Android Studio – apps not allowed permissions to save files, can’t change either with Eiciel app

I’ve tried what seems to be everything. Changing permissions in the home folder to my user ownership. Installing the manager Eiciel it won’t let me allow any apps to do anything since everything belongs to root! I can’t do anything except via sudo and a terminal.

And I can’t find a way to login to Ubuntu Studio as sudo or any other way to grant permissions. How does one fix this issue?

I tried adding my username user to visudo, it seems to save files now but the permissions app Eiciel still won’t allow me to add permissions for any users to any apps. Geany located in /usr/bin/geany found with: locate -e geany from the root directory. Tips?

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Is accidentally accessing files through directory listing a fellony? [on hold]

I’m a novice but has pondered something. If a service provider has certain files accessible in a directory on their web server, I guess if they are sensitive/personal (say, supposed to be members access only) the service provider can be sued or be responsible for breaking GDPR laws.

But is the person who accidentally accessed or stumbled upon the security issue and failed to report it in any peril? I mean just mistyping the URL will list the directory. Where does the responsibility lie and can this poor soul who stumbled upon the breach and browsed around (without redistributing any material or links), committed hacking and a felony?

If so this puts a whole new perspective to security as it might cause problems for people in even more ways than I initially thought of.

Associate a list of files to a list item

I’m trying to create a calendar where each element links to a number of files in a list.

For example: the Calendar contains meetings, each meeting should have its agenda and its meeting minutes as PDF files. I can’t use simple file attachements because each file has to have columns like “Type” “Due date”…

Do you have an idea?

Thank you for your response.

terminal – count how many types of (file) extensions exist with their associated files in current directory

I’ve about 0.1 million images in a directory with all kinds of extensions (gif, jpeg, png, tiff, etc).

Now I want to find out how many types (of extensions) are there in the current directory, possibly with total number of images associated with them using a terminal command, something like this:

some-command  png  - 11010 jpeg - 1134 jpg  - 145 tiff - 555 

P.S: I do not want to count files with specific extension but rather want to count types of extensions with their associated files.

Compare content of 2 files using diff – no such file or directory problem

May I know how can I compare content of two files? I tried these codes below but I get “sh: diff: No such file or directory” message.

plink.exe -l admin -pw abc123 -batch sh diff -s “/share/MD0_DATA/BackupData/test1.txt” “/share/MD0_DATA/BackupData/test2.txt”

plink.exe -l admin -pw abc123 -batch sh diff -s /share/MD0_DATA/BackupData/test1.txt /share/MD0_DATA/BackupData/test2.txt

How can I move files using bash/for loop inside subdirectories?

I have a folder where I have 20 of different extension files and Id like to move those files to 3 different folders. Now, how do I move all of those files (condtitions based on which they end up in the folders are not important atm) WITHOUT those 3 subdirectories assuming they already exists? At this moment I am stuck at putting those subfolders into themselves and obviously I dont want that so only files which are on the same levels as 3 subfolders Id like to put inside those 3 subf. Thank you!

Ps. If I focus on *.txt in for loop it tells me it cannot stat it so I am confused..

Deja Dup Restore Failed: Trying to restore specific files with Duplicity

I backed up my laptop using Deja-Dup. The backup behaved the same as every previous effort, creating files like this:

… duplicity-full.20190713T002854Z.vol9675.difftar.gz etc…

Now, with a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04, I can’t restore the computer. Deja Dup restores about 1/5th of the files normally, then it gets to this one file and just hangs. There are no errors. It just stays on this one file forever.

I haven’t found any ways to even try to fix this. Deja Dup seems like it either works or fails and there is nothing I can do at this point.

I’ve found several tutorials on how to restore specific file paths with Duplicity, but I haven’t gotten it to work. Say I want to get my music back:

devin@usagi3:~$   duplicity --no-encryption --file-to-restore /home/devin/Music file:///media/devin/Backup/backitup RestoredMusic Local and Remote metadata are synchronized, no sync needed. Last full backup date: Fri Jul 12 18:28:54 2019 home/devin/Music not found in archive - no files restored. 

I can’t tell if I’m doing some command wrong, or if that isn’t working because Deja Dup failed to backup my music.

I’ve tried using list-current-files, and maybe that works. It seems like it would take a really long time and I would have no way of knowing if it had even started until it was done.

Cannot add new files to mounted Samba NAS

I tryed to mount my nas automatically in fstab like this:

// /mnt/Musik cifs username=sandro,password=mypassword, iocharset=utf8, uid=1000, gid=1000, file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777  0  0 

However i still don’t get the rights to add remove new files. I thought adding uid gid solved it because it mounts the drive like its your own. I got the uid/ gid from id:

uid=1000(sandro) gid=1000(sandro) groups=1000(sandro),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),116(lpadmin),125(sambashare)