Load more and filter (not necessarily in this order)

The problem exposing might seems trivial to you. It still isn’t clear for me which solution to choose.

Saying that you have a input text where you can type anything. Beneath it a list of ten element and a load more button. Once the user clicks on “load more”, ten more elements are added to the list.

My question is, when typing a text to filter, if there is 100 potentials results in the database, should we show the 10 first and a load more button or 20 ? since the user already clicked once on load more, we could expect him to want it to stay as is.


SPServices Cascade Dropdowns dynamic filter

I have 3 lookup columns.

  1. Site – lookup column to specify type of environment (prod or non-prod)
  2. Operating System – lookup column to specify operating system to be used (linux or windows)
  3. Templates – lookup column that displays list of templates for linux and windows.

Basically, i want to filter the templates base on the type of environment and operating system. i’m using SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns as solution. the problem is, cascade only works when form is loaded for the first time so in order to select different template whether for linux or windows, form needs to be refreshed. i am new to sharepoint and spservices. appreciate your help on this. below is the code

$  (document).ready(function(){ $  ("select[title='Operating System']").change(function() {     if ($  ("select[title='Operating System']").val() != 2)     {     queryCAML = "<Eq><FieldRef Name='Operating_x0020_System'/><Value Type='Lookup'>Windows</Value></Eq>",     osType()     }     else     {     queryCAML =  "<Eq><FieldRef Name='Operating_x0020_System'/><Value Type='Lookup'>Linux</Value></Eq>",     osType()     } });  


function osType() {     var osValue = $  ("select[title='Operating System'] option:selected").text();             alert (osValue);             alert (queryCAML);             $  (document).ready(function(){             $  ().SPServices.SPCascadeDropdowns({                 relationshipList: "TEST VM Templates",                 relationshipListParentColumn: "Site",                 relationshipListChildColumn: "Template",                 CAMLQuery: queryCAML,                 parentColumn: "Site",                 childColumn: "Template",                 debug: true             })         });  }  

how to filter posts by category without page load (ajax) in wordpress?

I Tried this code, here: http://rankonone.com/dev/profdharm/monthly-rashifal/

August, October, September are categories, I want to show post below without page load where currently title and date.

Can anyone please help?

//This is category filter:  <ul class="xiong-filters"> <?php        //This one is to display All in your category.       // Do not use show_option_all parameter since it includes all categories not just one your displaying       $  args= array(           'include'          =>   2, //Put here ID of your category         'title_li'          => __('')       );     wp_list_categories( $  args );   ?>   <?php        //This one displays subcategories of your category       $  args= array(           'child_of'          =>   2, //Put here parent category         'title_li'          => __('')       );     wp_list_categories( $  args );   ?> 

<!--Post LOOP  -->  <?php if ( have_posts() ) :?>   <div id="main-content" class="row">     <div id="inside">       <div class="container">    <?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ?>       <article> <a class="xiong-articlebox" href="<?php the_permalink();?>">     <header>         <h3><?php the_title( );?></h3>         <p><em><?php the_date( 'j.n.Y'); ?> </em></p>          </header>          <p><?php the_excerpt();?></p>        </a>    </article>    <?php endwhile; endif; ?>   </div><!-- container-->   

//AJAX Filters jQuery(function(){ var mainContent = jQuery('#main-content'),     cat_links = jQuery('ul.xiong-filters li a');      cat_links.on('click', function(e){          e.preventDefault();         el = $  (this);         var value = $  el.attr("href");         mainContent.animate({opacity:"0.5"});         mainContent.load(value + " #inside", function(){             mainContent.animate({opacity:"1"});         });         jQuery( "li" ).removeClass( "current-cat" );          jQuery(this).closest('li').addClass("current-cat");     }); });   //Function.php //ENQUEUE SCRIPTS HERE function xiong_theme_scripts() { //Ajax filter scripts wp_register_script( 'ajax', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/ajax.js', array( 'jquery' ), '1.0.0', true );     wp_enqueue_script( 'ajax' );} add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'xiong_theme_scripts' ); 

Querystring filter on documents

I have a list of documents who have a property (Related document ID) that I want to filter via query string



should view only documents who have the related ID = 1

I was thinking of using a Highlighted Content web part with a custom CAML query.

This is what I have so far:

<View> <Query> <Where> <Eq> <FieldRef Name='Related_x0020_Document_x003a_ID'/> <Value Type='Text'>{QueryString:PolicyID}</Value> </Eq> </Where> </Query> </View> 

Can anyone with a basic understanding explain how it works?

I just want CAML to accept a query string

SharePoint Search Query – Filter item by user & groups from the current user

In a web part, I wanted to show only items that people had permissions on. I know I can stop inheriting permissions on the list and give them unique permissions, but that’s not what our client wants. So we created a column of people and groups (linked to Azure AD groups) we wanted to be able to filter in the search query only items where the user belonged to the group the item is associated with. Is this possible?

Thank you.

Search Result by filter does not find an existing and crawled document

This is related to SP 2013 On-Premises. We have a custom Search Page and we use Keyword-Query to filter the Result. The related document which cannot be found by that page has at least two meta data fields assigned (both managed metadata) and can be found by regular search and also by Search-API, like so:


The document has “306” for PRDBGerKlasse and “TypeA 300” for PRDBGerTyp. When we then call the page by https://company.com/search/pages/prdb.aspx#k=PRDBGerTyp%3aTypeA%20300

the document is not in the search Result. If we call the page without the filter, the document can be found.

What could cause such issue?

Please note that we added the item 306 two weeks ago to the relevant Term-Set. Could that be an issue with the crawler even if the document can be found by regular search?