ttf mscorefonts broke Firefox and Chrome Fonts

16.04 user. I thought this was a Firefox issue only, and removed ttf mscorefonts. After removal, most sites went back to displaying fonts as they’re supposed to, but not all. When I log in as guest, those sites which look funky look just fine. After a couple of hours i realized the exact same issue shows up on chrome too. Tried re-installing and then uninstalling mscorefonts as well. No luck.

I’ve fiddled around with fonts.conf in etc/fonts and 51-local.conf in etc/fonts/conf.avail – no fix, so I left them as is.

Any help is much appreciated.

Firefox window always starting maximized

Intermittently Firefox reverts to opening its windows maximized. I expect it to remember last size and revert to that.

Ubuntu 18.04, latest patches, Firefox as supplied with Ubuntu, default GNOME desktop. When I was 17.04/Unity desktop (if that matters) it did re-open at same (non-maximized) size as last time I closed it. Now it sometimes does that, and that continues to work for a while, but sometimes reverts to always opening maximized, which I don’t want.

As of today, for example, no matter what I do in the way of closing it, it re-opens maximized. I tried created a new temporary profile, but that didn’t seem to change behaviour. I have done nothing “special” that I am aware of since it last worked, and I cannot figure how to get desired behaviour back.

  • Does anyone else suffer this intermittent behaviour?
  • Does anyone know what I can do to sort this out?
  • If it is saving this setting somewhere in the profile (~/.mozilla/firefox/xyz.default/), which exact file is it in?

Pack all tabs in firefox

So I’m the kind of people who open a bunch of tabs. But now I’m gonna re-install my OS. So I want to ask is there a method, to save all the tabs I open and then restore it after I re-install the OS? Or maybe have a key that saves all opening tabs to a bookmark folder then I can re-open them?

P.S. The sync function for Firefox isn’t what I want. Since it’s sync tabs between devices, while I’m reinstalling stuff which means it isn’t syncing across devices.

RouterLink não acessa rota no Firefox

Estou desenvolvendo em Angular 6, usando Lazy Loading, recentemente reparei que no Firefox quando tento acessar uma rota, onde preciso passar um id, o mesmo não acessa, porém funciona normal nos demais navegadores.

<mat-icon [routerLink]="['atualizacao',]" routerLinkActive="active" class="zmdi zmdi-account zmdi-hc-fw c-gray"></mat-icon> 

É estranho porque no firefox a navegação flui normal ao tentar acessar rotas simples. Alguém já passou por algo parecido?

Unable to open Firefox and Xcode since my last update

I’m using OS X El Captain 10.11.6. It worked well until 14 Dec 2018. Indeed, I could use Firefox and Xcode (the main softwares I use) without any troubles.

But, since 14 Dec 2018, after rebooting, I can’t use Firefox and Xcode anymore. For Xcode, I get this error:

No macOS SDK was found, but Xcode requires a macOS SDK. You may have an incomplete or damaged installation of Xcode. 

and, for Firefox, I get this error:

Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible. 

I followed the Mozilla Knowledge Base, I check the ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles folder and there are no folder in there. Has my profile disappeared?

I also noticed two Apple updates were installed on 14 Dec 2018:

  • XProtectPlistConfigData (version 2101)

  • MRTConfigData (version 1.38)

According to this link, MRTConfigData can delete malicious softwares and XProtectPlistConfigData can prevent their running.

Do those updates have an impact on Xcode and/or Xcode? How can I know what malicious softwares have been deleted? And how can I run Firefox and Xcode again?

After upgrading to Firefox Quantum (on Ubuntu 18.0.4), previous FF profile data is lost. How to regain access to old profile data

I have lost all my previous logins, passwords and bookmarks after an apt update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade.

I am quite annoyed at the inconvenience caused by this (I have end of year tax submissions etc., and no longer have access to my logins etc.).

I need to be able to access my previous profiles so I can export the data (even manually, if need be), so that I can finally remove firefox from my machine and simply use Chrome.

LibX Add-on not working for firefox

While installing LibX extension on Firefox, I get the error The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt. There is another question on Stack Overflow regarding this issue with some other add-on. Toggling the xpinstall.signatures.required to false did not help. What could be causing the corrupt error as I can unzip the xpi file and see its contents?