mail filtering in Sierra

I have a Macbook pro running Sierra. All of a sudden the Apple mail program started filtering messages. I know that they are there in my inbox but I can’t see them. When new mail comes, it’s there for a bit but then disappears from view. I know it’s there because I can search for it and find it. How can I turn off this filtering??? I don’t use gmail, just the apple program with our local email provider. I have restored the os software and rebuilt the inbox several times. At one point I saw there were multiple copies of the same emails from the day this problem started. I think filtering is the problem. Don’t want it, don’t need it, now how do I get rid of it?

Filtering objects by date in MS Graph

I’m trying to get a list of all users who were created after a certain date.

I can use the endpoint below to get all users and then extend it again to request the user created date. In the graph explorer this only shows my date the rest are blank but I’m guessing this is down to permissions so I’m not concerned as this will be running in an SPFx web part with requested Graph permissions$ select=id, displayName, jobTitle, createdDateTime

Regardless of any filter I enter, see examples below, I never get any response on an error saying “Syntax error at position 26 in ‘createdDateTime gt 2018-08-02T13:01:13Z'”$ select=id, displayName, jobTitle, createdDateTime&$ filter= createdDateTime gt 2018-01-01$ select=id, displayName, jobTitle, createdDateTime&$ filter= createdDateTime gt 2018-08-02T13:01:13Z

I want to be able to find all users created after a certain date but can’t filter the user results on this date property it only works with basic details like displayName eq ‘Raymond Little’

Filtering Mechanism for Website [on hold]

What I’m looking to achieve is really basic, but I found most of the explanations online too sophisticated or vague. In other words, they’re all intended for seasoned web developers.

What I need is a filtering mechanism for my website. Suppose I’m setting up a site listing medical experts across a country. There are hundreds of profiles of people and each of them has multiple attributes such as location, years of experience, field of expertise (dentistry, surgery), etc. So I need to add a filter facility to filter the profiles by those attributes, so users can easily search for just the person they need by narrowing down their search results.

How do I do it? What would be the easiest way for a novice web developer to pull that off? If anything, those hundreds of profiles I mentioned are yet to be created. So I suppose I will have to store them in a database? Or are there any other (better) options? Any hints would be appreciated. Thank you!

Predicate in filtering

 private List<BaseIcon> filterIconsToChangeByPositions(List<BaseIcon> baseIcons, List<Integer> positions) {     return                     .filter(baseIcon -> pred(positions))                     .collect(Collectors.toList()); }  private Predicate<BaseIcon> pred(List<Integer> positions) {     return baseIcon -> -> pos == baseIcon.getPositionOnGameField()); } 

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What does this pattern match when filtering strings for URLs

What exactly is this line for

preg_replace('#[^0-9a-z]+#i', '-', parent::filter($  string)) 

in the following method in \vendor\magento\framework\Filter\TranslitUrl.php:

public function filter($  string) {     $  string = preg_replace('#[^0-9a-z]+#i', '-', parent::filter($  string));     $  string = strtolower($  string);     $  string = trim($  string, '-');      return $  string; } 

The method is used to filter strings which will be used in URLs, and I know that line replaces some strings with - character. But I don’t fully understand what exactly this pattern #[^0-9a-z]+#i matches.

I will appreciate any hints.

Filtering using mutually exclusive / OR options?

Background / Previous Research

So I am designing an application which displays a list of names to view more statistics on, and I have a small number of filters I would like to add, most of which are 2-3 mutually exclusive options like:

  • Cross Country vs Track
  • Male, Female, Both

Currently, I understand my options to be a segmented control, a separate table view with a check mark, or some sort of third party solution to use radio buttons, or a third party solution using dropdowns.

My filter screen will be shown and hidden on a button tap, and the results displayed instantly. Here is a picture of what that would look like: enter image description here


How should I best allow my users to filter the results they are shown? I have very little UX design experience, so I would love some feedback on how this should be done.

Shipping method filtering based on order total

I have a magento 2.2.3 site. In checkout we have enabled two shipping options. Table rates and free shipping. Orders above 100$ we provide free shipping charges. But sometimes this does not work Suppose, the subtotal for particular order is 160$ . After discounts or promotions etc order total comes as 60$ . Then in the checkout free shipping options should not be displayed and table rates should be applied. Checkout shows both options. What I want is to display only one of the option based on the Order total not the subtotal. Could anyone please advice on this ??

Filtering Best Practices

What are the best practices for filtering out a big list?

  1. Keep all filters wide open all the time


  1. Narrow filter values down as I add a Filters somewhere else?

For example let’s say I have a List with thousands of Students.

The Columns I can Filter on are: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name

I have 100 students with the last name Anderson and 100 students with the last name Smith.

Now I go to my Last Name column and Filter by both Anderson and Smith. When I go to the First Name column to add an additional filter, should I see the thousands of First Names OR should I just see the 200 First Names that belong to Anderson and Smith?