Does merging with your fetch give you a merit?

In the 1d4chan summary of changeling the lost there is a line that says

…Or, you can do the “hard but moral” thing and try to merge with it, (since, you know, it’s you), which gives you even more cool stuff and merits.

However in Autumn nightmares there isn’t a mention of a merit received from merging with your fetch. The exact line regarding what you gain from merging with your fetch is:

When it is over, the fetch is gone and the character gains a dot of Clarity, as well as the more-valuable memories from her time in exile.

What i wish to ask is that is there a merit that represents acquiring those memories or something similar that is mentioned in another book?

Faild to fetch update in ubuntu14.04

I try ‘sudo apt-get update’ But it shows some issue..How to solve that?

Err jessie/main amd64 Packages
HttpError404 Err jessie/main i386 Packages
HttpError404 screen shot . . .

W: Failed to fetch

W: Failed to fetch screen shot

Unable to fetch “Shared By” and “Shared Time” property for SharePoint 2016 using Object Model

Currently for SharePoint 2016, when we try to fetch the properties “SharedBy” and “Shared Time”, then we observed that we are not able to fetch those using Object Model. We also tried to check the same in Share Point Manager but we are not able to fetch the same.

Is it supported in SharePoint API 2016?

For 2019, we observed that we have a property “SharedWithDetails” which has all the values i.e Shared With, Shared By and Shared Time. But for 2016, we are not able to find any property using which we can achieve the same

We tried to check in SharePoint Manager, but unable to find these properties

Utilizando o fetch api

Estou tentando utilizar o fetch para consumir os dados de uma api, porém ao tentar acessar alguns atributos do objeto, está dando UNDEFINED:

const url = '';  fetch(url)   .then(response => response.json())   .then(result => {     const dados = JSON.stringify(result);     // console.log(;       document.getElementById('wrap').innerHTML =;   })   .catch(function(err){     console.error(err);   }) 

Como está sendo renderizado o html:

inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

multiple fetch requests React

I successfully fetch 2 APIs with Promise.all and setState both of them. I saw their data in the console.

I want to display both APIs result in the DOM but I could not see the output. It is maybe wrong with the render().

In my the JSX is no render because I do not know how to use map() in the render() to get both APIs from setState.

Here is my code:

 class App extends Component {    constructor(props) {     super(props);     this.state = {       items: [],       loading: false,     }   }    componentDidMount() {     const urls = [       "",       ""     ]     Promise.all( => fetch(url)))       .then(responses =>         Promise.all( => response.json()))       )       .then(([{ orders }, { worker }]) => {         // console.log(orders, worker);         this.setState({           loading: false,           items: orders, worker         });         console.log(orders, worker);        });   }   render() {      // var { items = [] } = this.props;     var { loading, items, worker } = this.state;     if (!loading) {       return <div>Loading...</div>     }     else {       return (         <div style={{width: '80%', margin: 'auto'}}>         <h1>Work Orders</h1>             { item => (                 <p key={} >                     <strong>Name:</strong> {}                 </p>                     <p><strong>Description:</strong> {item.description</p>                     <p><strong>Deadline:</strong> {item.deadline}</p>            ))}        </div>       )     }   } }  

How to use ‘searchCriteria’ and ‘fields’ in REST API for fetch orders

I am using below curl_init like this,

$  webSiteUrl = ''  $  last2DayUpdated = date('Y-m-d',(strtotime ('-1 day', strtotime(date('Y-m-d')))));  $  ch = curl_init("{$  webSiteUrl}/rest/V1/orders?searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][field]=updated_at&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][value]={$  last2DayUpdated}&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][condition_type]=gteq"); 

But I want to fetch particular info like billing_address,customer_firstname,customer_lastname

For this, I need to use fields parameter.

But both parameters searchCriteria and fields are not working with each other. Only single parameter is working.

Anyone knows how can I use these both parameters together?

How to fetch the same data for multiple components in a React App

We have a dashboard which displays many widgets based on a user’s configuration (which widget will be displayed on which “page” is therefore not known at the development time).

A lot of those widgets use the same information, from the same endpoints : One widget might display the revenue history and need this data, and another one might request that same revenue plus costs history to display the ROI’s evolution over time.

The concern is to avoid calling the same endpoint ten times if ten widgets need this data.

The ideal high-level design would be to let each widget “say” which data they need (revenue, costs), the app makes only one request to the good endpoint for each data, and then the widgets receive the data in their props/state/store, wherever.

The benefits are : each widget is independent and adding a widget doesn’t require to edit anything outside the widget file. (No widget-specific logic in an higher order component)

We have implemented a version of it using the browser’s cache : Each widget make the HTTP call, and since the request can be cached (Cache header), only one goes to the server for each endpoint with its parameters.

I’m still uneasy with this implementation, especially because it displays a lot of requests in the browser debug mode, and I’m not sure that all browser would make only one request the first time endpoints are called by multiple widgets.

Is there any native solution to address this concern without relying on the browser’s cache (or alternative solution)?

How to get the api response to a variable from fetch call

I am trying to make an api call using fetch. But i am getting a promise in that not the data.If i resolve the promise inside fetch, i get the data not outside. How can i get the result from api to data variable.

export function getAllBooks() {     var data= fetch('').then((data) => {         data.json().then(function (response) {          return response         });     })     console.log("data",data) }

How can instruction fetch and decode pipeline stages run simultaneously in a CPU with dynamic branch prediction?

I have recently been investigating CPU pipelining and branch prediction and have a question about how exactly these fit together.

If, for example, instructions are meant to be fetched in one stage of the pipeline and decoded in the next while the next instruction is fetched simultaneously, how is it possible for the pipeline to proceed without a stall when dynamic branch prediction is in operation?

As an instruction must be decoded before branch prediction can occur or be deemed unneeded, and as any prediction must be made before the next instruction can be fetched, how can an instruction be decoded while the next instruction is fetched in the same clock cycle?

how can I fetch two api with javascript?

I’m doing my new project and I really have big trouble , I need to fetch two api , one has all username and country and another api has user info. so I fetch the first api

enter code hereasync function getData() {let response =awaitfetch(regionUrl);let data = await response.json()return data}var array =[];getData().then(data => {array = data;console.log(array);}); 

and it shows for example [{name:’carlos’,country:’mexico’},{name:’jenny’,country:’germany’}]

something like that , but I just need name and I want to use that name to fetch another api.

enter code hereconst users= => fetch(`http://api.userdata.$  {username}`) .then(res => res.json())     .then(json => {       console.log(json)       return json }) 


so what I need is I need to make an userarray which only has a name from first api, so I can use map function to fetch second api.

please help me.