this.

Err:1 http://apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt bionic-pgdg/main amd64 postgresql-11 amd64 11.5-3.pgdg18.04+1 Connection failed [IP: 8080] E: Failed to fetch http://apt.postgresql.org/pub/repos/apt/pool/main/p/postgresql-11/postgresql-11_11.5-3.pgdg18.04+1_amd64.deb Connection failed [IP: 8080] E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with –fix-missing?

ive done all of the suggestions above but it still doesnt work. ive followed most of the tutorials and added the repo to apt. yes i am behind a proxy

any assistance will be greatly appreciated

Fetch my approved tasks as a group member using Rest API

I am having an approval workflow in which I assign a task to a group using SPD designer workflow when any member of the group approves the task, the task gets completed. Now, my question is, I have created 2 data tables where I show My Pending Tasks and my Approved tasks. Usually when a task is assigned to a particular user can be easily retrieved using Rest API, but how can I achieve the same in such a scenario, please guide.

Trabajar con datos obtenidos de fetch

como hago para trabajar con datos obtenidos por fetch en una funcion aparte

function getAjax(id){    return fetch (`https://pokeapi.co/api/v2/pokemon/$  {id}/`)     .then(function(response) {            return response.json();       })       .then(function(pokemon) {          console.log(pokemon);         return pokemon;       })       .catch(function(error) {         console.log('Hubo un problema con la petición Fetch:' + error.message);       }); } 

en este obtengo los datos y todo bien pero cuando quiero trabajar con ellos en otra solo obtengo la promesa, entonces como saco los datos de la promesa

function addPokemon(){     let i=0;   //  let pokemon;     let contenedor=document.getElementById("pokemones");     var numbersPokemon= [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,152,153,154,155,156,157,158,159,160,123,212,213];     var htmlcontenedor     htmlcontenedor="<div class='container'>";     htmlcontenedor+="<div class='row'>";     numbersPokemon.forEach(element => {       const pokemon=getAjax(element);        // console.log(pokemon);         htmlcontenedor+="<div class='col'>";         //htmlcontenedor+=element;         htmlcontenedor+=pokemon;         htmlcontenedor+="</div>";         i++;         if(i%3==0){             htmlcontenedor+="</div>";             htmlcontenedor+="<div class='row'>";         }      });     htmlcontenedor+="</div>";     htmlcontenedor+="</div>";     contenedor.innerHTML+=htmlcontenedor; } 

esta es la funcion que se supone trabaja los datos

Envío de JSON con fetch y recibida en php sin FormData

Muy buenas noches compañeros, mi siguiente inquietud es como puedo recibir un JSON pasado por el body de fetch de JavaScript en PHP y validar en la respuesta de texto que llegaron cada uno de sus indices con sus respectivos valores.

Petición dirigida hacia el controlador

function ensayar() { let objeto = {     "nombre": "Jean Carlo",     "apellido": "Castaño Millan",     "Telefono": 31222020 }; fetch('http://localhost:/AgroVirtual/Enrutador/ensayando', {     method: 'POST',     body: JSON.stringify(objeto) })     .then(function (response) {         return response.text();     })     .then(function (data) {         console.log(data);     })     .catch(function (error) {         console.error(error);     }) } 

Controlador desde el backend procesando la petición

 public function ensayando(){     $  datos = json_decode($  _POST, true);     print_r($  datos); } 

Resultado esperado

stdClass Object ( [nombre] => Jean Carlo [apellido] => [telefono] =>                Castaño Millan [Telefono] => 31222020  )  

Realmente esta es la respuesta que deseo, que mi JSON me retorne en el response text que se transformo en un objeto nativo de PHP para poder seguir trabajando con el posteriormente desde el backend.

Nota: Esto antes lo lograba de igual forma con XmlHttprequest, pero me cambie a fetch y ese es el unico obstaculo que he tenido por el momento.

Buscar los paises de un continente con una api y fetch

Hola estoy haciendo un ejercicio de javascript y me estoy volviendo loca porque sigo los pasos que me han dicho y no me sale. Estoy tratando de sacar de una api https://restcountries.eu/rest/v2/all los paises que pertenezcan al continente que se introduzca en un input del html. Los nombres de id estan bien puestos, es un error en el codigo. Este es mi codigo (el ultimo que he intentado porque llevo dos dias probando):

‘use strict’

console.log('Cargada app') 

let url = ‘https://restcountries.eu/rest/v2/all’

let aPaises = []

let inCont = document.querySelector(‘#in-continente’)

let outPaises = document.querySelector(‘#ul-paises’)

let btnBuscar = document.querySelector(‘#btn-buscar’)

let html

btnBuscar.addEventListener(‘click’, onClickPaises)

inCont.addEventListener(‘change’, onClickPaises)

function onClickPaises() {

fetch(url)  .then(data => data.json())  .then(data => {      aPaises = data      aPaises = aPaises.map(item => {           if (item.region == inCont.value)               return item.name   } )      outPaises.innerHTML =  `   <li>       $  {aPaises}   </li>`   console.log(aPaises) }  )   


Muchas gracias de antemano

can’t fetch updated packages from a local offline repo mirror

I am attempting to create an offline package repo for ubuntu 16.04LTS. I have a repo served out over a small web service, and my sources.list updated to use my local copy. my sources.list contains the following

deb xenial main universe multiverse restricted deb xenial-updates main universe multiverse restricted deb xenial-security main universe multiverse restricted 

I am attempting to update the locally installed version of perl for example, the currently installed version is 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.5 and the version in the Packages file and in the repo is 5.22.1-9ubuntu0.6. apt update successfully finds the correct Package.gz file containing this package, yet when I do an apt list –upgradeable or apt upgrade perl, I am told that the latest version is installed. What am I missing?