Why doesn’t FilterOp work with Inplview?

I am trying to pass a URL into a SharePoint listview with parameters for filtering. The FilterOp paramter doesn’t work with inplview for me.

If I pass the parameters in normal query string format (?key1=value1&key2=value2), the FilterOp parameter is honored. For example, if I do this:


The FilterOp (Gt – greater than) is honored and I only get rows where Date1 is greater than 12/31/2015. However, if the user clicks the paging button to advance to the next page (or modifies a filter or sorts), the syntax switches to the format used by inplview (key1%3Dvalue1-key2%3Dvalue2). But in this format, FilterOp is not honored. For example, if I do this:


The FilterOp is ignored. FYI, the hyphens in the date get double encoded to %252D since a hyphen is a parameter separator in this syntax.

Other values for FilterOp are ignored as well. The date encoding complication is not relevant. You can reproduce this filtering issue on a single line of text column.

I need to be able to pass a URL with parameters that filter using FilterOp that will work with inplview to properly support paging, sorting, and filter modification. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.