Antimagic Field vs. Liche [closed]

Let us suppose a cleric casts anti-magic field and then grapples with a liche. What are we to expect the liche’s choices are at this point? Is he enough of a being of magic that he ceases to exist for the duration of the spell?

Besides making an opposed ability check to break the grapple, does he have any other useful actions available? It seems like nearly everything he does uses magic and maybe he can dodge or make an unarmed / improvised weapon attack, hoping to break concentration?

I’m pretty sure we can still damage the liche with monk attack, fire and holy water. Fire seems a tad dangerous for the cleric though. Really the thought of a couple of brutes holding the liche and applying the beat down old school like the 98 lb. weakling he is is appealing! I can hear the monk’s knuckles cracking now. Cleric whispers in he Liche’s ear “<My deity> is very displeased.” I wouldn’t mind clapping on some manacles and roasting the bastard over a fire, but the rules about what incapacitation effects for manacles apply are unclear.

Expecting lengthy DM litigation… Need ducks in a row.

As a aside, the rules for hunting traps are unrealistically broken. Traditionally, these things are set, and you come back the next day to collect your prize. Yet all you need to get out of them is a DC 13 strength check? How long is this going to hold a Str 19 bear? One round? Unless the creature has a -8 strength bonus, it won’t stay in there for more than a few minutes.

How to do WP_User_Query for Nested Array value Inside Nested Array field

i am still new in wordpress development and try to playing with WP_User_Query right now.

I have meta field, with this value:

array (   0 =>    array (     'address' =>      array (       'street_1' => 'Street 1 String',       'street_2' => '',       'city' => 'SEARCH',       'zip' => '',       'state' => '',       'country' => '',     ),   ), ) 

What i am trying to do, i want to search / query user filtered by city using SEARCH keyword. How to achieve that using WP_User_Query?


How do I create a column and display user data from custom registration field

Our registration form has a custom field for Hospital Name. In SQL wp_usermeta the meta_key is user_registration_hospital. I have tested a number of snippets in the functions.php file to add a "Hospital" column to the Users admin table, all of which work. This is one of the snippets that adds the Hospital column:

function add_user_columns($  column) { $  column['hospital'] = 'Hospital';  return $  column; 

} add_filter( ‘manage_users_columns’, ‘add_user_columns’ );

What code do I need to add to the functions.php file to have the Hospital data from wp_usermeta populate the Hospital column?

Where are field names of decoded human readable X.509 certificates specified?

The ASN.1 module for X.509 certificates as specified in RFC 5912 – Section 14 is as follows:

TBSCertificate  ::=  SEQUENCE  {       version         [0]  Version DEFAULT v1,       serialNumber         CertificateSerialNumber,       signature            AlgorithmIdentifier{SIGNATURE-ALGORITHM,                                 {SignatureAlgorithms}},       issuer               Name,       validity             Validity,       subject              Name,       subjectPublicKeyInfo SubjectPublicKeyInfo,       ... ,       [[2:               -- If present, version MUST be v2       issuerUniqueID  [1]  IMPLICIT UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL,       subjectUniqueID [2]  IMPLICIT UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL       ]],       [[3:               -- If present, version MUST be v3 --       extensions      [3]  Extensions{{CertExtensions}} OPTIONAL       ]], ... }  

The field names are the same in RFC 5280.

The decoded example certificate on the X.509 Wikipedia page however has completely different field names:

Certificate:     Data:         Version: 3 (0x2)         Serial Number:             10:e6:fc:62:b7:41:8a:d5:00:5e:45:b6         Signature Algorithm: sha256WithRSAEncryption         Issuer: C=BE, O=GlobalSign nv-sa, CN=GlobalSign Organization Validation CA - SHA256 - G2         Validity             Not Before: Nov 21 08:00:00 2016 GMT             Not After : Nov 22 07:59:59 2017 GMT         Subject: C=US, ST=California, L=San Francisco, O=Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., CN=*         Subject Public Key Info:             Public Key Algorithm: id-ecPublicKey                 Public-Key: (256 bit)             pub:                      00:c9:22:69:31:8a:d6:6c:ea:da:c3:7f:2c:ac:a5:                     af:c0:02:ea:81:cb:65:b9:fd:0c:6d:46:5b:c9:1e:                     9d:3b:ef                 ASN1 OID: prime256v1                 NIST CURVE: P-256         X509v3 extensions:             X509v3 Key Usage: critical                 Digital Signature, Key Agreement          ... 

Signature Algorithm instead of algorithm, X509v3 extensions instead of just extensions.

Since the certificate has version 3, i would assume it doesn’t have anything to do with the version…

Of course i searched for various field names like X509v3 Key Usage or X509v3 CRL Distribution Points but couldn’t find any reference.

So where are the field names of the decoded human readable X.509 certificate specified or mapped?

Would an Antimagic Field block telepathic communication with a familiar?

Ichabod the Inscrutable has an imp familiar and is exploring a dungeon. He comes across a series of trapped rooms that have Antimagic Fields in them, and he wants to send his familiar to explore them.The Antimagic Fields completely fill each room, but do not extend beyond their walls.

Ichabod is currently standing outside of the first room.

Would an Antimagic Field block telepathic communication with a familiar?

Why NAT is a disadvantage when TCP source port field is 16 bits?

Here is an excerpt from Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, 5th edition, Chapter 5 (The Network layer), Page 455:

enter image description here

My question is on the second paragraph. From what I understand, basically this part talks disadvantage of using NAT(Network Address Translation). I don’t understand what second paragraph is trying to say about disadvantage of using NAT because it seems to me that the second paragraph is saying about benefit of using NAT because by using NAT, we can solve the problem of depletion of IP address.

Can anyone explain to me what the second paragraph is trying to convey?

Write gravity forms field values to server file before submission

I have a gravity form and I want to write the values of the fields to a server file, before submission, to capture people who don’t finish the form. I know there is a partial entries add on but I wondered whether this would be possible using node js?

I was thinking of an onblur event that writes the field value to a file.

If this is possible, how would I link this to the gravity form itself ? Where do I place the code? Can’t put js in functions.php so maybe use the css class option on the fields ?

Any advice appreciated.

Mysql, Getting all rows in which field ends in a specific character, and another field exists that is the same but doesn’t end in that character

I need to get all rows which end in a specific character, P for example, but in which a similar key sans the P exists. I have no idea how to approach this one in MySQL.

This is very small example, my actual data is huge with other columns also.

+------------+ |    key     | +------------+ | value_100  | | value_100P | | value_101  | | value_101  | | value_102  | | value_102P | | value_103P | | value_104P | +------------+ 

The query would output,

+------------+ |    key     | +------------+ | value_100P | | value_102P | +------------+ 

Display all videos on separate page from certain ACF field

I am using Elementor and ACF. Using ACF I created oEmbed field for adding videos for each post. Idea is to show all uploaded videos on separate page.

So on separate video page I want to display all videos related to this ACF oEmbed field from all posts.

I’ve tried with Elementor Custom Skin plugin, but two problems. Video UI is not like on Vimeo and another problem is display empty fields, so I have empty div elements, but I’ve add conditionals logic and still problem.