Can someone figure out the damage equation in this game?

So there’s this pretty obscure turn based RPG game called Gods Lands of Infinity. So there’s a melee power of each character in this game. In this case, the Melee Power is 132. Each weapon also has a damage of their own, and in this case, the weapon damage is 9-11. Now, attacking on a enemy who has defense of -30, the damage output is 11-13. If the weapon’s base damage is increased to 12-14, the damage output becomes 14-17.

Can someone figure out the damage equation in this game?

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How do I figure the dice and bonuses for attack rolls and damage rolls?

I’m building my character, a Half-Elf Ranger, and I’m a little confused about how to work out the attack bonus and the damage bonus.

So, please tell me if I’ve got this right:

  • I’m proficient with a longbow. That means my attack roll is 1d20 + prof bonus + Dex modifier.
  • The damage roll however is 1d8 + Dex modifier.

I’m just a little confused about working out the numbers (without even going into spells and when to roll for attack, etc.)

Legacy cross-compilation functionality unexpectedly vanished—how can I figure out what happened?

I am developing in a very restricted environment. For bureaucratic reasons, I need to do the following:

(1) Compile an executable on Windows for a Linux target;

(2) Do so without installing new software or packages;

(3) Do so via Cygwin command terminal.

These are fixed constants that I absolutely cannot change.

Previously, for reasons I can’t explain, Cygwin defaulted to compiling for a Linux target, and I was able to maintain this process without issues. Researching the issue, I am unsure how it wound up defaulting to this behavior.

However, earlier today, I introduced a coworker’s script to streamline my build process, putting the CMakeFiles and CMakeCache.txt in a build directory rather than in my project folder. As a part of this, my original CMakeFiles and CMakeCache directory were lost.

I then attempted to manually export a CC and CXX path to a compiler for compilation, trying every *gcc.exe and *g++.exe executable I could find on my computer. I am aware that most, if not all, cross-platform compilation tools label cross-compilation executables with Linux in their name, but no such files were found in any Cygwin drive locations.

I have additionally logging out and having another user log in to try and build, but this had the same results.

I tried restoring what CMakeFiles and CMakeCache files were still in the recycle bin, but reusing those proved ineffective.

What I know:

  1. There is a /opt/gcc-tools/ directory in Cygwin that does not contain a gcc executable, but during the initial installation of the project into the system, someone was messing around with it. There are no other installed files or programs in the /opt/ directory.

  2. Setting the CC and CXX paths back to null cause CMake to default to /usr/bin/cc and /usr/bin/c++. There are no linux versions of these files.

  3. MinGW is installed, and I am unsure if it’s related to cross-platform weirdness.

  4. There are various LINUX-{GNU/INTEL/CLANG}.cmake files in the usr/share/cmake/modules/platform section of Cygwin. These are probably just used for checking cross-compilation, but if they can be edited to get things working I would have no objections.

My file looks as such:

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc.exe export CXX=/usr/bin/gcc.exe  pushd build > /dev/null  cmake .. make all install -j8   popd /dev/null 

and previously was a simple

cmake . make 

without install or -j8

I realize that this is a difficult issue to debug without access to a terminal and the system. My one goal is to get cmake to once again spit out a.out files rather than a.exe files. Hopefully, this will shed some light on how the system ever worked in the first place in the process.

Why can’t gnu make figure out this sequence of rules?

I have this Makefile:

%: %.x     cp $  < $  @  build/%: src/%     cp $  < $  @ 

And a directory structure that looks like this:

Makefile build/ src/     hello.x 

Why does make behave as follows:

$   make build/hello make: *** No rule to make target 'build/hello'.  Stop. 

Why can’t it see that

  1. it can translate src/hello.x into src/hello using the first rule, and
  2. copy src/hello into build/hello using the second rule?

Something is using 64 gigs in “iCloud Drive” and I can’t figure out what

As you can see below iCloud is using a ton of space

enter image description here

When I try to manage the iCloud storage in this screen I get this which indicates that its from the top level of my iCloud storage.

enter image description here

Which seems pretty straight forward. But when I try to look in finder I see this..

enter image description here

Which verifies the space usage, but further down it says 609 mb on disk? In this folder there is nothing taking up that much space. I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on here.

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Is it feasible to let a newcomer play the “Gandalf”-like figure I created for my campaign?

I’m writing and DM’ing a campaign based around members of a nonprofit organization in a province of a decaying empire undergoing a civil war.

The premise

The player characters are new members of the NGO, who are being given an orientation by their Program Coordinator (basically their boss) when the city they’re in comes under attack by the government’s troops. The entire NGO’s presence in the region is destroyed and the PCs and the program coordinator have to decide what to do next.

The program coordinator is the “Gandalf”-like figure in that she potentially directs the quest and accompanies the PCs on their adventure to find and return 12 children still missing after the raid. This may or may not spiral out of control into joining the insurrection to topple the evil emperor depending on the choices of the players in the campaign.

One member of my prospective group actually works at a nonprofit organization and it just occurred to me that her perspective might bring something interesting to the table that I couldn’t. I was thinking of asking that member if she might be interested in taking on the role, with the sole precondition being that finding those children is the character’s main motivation, and everything else around that is up to her.

Point of clarification: I’ve previously discussed the campaign with said player and she expressed an interest in the idea she’d be part of a team making the kinds of decisions NGOs regularly have to make when they’re working in a conflict zone, but in the context of a fantasy world. So it’s not an ask out of nowhere.

Three linked questions:

One, is it feasible or advisable for me to delegate so much storytelling authority to a single player?

Two, is it feasible or advisable for me to do so given that this player is new to tabletop gaming

Three, if the answers to both one and two are ‘yes’, what are some things I should consider when helping to come up with the character?

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This email looks very dodgy, but can’t figure on what’s going on [on hold]

Please see the screenshot attached.

A colleague sent me an email asking me to add something to our website. Her email was forwarding a PDF that she, in turn, received from someone else.

The thing is, what I received looks like it’s been intercepted, and reforwarded with a different attachment (a PDF, ostensibly, but which links to [http:]//

Note the indentations on her email to me, and the “from” address after her name (which is correct – I’ve just blanked out her surname) – it comes from a account, but she does not use

The other blankings are (a) blue, the email of the person from who the email originated, and (b) purple – her email.

Has her email account been compromised in some way? Any thoughts?

enter image description here