2010 workflow to send email on one field change keeps sending on any field change

I have a 2010 SharePoint workflow that is set to start when an item is changed. Within the workflow, I have logic that is testing to see if a specific field changed and if so, send an email. I am doing this by storing the “before” value in a hidden field, comparing it to the new value and if they aren’t equal, send the email. The problem is that the email is being sent even when this field isn’t changing. I can’t figure out why. I’ve moved some logic around in the workflow, thinking that might be the cause, but it hasn’t fixed the problem. I’ve confirmed that both the hidden field and the specific field values are the same. Then I edit the item using a form, keeping the specific field the same but editing another field and the email is still being sent. Below is a snapshot.


Update item for Number field is not working

I am trying updating the current list column (Item Quantity field). I am using update list item. If the both IDs match, return quantity. However, getting this error: Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type.

The values are not empty. But if I use lookup column, it retrieves the value. However, I have to use the workflow.

Kindly assist.

Gravity formgenerate sha256 hash from a field

for authenticating on a remote API, i need to send a sha256 hash, that will be calculated from previous data entered in fields.

ie: field 1 username field 2: variable data input by user field 3: will be a hidden field that will concatenate input rom fields 1 & 2 (i will use merge tag for that

field 4 (named authhash) : i need it to auto generate hash256 from field 3 data; it will be a read only field, hidden

Can someone help with this case? Thansk a lot

Jquery and SharePoint Currency Field

I have a form with multiple SharePoint fields set as “currency”. How do I put a currency field value into a variable? I’ve tried several version, such as:

var txt01TotCash = $  ("input[id='Total_x0020_Cash__2abd298c-4fee-401a-b51a-d48afd27a395_$  CurrencyField']").text(); 


var txt01TotCash = $  ("input[id='Total_x0020_Cash__2abd298c-4fee-401a-b51a-d48afd27a395_$  CurrencyField']").val(); 


var txt01TotCash = $  ("input[title='Total Cash']").val(); 

The error I get is val is not a function or text is not a function.

Any ideas?


Should I vary input field lengths in a single page checkout form?

I am currently designing a single page checkout form. I would appreciate some feedback on the lengths of my input fields.

In the Billing and Shipping sections, I have staggered the length of the fields, trying to keep the size of the input field relative to the size of the expected input.

However, in the Payment section, all the input fields are of the same length. Do you think this breaks the consistency of the form since the Billing and Shipping sections have staggered lengths for input fields? Should I try to vary the lengths of the inputs in the payment section so that it looks more like the other sections?

Single Page Checkout

How To insert field of type lookup in the SharePoint List

I have a list with name Product Catalog and there are two lookup fields with name Country Preference and Location Preference one date field and multiselect field.

I tested with list name without any space ex:- employee and simple field types and able to insert the data in the list without error. But with the above list name and the field types I am not able to insert the data. Error no. 400 Bad Request is displaying in the browser debugging console.

Might be there is problem in preparation of item as given below.

Can any one help me in correct preparation of item which i have to use it as payload in request.

I wanted to know following things specified inline in the below item variable.

var item = { “__metadata”: { “type”: itemType }, datefield : correct value format, multiselect field : correct value format, correct Country Preferences lookup field name: correct value format, correct Location Preferences lookup field name: correct value format };

Also what should be the name format for the ‘ListName’ in the below url?

url: “http:///_api/web/lists/GetByTitle(‘ListName’)”,

jQuery.ajax({ url: “http:///_api/web/lists/GetByTitle(‘ListName’)”, type: “POST”, data: JSON.stringify(item), headers: { “X-HTTP-Method”:”MERGE”, “accept”: “application/json;odata=verbose”, “content-type”: “application/json;odata=verbose”, “content-length”: , “X-RequestDigest”: $ (“#__REQUESTDIGEST”).val(), “IF-MATCH”: “*” }, success: doSuccess, error: doError });

Thanks & Regards, Gopi

Unable to edit a Choice field with Checkboxes and fill-in choices

I’m a fairly novice SP user, however I’ve run into an issue. I’ve created a list, and one of the columns is a ‘Choice’ with checkboxes so users can select multiple items. When I set the ‘Allow fill-in choices’ to No, everything works well. However, when I set it to Yes, all of a sudden that field becomes uneditable. When I go to create a new item, it works fine. However, if I try to edit the list directly, there’s no drop down and no way to edit that field.

What it looks like with 'Allow fill in' set to No When it's set to Yes[![The 'New Item' works well]3

‘New Item’ works fine’

Not working

This is what it looks like when I’m trying to edit this field on the list.

People Picker Field is not working in Word Template when Modern Authentication is Enabled for SharePoint 2013 Server

People Picker Field is not working in Word Template when Modern Authentication is Enabled for SharePoint 2013 Server. It starts working when we updated EnbleADAL to 0, but this we have to do on every user’s system separately. Can anyone please tell me how we can resolve this?

The strange thing is it is working in out INT and Training environment.