Change billing fullname with a custom field in Woocommerce emails

I using Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce to make 25 custom field. I have problem billing_fullname not show in customer details but show in billing address. So i have thinking about a solution that i create another Name custom field.

I will hide my Name custom field using css in the frontend but i wondering how can i copy value in the billing_fullname into my custom field billing_name in the backend

Beside how can i hide billing details in Emails

I try remove some code in admin-new-order.php But when remove customer details remove too

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Indexing very similar character varying field in postgres

I have a table with a column "name", the table is describing a media asset and the name is a character varying field containing the file name. The table is generated and used by a CMS (Strapi) and I can’t really tweak how the columns are used nor the SQL being executed. What I’m hoping to do is slap on an index (or two) and get a bit better performance.

The file names of our files are very similar, pretty much XYZ12345-Q2.png, where XYZ is the same for about 80% of the files. So what I’m wondering is what kind of index (if any) would help speeding up a query such as:

select count(*) as "count" from "upload_file" where ("upload_file"."name"::text ILIKE '%some_string%' or "upload_file"."id"::text ILIKE '%some_string%' 

The id is the primary key, and it’s an auto incrementing positive integer.

My concern regarding the actual string is that an index won’t do much when the file names are so similar? Or would it actually make a difference? In that case what would be the best index type to use? My understanding of Gin is that it wouldn’t really suit this case because there are no words (none of the file names contain space).

Does a force field absorb hit point damage from an attack that would only deplete stamina points?

In Starfinder, personal force fields grant temporary hit points to the user and fast heal those temporary hit points every round for a finite number of rounds. My question is whether the force field provides any protection at all from an attack that would only deplete the target’s stamina points?

If the force field itself had a number of hit points that it would absorb before damage was applied to the user (like a ship’s shields), this would be a simple question–damage would be applied first to the force field and extra over that round’s allotment would be applied to the user’s stamina points and then hit points. But the description of the force field states that it grants temporary hit points to the user and if the user is a player character then they do not lose hit points (temporary or otherwise) until their stamina points are depleted. It seems to me that, rules as written, force fields do not protect stamina points, but since attacks that reduce stamina points do in fact hit the character, a force field should protect them. Am I reading the rules right or am I missing something? Has Paizo clarified this at all?

SQL Server: Determine backup location from physical_device_name field

I am working on a SQL Server database and ran the following command to figure out where the database is backing up to:

SELECT TOP 1 M.physical_device_name FROM msdb..backupset S JOIN msdb..backupmediafamily M ON M.media_set_id=S.media_set_id WHERE S.database_name = 'MyDB' 

The physical_device_name says: HTSQLServerMyDB

I don’t see any maintenance plans or jobs that I can figure out that do this backup. I am trying to figure out where it is doing this backup. If I go into Server Objects then Backup Devices it is empty. How can I determine where are my backups?

I am running SQL Server 2016 (13.0.4001.0).

PageSpeedInsights shows 0 CLS, but field data around 0.30 CLS

Lab data, as well as online analysis tools show my site to have 0 CLS issues in mobile and desktop versions. However, Google field data is showing 0.30 CLS issues, (Critical, no passing level!).

I want to ask: is this to be expected and typical? I have no other ideas on how to fix this. I wonder how people can still experience CLS…. perhaps they are on older devices that don’t respond to modern code, therefore having CLS issues?

Thank you! Dave

Cannot SUM the value of a field

I wonder if someone can help me with this SQL 2016 query.

I have two tables with following data

TblSalesRep This is the table holding the history of the territories that the sales rep looked after and the date range that they looked after it.

TerritoryId SalesRep FromDate ToDate 15 Anne 2020-01-01 2020-06-02 15 Dave 2020-06-03 2020-06-16 15 Anne 2020-06-17 2020-06-22 18 Anne 2020-06-23 2999-12-31

This is the table that holds the sales made by territory

tblSales TerritoryId TransactionId TransactionDate ProductCode Amount 15 1 2020-04-15 Bags 50 15 1 2020-04-15 Bags 50 15 2 2020-06-02 Bag 25 15 3 2020-06-03 Shoes 60 15 4 2020-06-07 Shoes 10 15 5 2020-06-17 Bags 15 15 6 2020-06-18 Bags 25 15 7 2020-06-25 Coat 100 18 8 2020-06-27 Bags 20

I’m trying to produce a report that displays the SalesRep and the total sold between two dates for a given SalesRep.

For example, if I provided a SalesRep = ‘Anne’ and a date range of ‘1 Jun 2020’ to ‘30 Jun 2020’ I would expect a result back of :

SalesRep Sum Anne 185

This is because it should exclude any business sold between 3 Jun 2020 – 16 Jun 2020 as the territory was looked after by Dave for a couple weeks and he sold that business between those dates.

I’ve tried using SUM function whilst joining to TblSalesRep but the figures are not what I’m expecting.

Could someone please assist.

Dispel a self targeting spell emanating from within an antimagic field

So, a character has an artifact granting the ability to cast Holy Aura. Another character casts Antimagic Field and the two effects overlap, so that the origins of both spells are within both spell effects.

Can someone cast Dispel Magic on the Holy Aura effect since its radius (30ft) exceeds that of the Antimagic Field (10ft)?

The argument raised against being able to dispel it, is that since the effect is active on a creature, then it is the creature that must be targeted, differentiating this case from a Grease spell for example.

how to set post order by custom field in admin area wordpress

Hello friends

I have some posts that I have made in custom post type. working with Ajax Pagination. I want to post these orders by show, so I have a plugin "ACF" for custom fields . When I give the number to any post, that 1, 2, 3, then that post should be shown in the same order.

Can anyone tell me how it is possible.

Image 1

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Image 2

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Image 3

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