Copying filtered data in Google Sheets

What is the correct method for copying data in a filtered view in Google Sheets?

For example, in the image below, I want to copy the cells with values 1 & 3 and paste them into the cells with value a & c.

enter image description here

If I filter the view to only show those values, I want to make sure that the cells with value 2 & b are not impacted.

enter image description here

I am raising this question since I made assumptions that ended up corrupting a lot of data on a Google sheet.

How to move from a filtered list to default view?

Suppose I am designing a web site to display a list of items. I’d like to add a category filter to display only the items of a given category.

Now I’m wondering how user should move back from the filtered list to the default list of items. Should I add just a “home” link or button ? Should I use “bread crumbs” with a “home” link ? What would you suggest ?

Does the associated graded functor take coproducts of filtered k-coalgebras to graded k-coalgebras?

Let’s suppose we have two graded coalgebras $ C_1$ and $ C_2$ with respective admissible filtrations (i.e $ F_{0}C_i=0$ and $ \mathrm{colim}_k F_kC_i=C_i$ ), I would like to know if there is an isomorphism $ $ \mathrm{Gr}(C_1\prod C_2)\cong \mathrm{Gr}(C_1)\prod\mathrm{Gr}(C_2)$ $ where the filtration in $ C_1\sqcup C_2$ is $ F_k(C_1\prod C_2)=\displaystyle\sum_{p+q=k}{F_pC_1\prod F_q C_2}$ . I saw the dual result for k-algebras in page 190 of the book Cogroups and Co-rings in Categories of Associative Rings, but without proof. Any suggestion, please?.

Drupal 7 show terms in view filtered from another view

I have two views, first one is block, second one is page. I have vocabulary, let’s call it “food”. In the food vocabulary we have that hierarchy:

  • Fruit
    • Apple
    • Banana
  • Meat
    • Chicken
    • Pork

Both views goal is to show taxonomy terms, but first one shows ONLY parent terms, then we click on parent Fruit, we get second view, which shows ONLY terms from Fruit, so Apple and Banana. If we clicked on Meat term, we get terms Chicken and Pork. My question is how to do it?

Get filtered tweets that have images

on D7.60 I am looking for the way to get a feed from twitter filtering by 1) time range, 2) keyword and 3) wether tweet has an image in it (only tweets with images). Later I would like to be a able to save the feed as a list with links to images. Is it possible to achieve this using main Twitter module?

How to make MIUI 10 Android 8 to auto-connect to a filtered WiFi AP?

I have a well working WiFi AP – actually a number of them. They are just fine themselves. Other iOS, Mac, Windows etc devices auto-connect just fine to it.

I also have Xiaomi mi5 with MIUI 10 Android 8. I have a bunch of them. Even after a factory reset, network reset, ensuring auto-connect is on – it does not re-connect to filtered WiFi when it is restarted or when it comes back from out of range distance.

Device says “connected, no internet” on first connection or manual connections after. DHCP is all OK, gets IP. network communication works.

I do understand that it says “no internet” because it tried to test with google servers and it failed. They are filtered here, and no I’m not in China. But the logic of “no google server”=”no internet” is not correct. I am assuming that this is the reason it decides not to connect. But I am not sure. And also other Android 7 devices don’t have this issue.

I ran out of ideas. Any clues on how to make this work?

Filtered Gmail Notifications

I used to use IFTTT to give me app notifications when an email with a specific tag came in. I didn't want to know about every email, but there were definitely some that warranted the interruption.

Google have now stopped gmail from triggering actions
View attachment 240989

Are there any tools around that will let me be notified when specific emails arrive in my gmail account?

table does not alternate row color when filtered

I recently modified an excel sheet which required me to convert some tables on a tab to a range to remove an unnecessary column that was interfering when copying a range form one sheet to another. When I went back to convert the ranges back to tables, the tables no longer alternate color when filtered.

What I mean by that is, when the table has no filter active, and all rows are visible, and the rows alternate between blue and white. When I activate a filter now, I could have 2 or more rows with the same color next to each other. Prior to the change, the colors would be alternate as if it was unfiltered.

My question is, what did I do wrong, and how can I fix it?