Do Dvati qualify for Multiweapon Fighting?

They have 4 arms between them. A Dvati ‘character’ taking the feat has 4 arms. OTOH, of course, if you look at them as separate creatures, neither qualifies. …I’m leaning towards the first interpretation, honestly, but what are your thoughts?

“Would this actually benefit them, anyway?” I hear you asking. Actually, yes. If the ‘main hand’ attack is, for instance, an unarmed strike with the leg, both hands a free for extra attacks courtesy of Multiweapon Fighting.

Is this homebrew Whip Specialist Fighting Style balanced?

Similar to the this question, I’ve been trying to find a balanced way to improve the effectiveness of the whip. Instead of a feat, however, this homebrew feature is a Fighting Style. As such, the trade-offs and balancing criteria are somewhat modified. The feature is as follows:

Whip Specialist Fighting Style: You gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls you make with a whip. Additionally, when you hit a creature that is Large or smaller in size with a whip, instead of dealing damage you can choose to grapple the target (escape DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + Dexterity or Strength modifier) and you can pull the target 5 feet closer to you. While the target is grappled in this way, you cannot attack with the whip.

The following classes have access to this Fighting Style: Paladin, Fighter, Ranger.

Does this seem balanced? Specifically, would a whip user want to take this Fighting Style over the Duelist Fighting Style?

Here’s a general list of considerations for this feature:

  • Most whip users opt towards the Duelist Fighting style, as the +2 bonus to damage rolls helps mitigate the low base damage of the whip (1d4).
  • The whip is a finesse (Dexterity-based) weapon, while grappling is normally a Strength (Athletics) based attack. This opens up the possibility of a Dexterity-based grappler.
  • The grapple is uncontested, meaning that the whip user simply needs to beat the target’s AC. The flip side of this is that escape DC is also uncontested, meaning that the target need only beat the escape DC.
  • Unlike normal grappling, however, a whip grappler cannot attack with the whip while they are grappling a target, so they sacrifice damage for utility, unless they choose to attack with whatever they are holding in their free hand. This means that if they want to attack a grappled target, they must give up a “hand slot” to wield another weapon, instead of, say, a shield.
  • The pull only works on the initial hit. Perhaps, instead, it should require a bonus action that can be used any turn? I’ve also considered adding the option of instead tripping the target, making them fall prone.
  • Thematic: this fighting style invokes imagery of Indiana Jones, a suave, whip-wielder that uses his weapon to trip and capture his opponents.

Which damage dice exactly does the Great Weapon Fighting fighting style allow you to reroll?

This has been a point of some controversy within our local AL community, with different DMs giving different rulings. From what I could see, this site has only touched on the Maneuver/Smite issue, with, according to some of my DMs, an out of date answer.

This also leaves the problem of extra dice on magical weapons such as an Ild rune or Hazirawn, maneuver damage dice given by another player through Commander’s Strike, damage dice given by a College of Valor bard, Sneak Attack dice, and likely others which currently escape my mind.

Which damage dice exactly does the Great Weapon Fighting fighting style allow you to reroll?

Two Weapon Fighting or Rapid Shot with Wrist Launchers

Two Weapon Fighting or Rapid Shot with Wrist Launchers

Wrist Launcher, Heavy

I have the rapid reload feat for this weapon and since you can wear one of these weapons on each forearm and functions much like a hand crossbow, that free loading both would be easy both hand are free, unless holding something. However I’d like to be able to you use both in combat together, but confused as how to do it. Do I use it Rapid Shot or Two Weapon Fighting.

Multiplayer Game Books like Fighting Fantasy [closed]

I’m looking for game books that are similar to titles such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain or other Fighting Fantasy books except that they are meant for multiple players. Essentially, I’m looking for DM-less adventure books. Unfortunately, I can’t find any examples on Amazon or anything like that. Other things I’d be interested in checking out are rules-light games that accomplish the same premise such as a cards-based DM-less RPG like Expedition: The RPG Card Game. I just don’t know what’s out there or how to find it. Any help you can offer is appreciated!

Thank you!

UA: Blood Hunter Lycan fighting styles [closed]

Matt Mercer, the creator of the Blood Hunter Unearthed Arcana class, has recently hinted that there might be something new coming up with that class, despite it not making the upcoming Taldorei book release.

That got me looking at the class, and I’ve specifically been trying to wrap my head around the Lycan order. It looks to me like its designed around fighting unarmed in hybrid form, with a large number of its features centered around making unarmed attacks work better.

However, a character that intends to embrace this playstyle is faced with an odd decision at level 2: None of the available fighting style options to chose from work at all with unarmed attacks. Its just the old standard options of Archery, Dueling, Two-weapon fighting, and great weapon fighting, all of which require actual weapons (of a specific type). Its going to be a tough decision, not because of interesting trade-offs, but rather because none of the available choices will really help at all.

Now I know this is playtest content, so one should not be surprised to come across holes/bugs in its design. However, given that, I’m wondering what would be the best way to deal with this “bug”?

The options I can see are:

  1. RAW. Those style options are all there is, and they behave as written. A lycan will probably take whatever is compatible with their emergency backup weapon (probably archery), so they will be slightly less useless in those rare combat instances where they’ve run out of hybrid form transformations, or can’t reach the foe for melee.
  2. Rule that for the purposes of this class’ fighting styles only, the clawed unarmed attacks act two-weapon fighting, and thus the lycan can use proficiency with attacks using either hand. Since they already get an extra attack when unarmed fighting, this is probably only useful for RP flavor, as it allows them to RP slashing with both hands, rather than their dominant one twice.
  3. Rule that the Predatory Strikes feature (which applies Crimson Rite to unarmed strikes) also applies to the dueling or great weapon fighting styles. That means taking one of those actually helps in lycan form, but it also seems likely to be a hair unbalanced if the class was already designed to make up for not getting a useful fighting syle.
  4. Try to roll in the UA for Fist Fighting discussed here. That seems like a rather drastic increase in Lycan utility, so I can’t imagine its well-balanced.

I’m curious what others think would work best without being unbalanced, or if I’m missing something obvious. Also curious what other’s have seen done with actual Lycans in play, and how it worked out.

Can you benefit from the Defense fighting style while not using armor AC calculation?

Let’s assume a Lizardfolk fighter, with the Defense fighting style, wearing leather armor. Lizardfolk, per Volo’s p. 113, get Natural Armor:

You have tough, scaly skin. When you aren’t wearing armor, your AC is 13 + your Dexterity modifier. You can use your natural armor to determine your AC if the armor you wear would leave you with a lower AC. A shield’s benefits apply as normal while you use your natural armor.

Emphasis mine. Leather armor gives a DC of 11+Dex but, according to the above rule, I am allowed to use my superior Natural Armor DC of 13+Dex (this is different from mage armor and Draconic Resilience and which I almost asked about, but they specifically disallow wearing armor).

Now, at the same time, I’m wearing armor, which should qualify me for my chosen Fighting Style, Defense (PHB p. 72):

Defense: While you are wearing armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC.

Emphasis, again, mine – it doesn’t say anything about actually using the armor’s AC.

Could I combine the two to claim an AC of 14+Dex?