How to handle the data that are entered in the filed that are triggered by toggle

Here is a hypothetical test case

Test Case User is asked if they want to provide an address Answer options: Yes or NO

User answer yes and fields to provide an address appears User entres the information After all, information is entered user decided to change the answer to NO The fields disappear

Then The user decided to select YES again The fields appear and …

Question: Should we prepopulate the fields with previously entered information?

What is the best user experience?

oVirt Hosted-Engine upgrade filed

Get problems with upgrade oVirt Hosted-Engine from 4.2.8 to 4.3.3. After installing on Engine VM i run yum update, then engine-setup and got this error:

              --== DATABASE CONFIGURATION ==--  [WARNING] This release requires PostgreSQL server 10.6 but the engine database is currently hosted on PostgreSQL server 9.5.14. [ INFO  ] Verifying PostgreSQL SELinux file context rules [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Environment customization': could not stat file "base/13699369/1259_fsm": Permission denied  [ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up           Log file is located at /var/log/ovirt-engine/setup/ovirt-engine-setup-20190602110956-iqr6bc.log [ INFO  ] Generating answer file '/var/lib/ovirt-engine/setup/answers/20190602111120-setup.conf' [ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination [ INFO  ] Stage: Termination [ ERROR ] Execution of setup failed 

But i don’t find any solution how resolve this issue. Maybe i doing something wrong?

What are the eligibility requirements for an application to have a CVE vulnerability filed for it?

I’d like to understand why some software applications (like Tomcat) have CVEs filed while other open source software does not. What are the eligibility requirements for an organization to list on CVE? Is there a membership process? Are CVEs only created for mitre member organizations? Or based on the popularity of the affected software?

Update a filed using sharepoint workflow 2013 without affecting its modified date & version

I am working on a sharepoint online classic team site. and i have a custom list which contain a field named “Formatted ID” , which is formatted as follow “ITEMID-IT”, so the field will hold values such as “1-IT”, “2-IT”, ….”500-IT”.

to achieve this i want to create a workflow 2013 which get triggered on item added, to set the formatted id value. but my question is; if i can force the workflow to update/set the “formatted ID” field without affecting the item version or the item modified date? something similar to how “SystemUpdate” works when writing power-shell scripts?

Extending a data class consumed in various place because one of the consumers requieres a new filed

I have a class A that is the return type of an process (let’s call it M.getData()) that is consumed by several procedures through the code base (lets call them P1,P2 and P3). This class A is part of a third party library that I can’t modify and is populated with data coming from a XML response from an external service. Up until now the XML file came with some extra data that was ignored, but now it is required only in the procedure P1. Since I can’t touch the A class, would it be a good practice to extend class A (A_Ext), change return type of M from A to A_Ext and handle the new requirement in P1 while letting P2 and P3 still use class A through an implicit casting like A var1 = M.getData() that now returns A_Ext?

The code base is in Java.

How to move subfolders organized in Google Drive filed together in wrong folder?

How to move multiple subfolders that are organized in Google Drive under a coherent overall project heading that were accidentally all moved together into an unrelated file? Need to pull out this large file with all its subfiles in place out of the other file where it doesn’t belong. Needs to stand on its own!