5000 item limit prevents opening item even if view works fine

I have a Sharepoint 2013 task list with 5001 items in it. I have talked with the department that uses it about limiting the size by clearing out old items, but that is probably a little ways off.

When I ran into the size limit, I increased the limit temporarily and added an index and then brought it back down to 5000. That worked fine to allow me to view the list. However, I could not open an item from the list to edit it unless the view threshold was brought back up above 5000.

What is the solution for this?

I should say that this particular list is used by about 10-15 people at a time, max.

Edit: Here is the exact error message that showed up in the Event Log.

The form template failed to load. (User: 0#.w|domain\username, Form Name: Template, IP: , Request: https://home.domain.org/Units/unitname/SitePages/Home.aspx, Form ID: urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:infopath:list:-AutoGen-2014-10-24T20:13:58:284Z, Type: DataAdapterException, Exception Message: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator. The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.)

batch file : 4 line code— This file is called by another batch file that works fine

It was suggested to repost my question on Code Review: Appreciate any feedback.

Intro: I placed some home videos on a flash drive, I have a batch file with a menu that calls on any specific video through a separate batch file designated to that video. I have placed on the flash drive a VLC portable player to use regardless of PC.

Problem: As shown below in my work, a very simple batch file with the sole purpose of starting a video using a portable copy of VLC (VLCportable).

The VLCportable\vlcportable is for opening the video player

The sdavideos\cd1\vts_02_0.ifo is location and video file to open

Surprisingly this does work, but I know it is not right and seek guidance to make the code proper and understand the correct structure.

@echo off VLCportable\vlcportable sdavideos\cd1\vts_02_0.ifo start sdavideos\cd1\vts_02_0.ifo  exit 

it was pointed out that the line……. “VLCportable\vlcportable sdavideos\cd1\vts_02_0.ifo ” line does nothing, but it does because operation works with it, but not without it.

Also it will not work without the “start” line.

Any crit will be appreciated, or opinion if you have the time.

It does work, everything is on the flash drive, but I would like it to work and also be written right lol. Thank you

Remote Desktop 10.2.3 Database Creation Error; 10.2.1 runs fine; 10.2.2 crashes: how to find actual cause(s)?

What would be good steps to find the cause of the below errors?

I get this error when running Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.2.3 or higher on MacOS High Sierra: enter image description here

Database Creation Error  "An error occurred during persistent store migration.  [Domain: NSCocoaErrorDomain, Code: 134110]" 

I am stuck at 10.2.1 now (which cannot add user accounts and will eventually stop working), want to use the newer version, but cannot use intermediate 10.2.2 as it crashes with the below information that I repeatedly submitted with the “Problem Report for Microsoft Desktop”.

Manually migrating all the machine and user entries is really cumbersome: there are hundreds of them.

Information that might help:

  • where is the information on entries and users stored?
  • what format is that information stored?
  • are the tools for converting that information between various versions?
  • where are crash reports stored?

Crash report on 10.2.1: https://gist.github.com/jpluimers/851453d938a62ce45abd30fb929ae5e1

Fine tuning a find and replace code

I have this code that works to find the word “Yes” and replace it with a 1. How do I also add in a line for it to find “No” and replace it with a 0?

function fandr() {   var ss=SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();   var s=ss.getActiveSheet();   var r=s.getDataRange();   var vlst=r.getValues();   var i,j,a,find,repl;   find="Yes"   repl="1"   for (i in vlst) {     for (j in vlst[i]) {       a=vlst[i][j];       if (a==find) vlst[i][j]=repl;     }   }   r.setValues(vlst); } 

PHP works perfectly fine, it says it loads mysqli but PHPMyAdmin tells me mysqli is missing

I got PHP installed through Apache Lounge on Windows 10 x64. I installed PHP, I enabled and made sure the mysqli line is not commented. PHP seems to work, PHPMyAdmin tells me:

The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration. See our documentation for more information.

Why doesn’t my Sigma ring flash work in TTL mode with the Nikon D500 when it works fine with other Nikon Models?

I used to use this ring flash with my D7100 and 105 Nikon for several years. I just recently upgraded to the D500, and now all my pics are in overexposed (overblown) in TTL mode. I mostly used manual exposure with aperture f/13 and shutter speed 1/125th. I get bit under or over exposed by a little bit, but this is totally different.

Why doesn’t my Sigma ring flash work properly in TTL mode with the D500 Nikon when it works quite fine with other models like D7100 or D810?