Is there a pattern name for allowing users to add fields?

Example one.

Example two.

When a user is allowed to add/remove additional fields (or field groups) within a form, what is this interface paradigm called?

EDIT: in the example screenshots, each “row” of field(s) can be added/removed by the user, building up a list of “things”.

There’s a separate question about this type of input paradigm (Allowing the user to add input fields). It’s asking about design/workflow, but not the name of the pattern. However, all/most of the screen examples on that question are relevant examples for my question

Can i run “DemoteNewsArticle” & “CommentsEnabled” commands without altering the ModifiedBy and Modified fields and without sending users alerts

I am working on a SharePoint online classic team site. and from time to time I run these remote power-shell commands:-

1- To un-post a modern page from being shown as News:-

$  clientSidePage = Get-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "TEST-PAGE.aspx" $  clientSidePage.DemoteNewsArticle() 

2- To disable comments on a modern page:-

$  cred = Get-Credential   Connect-PnPOnline -Url hhttps://* -Credential $  cred   Set-PnPClientSidePage -Identity "test-page.aspx" -CommentsEnabled:$  false 

now the first command will cause the ModifiedBy + the Modified fields to be updated. where the second command will cause the ModifiedBy field to be updated. also both commands will cause users’ alerts to be sent (when users set the alert on every change).

so can i modify my above 2 commands, so the ModifiedBy and the Modified fields will not get updated? also to prevent users’ alerts from being sent?