Bloom filter like data structure supporting iteration

I am wondering whether there exists a data structure similiar to a bloom filter in the sense that it is an approximate finite set representation (allows for false positives, but no false negatives) and supports:

  • constant time complexity union of two sets
  • constant time complexity insertion of an element

but also allows for efficient iteration over the approximate elements in the set, i.e. iterate over all elements that are either actually in the set or false positives with a time complexity that is linear in the number of elements in the set

postgresql: filter with subquery and then insert

having the following query, my plan was to filter with the subquery first and then to INSERT:

INSERT INTO cals_new (listing_id,date,available,price,timestamp)                                          (SELECT listing_id,date,available,price,timestamp                                           FROM   cals c                                           WHERE  NOT EXISTS ( SELECT                                                                FROM   update                                                                WHERE  id =                                                                )); 

But EXPLAIN gives the following:


Insert on cals_new (cost=513077.42..5338467.65 rows=109800833 width=44) -> Merge Anti Join (cost=513077.42..5338467.65 rows=109800833 width=44) Merge Cond: ( = -> Index Scan using cals_pkey on cals c (cost=0.57..3958576.01 rows=113119496 width=44) -> Sort (cost=513076.85..521373.51 rows=3318663 width=8) Sort Key: -> Seq Scan on update (cost=0.00..62881.63 rows=3318663 width=8) 

If I understend the EXPLAIN output correctly, it does the expansive INSERT first, and only filters after.

How to optimise the query so that it works as expected? More specifically, filters with the subquery first and then does the INSERT?

Thank you!

“Portfolio” filter in Pure theme filtering more than one category at a time

I downloaded this theme which looks amazing. If you click on the filter it filters the posts by category. I installed it and I noticed this filter is called “portfolio”. I implemented it and looks amazing, I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that if I click on more than one filter it keeps the previous selection active, for example in the given link if I click on “Branding” and “Poligraphy” it keeps both the filters active and keeps all the posts with categories Branding OR Poligraphy. Right now it just switches betweens the two categories and just basically filters one at a time.

Thank you!

Socket Type Filter

Company Introduce:
We are the professional manufacturer of reactor, power supply filter, electric heater and inductance coil. Products are widely used for air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, UPS power supply, communication facilities, automatic control circuit and a variety of electronic equipment.
We already established long-term partnership with Midea, Galanz, Hisense, Kelon, Aux and Astrodyne Corporation. Our excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service system to win customers’ trust and social’s consistent high praise. After years of technical accumulation and exploration, our company has a positive development, and innovation technical team, made great achievement in scientific research.
Our company has perfect, perfect management system. First-class production facilities, quality testing equipment, strong engineering teams and a group of professional management personal, and establish a set to confirm to the international standards of quality management system. Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and CQC, TUV,UL, S product certification, The company is constantly developing and growing every day.
Quality first, customer first is our eternal purpose, the company will be the spirit of “Innovation Endless” thought, further to absorb domestic and foreign advance technology, synchronous trend of reform, strive to create an international brand and strive to expand domestic and foreign markets, dedication to work together with customers to create a better tomorrow.
Product Application:
•Electrical and electronic equipment
•Office automation equipment
•Datacom equipment
•Household equipment
•Medical equipment
•Consumer goods
•Industrial applications
•Building automation
•Various noisy applications requiring good filter performance
Technical Parameter:
Technical Data
Rated Voltage250VAC
Operating Frequency50/60Hz
Rated Current1Ato20A
H1-pot:(1 min)1500VAC(line/ground)
Climatic Category25/085/21
Mechanical Dimensions
Packing and Transportation:
What can we do for you?
1. We can offer free samples.
2. OEM/ODM orders welcome
3. Great variety of products with competitive price
4. Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information
5. Strict quality testing and control procedure to make sure superior quality   
6. With efficient and professional after-sale service.Socket Type Filter

How to filter mat cards in angular

I’m doing Angular project and I’m wondering how I can filter/search the mat cards that has details (name, description) from different components. I have a searchbox in the home.component.html to filter the cards but since all the information inside the mat cards are getting from different components and back end, I’m not sure how to do that. any suggestion will be really helpful.

I have pipe to filter and searchbox.

This is how I reuse cards from different components in my home.component.html and ts file.


         <div class = 'caption' *ngIf = "pubWorkspaces.length <= 0">                 You currently have 0 public workspaces             </div>              <mc-workspace-card-list [workspaces] = "pubWorkspaces" [editable] = "false"></mc-workspace-card-list>            </div> 


export class ExploreComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {   pubWorkspaces: Workspace[] = [];   loading: boolean = false;    constructor(private workspaceService: WorkspaceService, private router: Router) { }   ngOnInit(): void {      this.loading = true;     this.workspaceService.getUserWorkspaces().subscribe((workspaces) =>{      workspaces.forEach(workspace => {       if(workspace.type == WorkspaceType.public){         this.pubWorkspaces.push(workspace);       }     });     this.loading = false;     }, ()=>this.loading = false) } 

My search Pipe

import { Pipe, PipeTransform } from '@angular/core';  @Pipe({ name: 'search', pure: true }) export class SearchPipe implements PipeTransform { transform(names: string[], query: string): string[] {   if (!query || !names) {     return names;   }    return names.filter(name => name.toLowerCase().indexOf(query.toLowerCase()) > -1); } } ``` 

XSS filter bypass &lt and/or

On a homepage I can inject HTML-text in the URL. After som T-and-E I was able to send in this thing; ?type=<script<script>>alert(1)</script<script>> Which gave me a homepage which presented me with the headline-text: <script>alert(1)</script> So I am pretty close.

The Page Source had the following HTML: <h1>&lt;script>alert(1)&lt;/script></h1> So for some reason only the Less-than is transformed into &lt. As soon as I send in the &-sign the whole html-injection is filtered out.

Any suggestion on how I can bypass this. I have tried double encoding to get the real “<“-sign. Any “<“-sign sent into the URL gets converted into &lt.

I have tried suggestions from OWASPs checklist, Portswagger, Stackoverflow etc. The injection is out-of-tags. It is not in a script or html-tags, so I need to put it between tags according to me.

FILTER factory

Fuel filter FVR
Product Details
Product Name:  Fuel filter FVR
OE Number:8-98092481-1 8980924811
Factory Number:1-87610094-0 1876100940
Engine Model: 6WF1 6HK1
Brand Name:best value parts for isuzu
Place of Origin: China

Parts numberPackage  sizeApplicable   models
1-87610094-0 1876100940 11*20*11
Net weight :  0.43 KG
Gross weight :  0.5KG6WF1 6HK1

Trade Details
Payment Terms:FOB; EXW
Payment:L/C;T/ T;Western Union;MoneyGram;Other

Shipping Details
Delivery Time:7-30 days according to client quantity
Supply Ability:Fuel filter FVR 1000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Filter Packaging Details:Neutral packing or packing according to customers’ requirements

Product Show             
Our Service  
1. Assist customer to clear customs and prepare documents required by customer;
2. Best value parts for Isuzu no minimum quantity requirement
a. We have twenty years of experience in auto parts,and have built a professional work team.
b.Big storage with 80,000 square meters warehouse;Fast delivery .                      
c.Thousands of excellent factory resources,Exclusive agency of several well-known brands;Quality is guaranteed   
d. New product development service
Q:Which kind car do you have ?
A:We have Isuzu ( NPR ,NKR D-MAX ,TFR ), MAZDA ( MAZDA 2 ,MAZDA 3, MAZDA 6 , MAZDA 323, MAZDA BT50 ), TOYOTA ( HILUX , HAICE ), HONDA ( Accord , Civic , City , CRV , FIT, Vezzel )
1) Promotion with special offer
2) Product list for your refrence

Q: How much does the shipping cost?
A: It depends on the quantity of the goods, the shipping method and the destination. we will choose the cheap way to our customers.

Q. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery.
Authorization guarantee
Company strength
Yishan company was established in 1998 , after 20 years of development , Now we have 8 branches and more than 800 employees , We have 4 large storage centers in Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanchang and Shenzhen, Our headquarters covers an area of 20,000 square meters . Our domestic retail network covers all China ,We export to more than 60 countries in the Middle East, North and South America,  Africa and Asia.
We look forword your satisfaction,We’re your best partner !FILTER factory

Filter verified links without values

I sometimes see verified links such as a profile (or other) where i only see my link. I would like to be able to sort this “bad” link and not keep it for the benefit of another link which contains a minimum text, for example a certain number of sentences, words, or even in weight of text, any surrounded by a minimum of words in order to build my thirds on something long term quality.