Finder window reappears if still open

I am sure this question was asked somewhere but just could not figure out precisely how to describe the behaviour so as to find the answer. I have multiple windows open on the screen. The one in the foreground is a Finder window, then some other stuff and then another Finder window in the background. If I close the Finder window in the foreground then the one in the background appears. How can I prevent this behavior?

How to permanently disable the Finder application?

I am trying to incorporate using CLI commands in my daily workflow to learn them better. I have tried the seemingly popular solution of force-quitting Finder from the Apple menu, but it isn’t very difficult to relaunch it by simply clicking on Trash or a folder on the Desktop. I am unsure as to what extent Finder manages macOS operations, but is there a way to disable it that makes it harder to relaunch?

System: MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014), running macOS Mohave 10.14.4

While I can decide to religiously refrain from using Finder, I have noticed that making things harder to reach is the fool-proof way to curb the muscle memory that has developed over time, just as the best way to start learning hard things is to reduce friction and make them more accessible.
I wish to make it so that the command line is my only way to get around, and if there’s a way to force this without much damage I’d be happy to give it a shot 🙂

Interrupted Finder whilst it was deleting 400GB of files. Now I have 400GB of Hidden Space that won’t go away

Daisy Disk Snapshot

I was in the process of deleting 400GB of files from the Trash when I needed to restart Finder.

The Trash emptying progress bar was about 1/3rd of the way through.

Now DaisyDisk tells me I have 400GB of Hidden Space on a 1TB SSD.

I’ve restarted, waited a few days, and the space has not become available again.

Is there anything else I can do to reclaim this space?

Many thanks

Connect through Finder with server, save permissions?

I’m trying to access my FTP server through Finder, I can open the server and access the files. But when I try to change a .css file or something and save I then get an error stating that I don’t have permission.

I tried this but this didn’t work On my server the permissions are correct.

Someone know what I’m doing wrong?

Use terminal to request copy of files using Finder

I can copy files using the terminal like this

cp -r path/to/folder1 path/to/folder2 

However, this has some limitations:

  • Conflicts are not resolved nicely: do I want to overwrite, rename, abort?
  • Progress bar is not shown

Would it be possible to instead call a third party app to deal with these edge cases for me? What I am thinking in particular is programmatically telling Finder “copy these files from src to dst”

I would expect it to be something like this API

finder --headless --copy --src path/to/folder1 --dst path/to/folder2 

Is there a way to achieve this?

External Drive Finder Color-Tags on folder and files are different on different Macs

In our team we use the mac color tags to organize tasks. Now we have a problem that some macs are not showing all colors tags.

The operating system and the finder versions are the same on the different Macs. You can see the same folder on our server on my Mac and the Mac of my coworker in my attachemnt-file.

Any idea what this problem could be?

I also delete the finder prefrences file and the tags have the same names. Also i created a new user on my mac but this didnt solve the problem.

enter image description here