How do I remove my waist level finder (RB67)?

After reading the manual and searching the internet, it seems my view finder is different from most. As you see in the photo below, there’s no release latch below the “ya” of the Mamiya logo on the front of the WLVF.

enter image description here

Check out this photo for reference to what I “should” be seeing

enter image description here

Also, my view finder looks kinda different while opened up as well; the loupe focus assist lens thingy is smaller. I’m guessing this is because my RB67 is a later model (it’s just a Pro – not a Pro-S or Pro-SD).

[GET][NULLED] – WYZI – Business Finder WordPress Directory Listing Theme v2.2.1


[GET][NULLED] – WYZI – Business Finder WordPress Directory Listing Theme v2.2.1

Desktop files showing in command line shell but not in Finder

I’m using iCloud drive. I have some HEIC files on my Desktop that I converted to jpg using a simple automator script. After the conversion, the jpgs are nowhere to be found in Finder or on the Desktop. In Finder, I see the .HEIC files still sitting there in the Desktop folder in the iCloud drive.

However, when I go to ~/Desktop, there are no HEIC files. I do see the converted JPGs, however.

From the command line, if I do touch test.txt the file does not show up in Finder but it does in the shell. However, if I create a new folder using Finder, the new folder does show up in the shell’s directory as well as on the Desktop.

What is going on? This is maddening.

How to get the path associated to a favorite in Finder?

I have some favorites in Finder (10.11.4) and I can’t open some of them:

“Folder name” can’t be opened because the original item can’t be found.

The folder can’t be open because it is on an unmount volume. The problem is I don’t know what is this volume and I would like to know the path associated to this favorite. I can’t get this information with right click on the favorite, it is not listed in the Finder preferences and the information is not present in the plist file.

Where can I get this information?

My WD drive is not showing in finder but I can see it in disk utility with a grey color

I can’t see my external Hard Drive in finder but i can see my hard drive in disk utility but in a grey almost transparent color. When I try to run a “first aid” this is what i get as an error: Running First Aid on “BENJA’S HD” (disk2s2)

Repairing file system. Volume is already unmounted. Performing fsck_exfat -y -x /dev/rdisk2s2 Checking volume. Checking main boot region. The volume could not be verified completely. File system check exit code is 1. Restoring the original state found as unmounted. File system verify or repair failed. Operation failed…

Any idea what I can do? thanks!

Show a preview of folder in preview column in column view of Finder

I want folders to show up as previews in the right hand preview pane of column view in Finder. Primarily I want this so that I can access some some Automator actions right there in the preview pane. Is this possible? Here’s a screenshot of what is shown with a file in Finder using macOS Mojave.

enter image description here

Now here’s what I get when a folder is selected.

enter image description here

There is no preview pane, and I can’t seem to find a way to enable it.

Is there no way to enable preview/quicklook for folders in that pane?

There certainly is some sort of preview for folders, since the quicklook shortcut (hitting the spacebar or three finger tap on a selected folder) gives a thumbnail of folder with size and number of items. That’s all I need really, since what I really want to access are the Automator actions (which I’ve circled above).