How many spell slots should a Fighter 11/Ranger 9 have?

I’ve been DM for like 2-3 months and one player who’s playing a Fighter (arcane archer) wants to multiclass into Ranger. Arcane Archer is not a spellcaster so assuming he will go Fighter 11/Ranger 9 how many spellslots should he get as 9th lvl Ranger. Should it be 4/3/2 or 4/2 only? I don’t know too much about multiclassing yet so guys help.

Is the fighter character allotment of CPs wrong?

I have the Player’s Options: Skills & Powers book with soft cover, it should be with a lot of error corrected, at least the corrections made in the FAQ/Errata of first printing were made (2nd too). But in page 47, Fighter description, grey box, is said:

Fighters have 15 character points to spend on abilities.


A standard fighter spends his character points to acquire the abilities of weapon specialization and gaining followers.

However, the first level of the Followers ability costs 5 CPs and Weapon specialization, 5 CPs too. Multiple specialization costs 10 CPs.

Is it a error? The standard rule for specialization here is the same of Fighter’s Handbook or Player’s Handbook?

Is there a way for a Battle Master to swap out maneuvers without taking more fighter levels?

I currently have an Ancestral Guardian barbarian 8 / Battle Master fighter 3. Some of the maneuvers I selected earlier in this character’s career aren’t working out as well in Tier 3. Battle Master provides one option for swapping them out (PHB, p. 73):

Maneuvers. You learn three maneuvers of your choice […]

You learn two additional maneuvers of your choice at 7th, 10th, and 15th level. Each time you learn new maneuvers, you can also replace one maneuver you know with a different one.

Unfortunately, that would require me to take 4 more levels of fighter, including a dead level at fighter 5. I do not want to advance beyond level 4 in fighter; taking barbarian all the way to level 17 would be even better. Is there a way to swap out maneuvers without taking fighter to level 7?

How many variations of the fighter class are there?


  • Only considering the material in the Player’s Handbook.
  • Not considering variation in starting stats.
  • Not considering variation in race.
  • Level 12 Fighter.


Inspired by this question regarding class variation. I was contemplating the number of choices that are made when leveling up and how many different outcomes there are. This is not considering how different each outcome is from the others.

Question: How many unique combinations of choices are there for skills, features, feats, attributes, and spells for a level 12 fighter?

I’m interested in a succinct calculation of the number of different variations of a straight fighter at level 12. Attribute point distributions, feats taken, combinations of spells for eldritch knight or maneuvers for battle master should all be considered in uniqueness.


For example, at level 1 a fighting style is selected. There are five options, so that starts out with five different variations. Moving on to level 3, martial archetype is selected. Champion is straight forward, but battle master has it’s choice of different maneuvers. The selection of different combinations gives different, albeit sleight, variations.

Should I multiclass as a rogue into fighter, or take the dual wielder feat? [on hold]

I can’t decide which route would be better for me to take at fourth level; I could take the dual wielder feat or I could multi-class into a fighter for a few levels.

Here are my stats: STR 15 DEX 20 CON 15 INT 16 WIS 12 CHA 16

I have a third-level high elf rogue, swashbuckler archetype, and high stats. I wield two short swords currently, but would love to pick up two rapiers instead for the bigger die.

The feat would help my AC (currently at 17 with studded leather armour) and allow me to have the rapiers.

Multiclassing for three levels of fighter would give me the dual weapon fighting style (adding my modifier to my second attack would help my DPR), some bigger hit dice, second wind, an action surge (which isn’t as deadly since I can only sneak attack once per round, but the modifier damage is pretty alright), and a martial archetype (I’m thinking Monster Hunter for superiority dice and ritual casting detect magic and protection from good and evil).

But, multiclassing also slows down my rogue-ness, and sneak attack is really what I have going for me, so slowing that development gives me pause.

Y’all have opinions? I could multi-class and then for my next rogue level take the dual wielder feat, dunno if that is better though.

What properties make a magic weapon befit a Rogue more than a DEX-based Fighter?

We have an Assassination Rogue and a Dual-Wielding Champion Fighter in our party, and we often divide our items trying to maximize party damage output. One pattern that we have noticed is that any weapon that works for both characters is better suited for the Fighter. With his Extra Attack, the Fighter will always cause the weapon to do more damage than the Rogue (who has a single attack).

Currently, the Rogue has two +1 daggers, and the Fighter has a +1 shortsword and a regular shortsword. The Rogue was given both daggers just to ensure Sneak Attack could land as magical damage. They’ve not picked feats yet and will reach level 11 next week. Both have maxed out their Dexterity scores.

However, as more weapons are found now (Vorpal Swords, Sun blades, etc), it seems like the optimal strategy is to always give them to the Fighter first, and his ‘leftovers’ are then given to the Rogue. Since they will now both have 2 magical weapons, the Fighter is always the best choice, DPR-wise.

What kind of magical weapon (if any) is better suited for the Rogue rather than the Fighter?

Does multi-classing into Fighter give you heavy armor?

A lot of build guides I’ve seen suggest you should dip into Fighter in order to get heavy armor proficiency. But that doesn’t seem right since the multi-class rules in the PHB (p164) does not list heavy armor as a proficiency you get.

Have I misunderstood something? Is there a way to get heavy armor by multi-classing into fighter?