pProblem with playing the film in Netflix. Html 5

I have this problem with Netflix. please help me to solve. in German.

Fehler F7355 Auf Computern sehen Sie neben dem Fehlercode F7355 häufig auch die folgende Meldung:

Hoppla, da ist was schiefgelaufen … Netflix-Videoplayer nicht verfügbar Leider sind bei der Wiedergabe von Netflix in Ihrem Browser Probleme aufgetreten. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die offizielle Version von Firefox verwenden. Dies deutet meist auf ein Problem mit Ihrem Browser hin. Die Verwendung von nicht unterstützten Browsern kann zu Problemen mit dem Player führen, den Netflix zur Wiedergabe von Titeln verwendet. Befolgen Sie die Lösungsschritte unten, um das Problem zu beheben.


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I want to to watch a specific film. But how to know in which region the film is available?

I want to watch a specific film. It s on NetFlix. However when I try to load it I have a message stating the film isn’t available in my region.

I have good free OpenVpn list which allows me to connect using basically any countries of the world. None of those VPNs are censored by Netflix. So I tried to load the film from his home country, and I got the message that the film isn’t availaible in the US (instead of my country).

So it does appear that while what I m looking for is on NetFlix, the list of region it is available from is too narrow to be found manually (though I recognize it can likely be acheived in 3 full hours).

So how to automatically find in which regions a link to a Netflix film can be watched?

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Is it possible to request hand inspection of photographic film in Indian airports?

Per What is the best way to carry photographic film when travelling?, when traveling with photographic film, it’s best to pack it in hand luggage and request hand inspection of undeveloped film.

In the United States, there’s an explicit TSA rule that allows you to request hand inspection of undeveloped film, and in all cases, the security officers will respect that. However, from what I’ve read online, security checkpoints in some countries often insist that one put undeveloped film through the scanners. (While this often results in not much visible effect for lower-speed films, it can be a problem if it’s scanned multiple times, especially when transiting through different countries, and higher-speed films shouldn’t be scanned at all.)

I’ve searched online, but I’ve not been able to find any information on the security rules for India, unlike the U.S. TSA which fully documents its rules online.

Is it possible or easy to request that photographic film be hand inspected at airport security checkpoints in India? Will Indian security officers usually honor the request?

Different result between scanning in Epson’s “color negative film” mode and scanning in positive -> invert curve in post?

When scanning a 35mm film, if I let Epson’s software doing its thing by choosing the “color negative film” mode, without any other adjustment, the resulting raw scan will be yellowish. However, if I do the other method by scanning in positive(orange) film and then invert the curve in the post in photoshop, the resulting scan will be tealish. Why is the difference?

Yellow tint over my developed portra 400 film

So one of my relatives gave me their Minolta X-700 with Portra 400 Color Film several weeks ago (no experience in photography), tried it and got it developed.

So just got the digital scan and pictures turned out to look like this:

developed film results

enter image description here

So was this outcome caused by using the wrong setting? (like shutter speed, iso, apeture) or is it just a defect within the camera?

also the Minolta X-700 was set to program mode while taking these pictures.

Instax Film Developing Red

I have completed the Instant Pinhole Camera which I mentioned in a previous question. To open the pack of Instax Film, I used a pitch black room, blocked all the edges around the door, and opened it using a few red LED’s.

When I use a rolling pin to develop the film, it is all red. I have read many posts saying red LED’s are fine for use as a safelight. It is possible that I did not expose the photo long enough.

Were these posts false, or is this a different problem?

This is a photo of the front and back of my film:

enter image description here