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Ubuntu 19.04 very slow after first install

I recently installed Ubuntu 19.04 on my laptop (specs: Intel Celeron N2840 @ 2.16GHz, 4GB RAM. Not the fastest, but it worked pretty well). I’ve used Windows all my life and have never had any speed issues. I briefly switched to Lubuntu, it was running pretty fine as well.

I’ve switched again, this time to Ubuntu 19.04, and it’s been unbearably slow. I know system resources aren’t the issue since System Monitor shows ~10% of the CPU being used and 50% of RAM (which might sound like a lot, but my laptop worked fine on Windows, and that used 60%).

I’d appreciate any help, I’m pretty new to Ubuntu so please make your answers noob friendly, thanks.

Start a task process wait for first response

I’m needing help on the following issue:

The workflow (SP Designer 2013) contains an action ‘Start a task process’ with parallel assignment. The completion criteria is set to ‘Wait for first response’.

In my example the tasks is assigned to 6 people (dynamically), so generating 6 different tasks in the task list. If one of these approves or declines, the workflow continues as intended. But the other 5 task are still open.

Is it possible to close/delete these tasks that are no longer relevant?

If the user still reply, his answer is not used in the flow. The task list is going over 5000 items in no time because these tasks keep in the list.

If we could catch an ID, we could create a flow to delete these non-relevant items in the task list.

Kodi hangs on splash screen at first run; apparent database error in logfile

On a freshly installed 64bit Ubuntu 18.04 system with Intel graphics, a freshly installed kodi hangs at the splash screen. The log file appears nominal until the last three lines.

2019-09-15 08:17:16.734 T:139670001514240  NOTICE: Running database version Addons27 2019-09-15 08:17:16.735 T:139670001514240   ERROR: SQL: [ViewModes6.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such table: version)                                             Query: SELECT idVersion FROM version 2019-09-15 08:17:16.792 T:139670001514240   ERROR: Process error processing job 

I tried kodi both from the stock repos and the stable ppa, both had the same problem.

I’ve installed kodi successfully on several systems and AFAIK didn’t do anything different this time – what’s causing it to hang here?

Microsoft flow – Get First Char from File Name

I have a form that creates docx files from a form / word template.

User inputs

  • Firtname = Joe
  • Lastname = Dirt

Then a file is created “Joe Dirt – New Hire.docx”

I like to find a way to get the first letter of the file “J” to then be able to move it to onedrive folder based on the Letter. So move J files to J folder.

I have my sharepoint document viewer all setup to file the Directory Tree “A-Z” Just cant get them in it 🙁

I tried the variable sub string but couldn’t get it right. anything helps. thank you.

Current FLow

enter image description here

Reading the first line

Below is a .txt file that I am reading in and need to use for information. I want my function to read in the top number as an integer(how many numbers are in the following row) so that I can use a for loop later on. The problem lies in how that top number is defined. Trying to put in listSize = file.txt[0] yields a seemingly random number, running my for loop an undesired amount of times. Here is the file:

Line 1: 4 Line 2: 5 8 9 2

How would I write a code in C++ that reads in just that first line so that I could assign that number to a variable, say “listSize”, to ultimately use for a for loop?