Can a new SQL Loader field be defined before the data is actually available in the input file?

In the example below a new field, AOCN, will exist in some future input file.

AOCN is already defined in the Oracle table in anticipation, however positions 12..15 do not exist in current input files.

Can I pre-define the field in SQL Loader in anticipation of the future availability of the new field w/o causing an issue for input files where the positions (12:15) do not yet exist?


INFILE ‘G:\lerg\lerg16.dat’


INTO TABLE lerg_16


LRN position (1:10) NULLIF LRN=BLANKS,


AOCN position (12:15) NULLIF AOCN=BLANKS


Can Detect Magic detect an Antimagic Field

This is a duplicate of this question, but for a different gaming system; Pathfinder v1 vs DnD 5e. Also relevant, but slightly different is this question about intersection.

So the gist is, a wizard is sitting in the middle of an empty 50’x50′ room. They have cast Antimagic Field on themselves (10′ radius so well within the confines of the room with no obstructions).

Another character opens the door and doesn’t trust the wizard with the wry smile and casts Detect Magic (30′ radius, so big enough to reach the wizard 25′ away but well outside the Antimagic Field).

Things within the Antimagic Field appear mundane, as per the spell description. But does the other character sense the abjuration spell itself?

Can I cure a Spawn of Kyuss in an Antimagic Field with Lesser Restoration?

If I cast lesser restoration on a Spawn of Kyuss, who is within an Antimagic Field (as per the spell), from outside the Antimagic Field, what happens?

A Spawn of Kyuss has the Worms trait which says:

If the Spawn of Kyuss is targeted by an effect that cures disease or removes a curse, all the worms infesting it wither away, and it loses its Burrowing Worm action.

I am targeting the Spawn of Kyuss with lesser restoration which would cause cure disease normally, but…

Targeted Effects: Spells and other magical effects … that target a creature or an object in the sphere have no effect on that target.

[from antimagic field]

Does the Worms trait trigger from this casting of lesser restoration?

I ask because the Worms trait only says it needs to be targeted by the disease-curing effect, not that it needs to be affected by it.

Would an anti-magic field block targets of Dragon’s Breath spell user?

Consider someone has dragon’s breath cast on them.

Until the spell ends, the creature can use an action to exhale energy of the chosen type in a 15-foot cone.

What happens if this creature exhale energy on targets inside an antimagic field?

Does the effect pass through as if it were a dragon’s breath weapon?

What happens when an anti magic field gets close to a polymorphed creature?

I am playing a cleric who has a persistent anti-magic field on him, from which he is excluded.

I use the following feats:

  • Persistent Spell
  • Extraordinary Spell Aim

This means that if I approach something magical, the spell is suppressed in a range of 10-ft.-radius emanation, centred on me.

If I get close to a wizard that has Tren shape (page 87, Serpent Kingdoms) via Alter Self he momentarily loses the transformation because the spell is suppressed. In fact, the tren occupies a space of 5 ft. and falls within the range of the 10 ft anti-magic field.

But what happens if the magician has turned into a monster with Gargantuan size (15 feats) thanks to polymorph?

If I bull-rush him, should I consider the size it has without polymorph or vice versa?

If the size is that of Polymorph my charge would not reach the goal because my weapon does not have sufficient reach. Without polymorph, I will continue past the spell

Is there a way to set up an image custom field to function as a category field with a predefined photo bank?

I would like to know how can I create a predefined image bank by using Jetengine taxonomy or any other way/plugin.

My main purpose is to use Forminator plugin post create template so that the user on the front-end will be able to select an image from a predefined image bank (the same as using a category but in this case the user will see a dropbox of images and will be able to select from it).

You can see a sample of media (photo) custom field on the following link (the line with the icons and photo).



Input mask on email field a good idea?

A colleague of mine is arguing that we should use an input mask for email fields.

Personally I don’t think it is necessary. For phone numbers I can understand since a phone number can be written in different ways.

However everybody knows how to write an email address. Is it really useful to use a mask (and all the trouble it can get you with multiple devices)? Will people forget the @ if we don’t provide the mask? I don’t think so.

If the user enters an invalid email address we already use inline error (on blur) so what is the point. What do you guys think?

Does the HTML password field include any protection against XHR/AJAX exfiltration?

In HTML when we describe a certain field as a password field is it somehow secured against sending out the data via XHR/AJAX/similar technologies?

This is relevant in case we have to deal with script injection and similar attacks.

According to this question the protection is done on the client-side and only protects against physical viewing of the password, is that correct? It’s hard to tell from the lack of information and it is only a blind assumption.

P.S This question has nothing to do with locally stored passwords in the browser.