SPD 2013 Custom Edit Form default fields for content type

I have a list with content types enabled. Each content type has it own set of columns. The default display, edit, new forms haven’t been tampered with. When I create a new edit form in Sharepoint Designer 2013, I’ve found that when I specify the content type in the advanced form options I get two outcomes. Sometimes I get just the fields for that content type. Other times I get all the fields in the list and have to manually remove the un-necessary ones.

I’ve tried this by creating a site level content type and a list level content type with the same results.

Does anybody know if this is normal behaviour or a bug or if somewhere along the line I’ve changed something in the list or the content type that causes this?

Thanks in Advance.

Populating form fields automatically from active directory in sharepoint

I have a custom list in my SharePoint 2010 website. When I am adding a new item to a custom SharePoint 2010 list, I want to auto populate data from active directory in the respective fields (other details of the user) when I enter the exact user Id in the first field and I will also like to send the field content as an email. – I understand that I can do this easily with MS Infopath, however my organization use the SharePoint standard edition which does not support creating forms using MS Infopath and creating a custom webpart is also not allowed by the company standard.

Can it be done through SharePoint designer or any other way besides out of the box options. Will gladly appreciate you guys help..

How to Filter More than 10 Criteria Using Calculated Fields

Sorry but I’m not too familiar with SharePoint so hopefully my terminology is correct. From our Document Library we are trying to create two separate Lists, that will display various documents. These two Lists will each have 4 Subjects with various sub-Categories (no more than 3). I thought I found a solution by modifying the view of the page and using the Filter option. The problem was that I needed a few more lines of Filters. I did find this post that sounds like Option 1 of ECM4D’s answer would suit our needs:

“1. Simplify your filter query with calculated fields. When you have complex queries it is good practice to create calculated columns with formula which has some boolean logic of the view and returns TRUE or FALSE results, and then you can create views using these calculated column(s). This technique is highly recommended because can help you to strongly simplify your queries and improve performance.”

Can someone provide a few more details or an example of how this would be done? Or point me in the right direction? Thanks! 🙂

How to create a site template and add fields to list automatically. For detailed question. Please find below

I need to first create a site template which consist of project name, description, attachments and appointment fields. Then automatically add few of their fields to the project management list.

How can I do above things like creating sie template and then automatically add few contains like project name, description to the list.

Please help me out. Sharepoint is completely new for me. I am using SharePoint 365. Your help is appreciated.

Change ‘new item’ fields in accordance to different views Sharepoint Online

I was wondering if there is a way to change the fields that appear when a user clicks ‘new item’ in a Sharepoint list depending on what Sharepoint view they are in.

For example, in ‘end user view’ only select fields will be shown in the item form, and in another view ‘backend view’ different fields will be shown when they click ‘new item’


Can I Manage Rules for 2 fields at the same time?

I have a list, and I have 7 fields: Country, subregion, product, category, email address, concatenate, concatenate2

Rule 1 Field Concatenate: If Concatenate = (Country),(Product) (ex. IndiaPantry) then input wxyz@gmail.com to field email address then send email using sharepoint designer

What if not all countries need to take into consideration the region?

Rule 2

Field Concatenate2:

If Concatenate2 = (Country),(subregion) (ex. IndiaNorth) then input abcdefg@gmail.com to field email address then send email using sharepoint designer

I tried putting both rules but only rule 1 worked. Can I put 2 different rules in 2 different fields at the same time? I used infopath to manage rules

Compare a date withing range of date fields in mysql

I have this simple query that retrieving data:

select leave_detail_id,         emp_id,         leave_type,         leave_current_status_id,         leave_start_date,         leave_end_date from tbl_emp_leave_details eld 


enter image description here

Now I have this query, i want to filter my record based on date:

select leave_detail_id,         emp_id,         leave_type,         leave_current_status_id,         leave_start_date,         leave_end_date from tbl_emp_leave_details eld where leave_start_date >= '2019-09-01' and   leave_end_date <= '2019-09-31' 

Now it should bring the highlighted record but it shows nothing (no record found). What should I do bring the highlighted record? what is the problem with my query?

Onboarding with many user profile fields – lengthy and detailed vs. short and essential?

So if you can imagine a dating app, the essentials are stuff like: gender, location, age, name, a photo

Then say you have some optional fields that are pretty useful such as “looking for” – their purpose for using the app.

And then say you have 20 other fields which are nice to have, but not need to have: religion, politics, languages, diet, relationship type/status, etc.

If you make the user fill them out during onboarding, well then onboarding gets kinda long and becomes a pain. If you keep it short with the just the essentials, then you end up with many minimal profiles e.g. people who just uploaded a photo, didn’t fill out their bio, and left it at that.

What do you suggest?

How to present multiple fields of activities in different languages on a simple landing page?

I’m an IT professional working for a larger enterprise in Switzerland. Furthermore, I’m a freelancer (mostly voluntary activities for schools and very small companies) in my home country Germany.

Both fields of activities need to be presented on my personal website. For the IT professional engagement, some sort of blogging is expected by my employer, which must be written in English.

The voluntary activities are very local activities (only a particular region of Germany), thus it should be written in German.

Assuming a re-design of my website, how could I combine both offerings and solve the language mix issue here?


I was thinking of a simple, localized landing page, with two “buttons” redirecting a visitor to the field of activities (sub-page/dedicated page or site) written in either English or German.

Of course, I want to share as much as I can, e.g. about me section and the overall theme, but still keep the effort low. No extra translation of content, no fancy language detection.

I’m looking for some real-life examples or other ideas.

Some fields Undefined when display results from REST query

I am learning to build custom SP solution with JS and HTML following the Apress book of same name.

I use the following script (in Code Snippet of a SEWP):

<script type="text/javascript">  $  (function () {     $  .ajax({         url: "/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('Tills')/items?$  select=Till/Title&$  expand=Till&$  filter=Till/Title%20eq%20'Main'         type: "GET",         headers: {             "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose"         },     }).success(function (data) {           var listItemInfo = "<h2>There are " + data.d.results.length + " items in table.</h2><table style='align:left'><tr><th>Number</th><th>Till</th><th>POS</th><th>IP</th><th>Type</th><th>Version</th></tr>";          $  .each(data.d.results, function (key, value) {             listItemInfo += "<tr><td style='width:100px'>" + value.Number + "</td><td style='width:100px'>" + value.Till + "</td><td style='width:100px'>" + value.POS + "</td><td style='width:100px'>" + value.IP + "</td><td style='width:100px'>" + value.Type + "</td><td style='width:100px'>" + value.Version + "</td></tr>";         });         listItemInfo += "</table>";         $  ("#tills").html(listItemInfo);     }); }); </SCRIPT> 

to display results of the Tills Custom List (in the div with ID ’tills’ in a CEWP).

Some of the fields show data as expected (Number, POS, IP, Version) but Till and Type show as ‘undefined. They like most other fields are defined as ‘Single Line of Text’ with the default values.

I tried adding a $ select and $ expand to the query string, but Fiddler gives Error 400 with message

The field or property ‘Till’ does not exist.

Any suggestions please?