Can a bolt-action hunting rifle (long arm), be fired when target is at arm’s length? [closed]

Yesterday, I was running my homebrew system (D100), with a friend and one of my nephews over Discord. It was a zombie apocalypse theme. The situation occurred, when my friend (carrying a bolt-action hunting rifle), was rushed by an ‘infected’, and it did a ‘claw strike’, and missed. It was my friend’s turn next. He wanted to do a scoped shot with the bolt-action hunting rifle, but I informed him that the infected was at arms length (too close).

He said he still wanted to fire his rifle (which I considered a long arm), but I said the target was too close. I gave him the option of using the rifle stock to make a melee attack, but he still wanted to fire the rifle. The ‘discussion’ went on for some time, with me trying to explain to the 2 of them (a third one soon joined in), all saying that he could fire the rifle, even if the target was at arm’s length (1 to 1.5ft away?) Hunting rifle stats: Most full-size, bolt-action hunting rifles weigh more or less eight pounds, are around 41 to 42 inches long and have 22- to 24-inch barrels. This means that with scope, sling and everything hunt-ready, the typical rifle rig weighs-in at around nine pounds. So from above, the rifle needs 3.5 feet ‘clearance’ to fire.

I was telling my friend that because the target was so close, and the rifle was a ‘long arm’, he didn’t have enough ‘space’ to bring it to bare, and point the barrel end at the target (it was in his face’, almost).

Any advice would be most appreciated concerning this above situation.

How many horns can be fired from Alicorn Lance during its duration?

I am somewhat confused by the wording of Alicorn Lance as stated in Elminster’s Guide to Magic. The text states:

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

A transparent alicorn (unicorn horn) forms about 2 inches from your brow. Starting the turn you cast this spell, for the duration you can use a bonus action during each of your turns to launch the horn at a creature you can see within range.

I am confused about the supposed contradiction between "during each of your turns" and "launch the horn".

Does it return between launches? Does it reappear? Does it ever leave your head in the first place?

Can you launch a new horn each round?

Or is it just a single-shot effect that you can use on one bonus action that occurs during the spells duration?

Does a Mundane Arrow Fired From a Magical Bow Count as a Magical Weapon Attack?

I’ve seen this question asked in previous editions, but I want to ask this question specifically for D&D 5e. Apparently there is still some debate about this. If I am a fighter with a +2 bow and I fire a nonmagical, mundane arrow at an enemy (golem, for example) that has resistance to damage from nonmagical weapons, does my attack overcome the damage resistance?

Can a ballista be fired once per round with a crew of three?

The rules for the ballista on p.255 of the DMG state that to make an attack the weapon must be loaded, aimed and fired. Each of these takes one action. However, could each of these actions be performed by a crew of three, with one character to perform each step, thus allowing the ballista to be fired once per round?

My assumption is yes, but there’s nothing textual to support this. Am I missing something?

Are there any rules for adjudicating a ranged attack fired at a target engaged in melee combat with an ally?

While running a session recently, one of the players chose to “assist” his companion who was in melee with a goblin, by firing an arrow at the pair of them. I couldn’t find any particular rules for this scenario so just had him roll at a disadvantage, counting a miss as a hit on his companion (damage to be ascertained by a second roll).

This seemed to work okay, and became a running joke for the night as the arrow bounced off the companions back, but are there specific rules for this scenario?

Does Scorching Ray being fired at a single target count as one attack for the purpose of the Help Action?

Nin’Zar, the imp familiar, likes its cushy new assignment serving a Pact of the Chain Warlock. So, it wants to help its master as much as possible by using the Help Action when its master casts Scorching Ray.

The spell description for Scorching Ray says:

You create three rays of fire and hurl them at targets within range. You can hurl them at one target or several.

According to the Help Action,

You feint, distract the target, or in some other way team up to make your ally’s attack more effective. If your ally attacks the target before your next turn, the first attack roll is made with advantage.

When someone makes multiple attacks, they are separate, sequential events that happen during the course of that player’s turn. For instance, with Two-Weapon Fighting, a player makes an attack event then makes a Bonus Action attack event. When a fighter uses their Extra Attack feature, the multiple attacks are again separate, sequential attack events.

However, since the duration for Scorching Ray is ‘instantaneous’, if you fire all three rays at one target, it can be argued that this would count as one attack event. Just like firing both barrels from a shotgun at the same time would be one attack event. If this is the case, then the Help Action could give Advantage to each of the to hit rolls.

Does Scorching Ray being fired at a single target count as one attack for the purpose of the Help Action?

Does a cantrip fired with the Ready Action require concentration?

The SRD states the following for the Prepare action:

First, you decide what perceivable circumstance will trigger your reaction. Then, you choose the action you will take in response to that trigger, or you choose to move up to your speed in response to it.

When you ready a spell, you cast it as normal but hold its energy, which you release with your reaction when the trigger occurs. To be readied, a spell must have a casting time of 1 action, and holding onto the spell’s magic requires concentration.

It explicitly states that you can use this to cast a spell. Can you use this to cast a cantrip as well? To me it sometimes seems unclear whether a cantrip is considered a 0th level spell for these scenarios.

Furthermore, does this also require concentration for the cantrip, even if it does not normally require concentration?

Can creatures outside a Leomund’s Tiny Hut use ammunition that was fired from inside the hut to attack creatures inside the hut?

I’ve not seen comments on this interpretation, so what can anyone tell me about enemies picking up arrows shot out of the hut and shooting them back in (albeit at obscured creatures inside)? Do those arrows get a pass since they were inside the hut when cast?

How to go initial state after onClick function fired in reactJS?

I have made copy to clipboard component. It’s working fine. But i want to make it goes to initial state after copied the text. That’s mean before onClick event it will show on hover “Copy to Clipboard” and when it clicked it will show “Copied to clipboard” and goes to initial state (Copy to Clipboard) and if i click again then onClick event will be fire again.

Here is my working code

Thanks in advance.