If I cast the Polymorph spell on an ally to assist the group in a fight, will he attack us or fight alongside us? [duplicate]

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  • Does a polymorphed creature remember who his friends are? 1 answer

What happen if I polymorph an ally to assist the group in a fight? Will he end up attacking us, or remember the fact than we are ally and help us?

The only relevant part I can find is this:

The target’s game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen beast. It retains its alignment and personality.

f3 Fight Flash Fraud: “f3probe command not found” Mac OS Mojave

I’m testing SD Flash Cards and my linux machine decided to be rude and stop operating the SD Card Reader (time for a USB device). So I switched over to the reliable old iMac to happily find that F3 can be installed via Homebrew. After the brief installation however, Bash cannot find f3probe, an essential testing tool that is supposed to come together with f3 for SD Card Fraud testing. F3Read and Write do appear, while no commands or manual entries exist for f3probe or f3fix.

sudo: f3probe: command not found 

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Code Jam Fair Fight

In this year’s code jam round 1B there was the third task called Fair Fight. Note that the competition is over already, so I’m not asking this question for personal gain. I don’t think I should paste the task here, as it can be found under the provided link.

I’ve submitted the following solution in C#, which passed the test cases but failed the submission:

using System; using System.Linq;   namespace FairFight {     internal static class Program     {         private static void Main ()         {             var count = long.Parse (Console.ReadLine ());              for (var i = 1; i <= count; i++)             {                 var     c1 = Console.ReadLine ().Split (' ');                 var     c2 = Console.ReadLine ().Split (' ');                 var     c3 = Console.ReadLine ().Split (' ');                 long    n  = long.Parse (c1 [0]);                 long    k  = long.Parse (c1 [1]);                 long [] ci = c2.Select (long.Parse).ToArray ();                 long [] di = c3.Select (long.Parse).ToArray ();                  long res = 0;                  for (long l = 1; l <= n; l++)                 {                     for (long r = l; r <= n; r++)                     {                         long maxCharles = ci [l - 1];                         for (long j = l; j < r; j++)                             if (ci [j] > maxCharles)                                 maxCharles = ci [j];                          long maxDelila = di [l - 1];                         for (long j = l; j < r; j++)                             if (di [j] > maxDelila)                                 maxDelila = di [j];                          long diff = Math.Abs (maxCharles - maxDelila);                         if (diff <= k)                             res++;                     }                 }                  Console.WriteLine ("Case # {0}: {1}", i, res);             }         }     } } 

I and a few friends of mine have spend multiple hours wondering about what might be the problem with this code – I’ve also compared it with the explanation in the Analyze section of the problem but still don’t have a clue why I’m receiving Sample Failed: WA.

Watch All Fight Free in Hd Tv








Watch All Fight Free in Hd Tv