AWS S3 keep throwing 403 forbidden on Font awesome 5 web fonts files

I’m using Font awesome 5 in my application. Every time running “eb deploy”, Font awesome icons show up with squares and throw 403 forbidden on the console. To fix that, I make the web fonts files having extensions such as .woff and .woff2 to be public by doing “Make public”.

The problem is I need to repeat this every time running “eb deploy”. Is there a way to fix that?

I deleted a MySQL WP database. I have a back-up files can I retrieve it somehow.


По погрешка изтрих MySQL база данни за един от блоговете ми вместо да я преименувам. Имаше няколко поста в него. Правя ежемесечен бек-ъп на всичко качено хостига, въпроса ми е мога ли да възвърна тази база данни по някакъв начин, че да не ги пиша тези постове на ново.

Блога е WP.


Hello! By accident I deleted a MySQL database for one of my blogs, instead of renaming it. I had few posts in it. I do regular monthly backups of everything with the cron jobs of my…

I deleted a MySQL WP database. I have a back-up files can I retrieve it somehow.

I can’t backup all files of my website Godaddy VPS

Hello folks

I have very weird thing.I can't backup all my files even if i pay for that option in my admin panel of my server. My website now contain 29,8GB of files.When i want to backup my files then at the end i see that only 1GB of files are there.
At the support agent said that he can not backup ZIP files,that is funny.Btw that yellow folder is not a Zip file,there an images.
Can somebody help me did Godaddy make a foul of me or what is here about. Why i pay for backup if all files of…

I can't backup all files of my website Godaddy VPS

Attempted to change permissions on external hard drive files via command line, now several terabytes of data appear to be missing

I was attempting to modify the permission of my 4TB external hard drive to enable streaming to another machine via a third party app. The process was taking a long time, so I left the computer alone and came back some time later. On return, the computer had gone to sleep, and when reexamining the drive, I saw that the filesystem appeared empty, whereas before there were 2.3TB of data. On viewing the Properties menu of the disk, it said that there were 5GB of data.

Is it possible that the original data is still present, just hidden somehow? If so, how could I recover it?

I’m relatively new to ubuntu and would appreciate any help, as many of the photos on that hard drive are irreplaceable.