How to get max value of filtered query post

I have a query post to filter my post in my CPT, filtered on front end by a form filter.

The problem is that with different filter, I have different max value.

For example I have the following custom field meta value:

  • filter #1 – Ford, Nissan, Toyota
  • filter #2 – Blue, Red, White
  • and on with other filter#3, #4 etc…

Choosing different filter (for example ‘Ford and Red’ vs ‘Nissan and White’), I may have different max value price of total cars in the same query post, that have the same characteristics.

How I can get the max value of current filter on query post, and use this value on each line of same query post to show the different price from the max?

Someone can help me? Thanks in advance

If the all ports are filtered or closed as result of nmap scan, what would be the next logical step to take?

Is that mean I would need to get a physical access to the device? or is there any other ways to get information, I’m trying to scan my own smartphone and all the ports are closed, and I did the same with my laptop and all the ports were filtered, so, I’m kind of stuck. On the other hand, all the information I found on Internet is relying on getting more results with differents nmap scans, so I guess my real question here is , Is there any other software, teqnique or anything to do that’s not involving nmap? `

(This is not a question about what does mean filtered or closed)


Save filtered view not working

I created an Item list with column headers imported from a table created in Excel. I notice that when i try to sort (Ascend/Descend, etc) the column says, “This column type cannot be sorted.” Why is this happening to my list? NOTE: I have customized each column. Some are multi choice columns, some a single lines of text, some are dates.

Another issue is that I want to create views that i will share with the various program offices who will be submitting files on a given due date. Sharepoint has allowed me to save a few once they were sorted (see screen shot), but not others (see screenshots). I’ve tried to save the view in both Chrome & Explorer. What’s going on?

enter image description here

Is it possible to create a single list, and have filtered views of it on different pages?

I have an out-of-the-box SharePoint 2010 site and want to implement a Knowledge Base in the form of a simple list. This should be straight-forward.

However, if I have a column in the list, say ‘Appliance’, can I then have an Appliance-specific version of the list on another page, i.e.

  • the list only displays list entries where the Appliance is a hard-coded type, e.g. ‘Washing Machine’

  • the Appliance column is not shown

  • when adding a new entry, the Appliance field is set to ‘Washing Machine’ and is not shown

That last point is not essential, but if the Appliance field is shown then it should default to ‘Washing Machine’

So one ‘master’ list, but several views on different Appliance-specific pages

Trying to create a filtered view for a simple employee in out list

I’m using Sharepoint 2013 and am trying to create a Sign In/Out list so when my employees leave the office they can “sign out” with a date / time column for when they will leave and another for when they are returning. Other employees in the office use this list to see when their counterparts are returning. I’m having trouble creating an accurate filtered view for these remaining employees as [Today] isn’t helpful with time. I would like the filtered view to only show items (people out) when Departing date/time<=Now()>=Returning date/time but am not having any luck. This way people can sign out in advance if they need and would never have to sign in as the filtered view (in comparison to the refresh time of now) would essentially take care of all of this.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing how far I overthought this whole thing…

Editing an item in a filtered list that falls out the filter

  • I have a list of items (e.g. todos)
  • I filter them by a property such as their name.
  • In the filtered list, I decided to do an inline edit (via a button click)
  • The new name falls outside of the above filter

What should I do?

  1. Leave the item with the new name with a name not matching the filter criteria. Only drop it off if I alter the filter criteria.
  2. Drop it off the list immediately.

I’m looking for guidance on best practice here and any widely seen examples.


Bookkeeping Coding – Check and Create Tabs, Copy filtered Data in Loop

As said, this is take 2 (see linked for Take 1 for my massively beginner code:

As an overview:

I manage the bookkeeping for 40+ companies in an excel workbook. All data is added to a central sheet “Amalgamated Data” and from there data for all transactions for each Company has to be transferred to a sheet for each Company. The single company sheets are then sent to various people at various periods.

All references to the company throught the workbpook are to them as they appear as companyName.

The Code (tested and working – time scale for 40 companies on 400 rows approx 1 min) will be used at least once a day every day. It does the following:

  1. Checks if there have been any transactions for that Company since the start of the financial year (list of Company’s is held in a separate continuous Column)
  2. If there have been no transactions

  3. If there is an existing tab, clear any transactions from it (clears out any misbookkept entries)

  4. If there are no transactions, check the next company.

  5. If there have been transactions:
  6. Check if a sheet exists for the Company
  7. If no Sheet, set up new tab by copying veryhidden Template preformatted and formula’d
  8. If a sheet exists (including if set up in previous Step)
  9. Check that a Balance Download Record Exists, if not create one

  10. Check that an Overview Record exists, if not create one

  11. Copy all transactions for that Company to the Company Sheet

I have set this in a loop as the recommendation from Iven Bach of a Dim companyName as Range For Each companyName created an error13 mismatch in the Worksheet(companyName) type with the Watch window show this as integer instead of Worksheet. I have used loop as this allows me to Dim companyName as String

Option Explicit SUB UPDATE_BACKUP_SHEETSFIXED()     'This Sub does the following:     '   Filter Amalgamated Data by companyName from table list on General Sheet     '   Then     '   1.  If no data:     '       a.  Check if a company Tab exists     '            i.     If not, move on to next company     '           ii.     If so:     '                   1.  If there is existing data clear and move to next company     '                   2.  If no existing data move to next company     '   2.  Check if Company tab exists     '       a.  If tab does not exist, create:     '            i.  Tab     '           ii.  Balance Download Record     '          iii.  Overview Record     '       b. If tab does exist (or has just been created above)     '            i.  If there is data, Clear existing     '           ii.  Copy transactions from Amalgamated Data Filter      Dim amalgamatedDateSheet As Worksheet     Set amalgamatedDateSheet = Sheets("Total Data")      Dim sourceTable As ListObject     Set sourceTable = amalgamatedDateSheet.ListObjects("TableFullData")      Dim generalSheet As Worksheet     Set generalSheet = Sheets("General")      Dim templateSheet As Worksheet     Set templateSheet = Sheets("Template")      Dim balanceDownloadSheet As Worksheet     Set balanceDownloadSheet = Sheets("Balance Download")      Dim overviewSheet As Worksheet     Set overviewSheet = Sheets("Overview")      Dim X As Long     X = 4      Application.DisplayAlerts = False     Application.ScreenUpdating = False       'Get the Company name from the Company Tab      Do         Dim companyName As String         With generalSheet             companyName = .Range("A" & X).Value         End With          'Clear all filter from table          sourceTable.AutoFilter.ShowAllData          'Filter by Company Name          sourceTable.DataBodyRange.AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="=" & companyName          'Check if transactions exist          Dim firstColumnContainsNoVisibleCells As Boolean         Dim companySheet As Worksheet         On Error Resume Next         Set companySheet = Sheets(companyName)         On Error Resume Next         firstColumnContainsNoVisibleCells = sourceTable.AutoFilter.Range.Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).count <= 1          On Error GoTo 0         If firstColumnContainsNoVisibleCells Then              'If no transactions              If Not companySheet Is Nothing = True Then                  'If no transactions but Tab exists for Company                  Dim targetTable As ListObject                 Set targetTable = companySheet.ListObjects(1)                 Dim firstTargetColumnContainsVisibleCells As Boolean                 On Error Resume Next                 firstTargetColumnContainsVisibleCells = targetTable.AutoFilter.Range.Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).count > 1                  'If Data present, clear it                  If firstTargetColumnContainsVisibleCells Then                     With targetTable                         .DataBodyRange.Offset(1).Resize(.DataBodyRange.Rows.count - 1, .DataBodyRange.Columns.count).Rows.Delete                         .DataBodyRange.ClearContents                     End With                 End If                  Call CheckRecordsPresent(balanceDownloadSheet, companyName, overviewSheet)                  'If no data present move to next company              End If          Else             'If transactions exist              If Not companySheet Is Nothing = False Then                  'If tab for Company does not exist                  If templateSheet.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden Then templateSheet.Visible = xlSheetVisible                  'Create and rename sheet highlight it yellow                 templateSheet.Copy After:=Sheets(5)                 ActiveSheet.Range("A20").ListObject.Name = "Table" & (companyName)                 ActiveSheet.Name = (companyName)                 With ActiveSheet.Tab                     .Color = XlRgbColor.rgbYellow                     .TintAndShade = 0                 End With                 Set companySheet = Sheets(companyName)                  'Hide template                  templateSheet.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden                  'Confirmation Message                  MsgBox "Worksheet for " & (companyName) & " created"               End If             'If tab and data exist             Call CheckRecordsPresent(balanceDownloadSheet, companyName, overviewSheet)              'Clear existing data and resize table              Set targetTable = companySheet.ListObjects(1)              On Error Resume Next             firstTargetColumnContainsVisibleCells = targetTable.AutoFilter.Range.Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).count > 1              If firstTargetColumnContainsVisibleCells Then                  With targetTable                     .DataBodyRange.Offset(1).Resize(.DataBodyRange.Rows.count - 1, .DataBodyRange.Columns.count).Rows.Delete                     .DataBodyRange.ClearContents                 End With              End If              'Find first row of table (last row of sheet as data previously cleared)              Dim lastTargetRow As Long              lastTargetRow = companySheet.Range("B" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row              With sourceTable.DataBodyRange.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy                 With companySheet                     .ListObjects(1).AutoFilter.ShowAllData                     .Range("A" & lastTargetRow).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats, Operation:=xlNone                     Application.CutCopyMode = False                 End With             End With         End If          'Loop back to get a new Company's name in Company Table          Set companySheet = Nothing         X = X + 1          'Loop back to get a new Company's name in Employee Roster      Loop While generalSheet.Range("A" & X).Value <> vbNullString      'At end of loop turn screen refresh etc back on      Application.DisplayAlerts = True     Application.ScreenUpdating = True      amalgamatedDateSheet.Select      'Clear all filter from table      sourceTable.AutoFilter.ShowAllData     MsgBox "All Sheets Updated" End Sub  Private Sub CheckRecordsPresent(ByVal balanceDownloadSheet As Worksheet, ByVal companyName As String, ByVal overviewSheet As Worksheet)      'Check Balance Download Records - create if there isn't one      Dim lastBalanceRow As Long     lastBalanceRow = balanceDownloadSheet.Range("a" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row     Dim rangeBalanceDownloadFound As Range     Set rangeBalanceDownloadFound = balanceDownloadSheet.Range(balanceDownloadSheet.Range("A4"), balanceDownloadSheet.Range("A" & lastBalanceRow)).Find(companyName)      If rangeBalanceDownloadFound Is Nothing Then         With balanceDownloadSheet             .ListObjects(1).ListRows.Add             .Rows(lRow).Copy             .Range("A" & lastBalanceRow + 1).PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats, Operation:=xlNone             Application.CutCopyMode = False             .Range("a" & lRow + 1).Value = companyName         End With     End If      'Check if front page record exists      Dim lastOverviewRow As Long     lastOverviewRow = overviewSheet.Range("a" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row     Dim rangeOverviewFound As Range     Set rangeOverviewFound = overviewSheet.Range(overviewSheet.Range("A6"), overviewSheet.Range("A" & lastOverviewRow)).Find(companyName)      If rangeOverviewFound Is Nothing Then          With overviewSheet             .Range("A53:E53").Copy             .Range("A53:E53").Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove             .Range("A53").Value = companyName         End With     End If End Sub 

Massive thanks to IvenBack, AJD and Mathieu Guindon for unravelling my (miraculously working) ridiculously messy previous code attempt, below is take 2 that I hope is much more streamlined and removes all (?!) of the redundant lines. Hopefully this is much improved and not too much of a bastardisation of the brilliant recommendations and codes you wrote.

All help gratefully received as I still have a long way to go.