When composing an email in Gmail, after the first letter of a new line the cursor jumps left

So, this is rather difficult to explain, but I will attempt. Lets say I am starting the body of an email


this is what I type into my keyboard.


This is what shows up.

Another example being





After typing the first letter, the cursor jumps left, so as in the last example


This happens on every new line, and is incredibly frustrating. I wish to know how to fix this.

Directly installing file from internet with package manager instead of downloading it first (Lubuntu Disco Dingo 64)

I just installed Google Chrome and chose to directly open/install the .deb file with the package manager instead of downloading it first. I am assuming this downloads the .deb file as a temp file somewhere?

Does this file automatically delete after the install? If not, where would it be located so I can delete it?

I looked in /var/cache/apt/archives and did not see it.

No focus on last opened document when opened after a first one

In a recent past, I was using Unity, with Ubuntu 16.04. When I selected and opened a document in Nautilus, the display swap directy to the application corresponding to the document and this application was opening the requested document.

Now, with GNOME, under Ubuntu 18.04.2, when I select a document and ask for its opening, nothing happends. I need to swap manually the display the needed application, which was opened in the background, with Alt+tab. Worse, if a former document was openend by the same application, this first document is displayed, not the second one. I need then to swap manually furthermore to the second document with Alt+² Is there a way to improve this ? (Note that my opening preferences are double-click.) Thanks in advance.

click on button, open another sharepoint site within the frame/window of the first page

on my main sharepoint site I have 4 images/thumbnails that link to other internal sharepoint sites. What I’m trying to achieve here is upon clicking on any one of these thumbnails, the content of that other site to be displayed within the frame of the first(main) page. How can I do that if possible.

thank you so much in advance.

Beginner programmer having problems with first program assignment

I have made a few adjustments, I still can not seem to find the problem. any help would be appreciated.

          1 ##         2 # This program computes the price of an order            from           3 # the total price and the number of the books            that          4 # were ordered from the bookstore.         5 # Constant tax rate of 7.5% on the total price            of          6 # each book.         7         8 TAX_RATE = 0.075         9         10 # Obtain number of books and book price from            order.         11 userInput = input(Number of Books purchased            ?")         12 numBooks = float(userInput)         13         14 userInput = input("Total Book Costs ?")         15 bookPrice = float(userInput)         16         17 # Calculate total for books.         18 totalForBooks = numBooks * bookPrice         19         20 totalTax = numBooks * TAX_RATE         21         22 shippingCostPerBook = 2         23 totalShippingCost = shippingCostPerBook *            numBooks         24         25 # Calculate the total of their order            including price         26 # of book(s), tax, and shipping costs.         27         28 totalOfOrder = totalForBooks + totalTax +            totalShippingCost         29 print("tax : %2f" % totalTax)         30 print("Total Shipping :" % totalShippingCost)           x 31 print("Total Order : %.2f % totalOfOrder)  

I have tried to add parenthesis, (str). I continue to get an X error in line 31. again, help would be appreciated.