Retrieve first transaction that has no transaction before date range

heres what i composed. Is there anyway to optimized this query?

SELECT, min(td.tran_date)  FROM customer c,      INNER JOIN t_details td ON = t.c_id      INNER JOIN transactions t ON td.t_num = t.t_num WHERE      NOT EXISTS      (SELECT t_date        FROM transactions       WHERE t_date <= "2020-12-31"      )      t.t_date BETWEEN "2021-01-01" AND "2021-12-31" 

To disable the domain transfer lock, first deactivate the private registration

I’m looking to migrate from ionos to godaddy or similar. Referencing:

and, presumably, registering the domain with godaddy is simple enough. How do I ensure that everything is kept intact in terms of the domain registration?

I see:

Authorization Code

The transfer lock is enabled for this domain. For this reason, any transfer request will be declined automatically. The Private Registration is enabled for this domain. Before you can transfer the domain, you have to deactivate it.  

If you want to transfer your domain to another provider, you will require the authorisation code shown below. The authorisation code makes sure that only the Registrant or Administrator of the domain can initiate the transfer process to a new provider.

Please note that upon completion of a transfer to a new provider, all website content, email addresses and subdomains associated to the domain will be permanently deleted. Your authorization code:

However, wouldn’t want to disable an privacy around the domain registration.

Does this disable the privacy information available through whois or similar services?

How to tell Google to pick the first page instead of 2nd or 3rd page of the listing?

I have a classified website and it has a great traffic. When I google for a specific term that is related to my site I saw that my site appears in search results but google is picking the 5th page of the related category.

eg :

But I want google to pick the first page of my category. Because the first page is the page where the latest listing can be seen.

How to achieve that?

WooCommerce products sorting by primary category first

I have a site with woocommerce and yoast seo plugin. I want to list the products on category archive page, by making the products of primary category (from yoast plugin) come first. Currently it does not do that. It is listing the products randomly or by menu order. The products have multiple categories assigned. For ex. the page of ‘Fashion’ category archive should list the products with primary category ‘Fashion’ to come first. Thanks

First object jumps on re-entry of second colliding object

The scenario is that I have two objects – Object A and Object B. The Object A is lying on the ground and when Object B enters the collider of Object A, the Object A moves (only X and Z axis) with Object B. The movement works well with the script shown below.

The issue is that most of the time, the Object A’s initially position shifts by few meters whenever Object B enters its collider. I feel it is related to offset position. What should happen is that, Object A should be the same position when Object B enters the collider and move along with Object B only when Object B moves.

So how do I fix this?

private Vector3 offsetPosition;  public Transform ObjectB;  public bool ObjectB_Collision = false;  void Start () {         offsetPosition = ObjectB.transform.position - this.transform.position;     }      void ObjectB_HasEntered() {         offsetPosition = ObjectB.transform.position - this.transform.position;     }       // Update is called once per frame     void LateUpdate () {          if (ObjectB_Collision == true) {             this.transform.position = new Vector3 (ObjectB.transform.position.x, this.transform.position.y, ObjectB.transform.position.z) - new Vector3 (offsetPosition.x, 0, offsetPosition.z);         }      }  public void OnTriggerEnter (Collider col) {         if (!enabled) return;          if ( == "Object_B") {             ObjectB_HasEntered();             ObjectB_Collision = true;         }     }   public void OnTriggerExit (Collider col) {         if (!enabled) return;         if ( == "Object_B") {             ObjectB_Collision = false;          }     } ``` 

Poisson GeneralizedLinearModelFit with log link, first argument not a vector, matrix or list


I’m trying to plot a graph for an exponential decay for a radioactivity experiment, so model is y=Ae^(-kt). Cross-Validated SE, suggested trying a Poisson GLM with a log link fit, and then to output mean deviance for goodness of fit. I’ve tried doing this but am getting the error:

GeneralizedLinearModelFit::notdata: The first argument is not a vector,  matrix, or a list containing a design matrix and response vector. 

And admittedly, I don’t really understand the documentation for it. And am unsure how to implement the show mean residuals part of this. The documentation shows how to output all of the deviance residuals, but not the mean of them directly.


dataHist5 = {{Around[16.5, 1.5],     Around[77.8, 8.8]}, {Around[34.5, 1.5],     Around[60.5, 8.0]}, {Around[52.5, 1.5],     Around[63.8, 8.0]}, {Around[106.5, 1.5],     Around[42.4, 6.5]}, {Around[124.5, 1.5],     Around[41.7, 6.5]}, {Around[142.5, 1.5],     Around[14.6, 3.8]}, {Around[160.5, 1.5],     Around[33.9, 5.8]}, {Around[178.5, 1.5],     Around[29.4, 5.4]}, {Around[196.5, 1.5],     Around[33.5, 5.8]}, {Around[214.5, 1.5],     Around[30.9, 5.6]}, {Around[232.5, 1.5],     Around[31.1, 5.8]}, {Around[250.5, 1.5],     Around[21.5, 4.6]}, {Around[268.5, 1.5],     Around[4.3, 2.1]}, {Around[286.5, 1.5],     Around[6.4, 2.5]}, {Around[322.5, 1.5],     Around[7.5, 2.7]}, {Around[340.5, 1.5],     Around[4.5, 2.1]}, {Around[358.5, 1.5],     Around[11., 3.3]}, {Around[376.5, 1.5],     Around[14.0, 3.7]}, {Around[394.5, 1.5],     Around[14.0, 3.7]}, {Around[466.5, 1.5],     Around[0.6, 0.7]}, {Around[502.5, 1.5],     Around[2.2, 1.5]}, {Around[520.5, 1.5],     Around[9.4, 3.1]}, {Around[538.5, 1.5],     Around[4.1, 2.0]}, {Around[646.5, 1.5],     Around[2.2, 1.5]}, {Around[682.5, 1.5], Around[0.6, 0.7]}} 

Code, so far:

glm = GeneralizedLinearModelFit[dataHist5, x, x,     ExponentialFamily -> "Poisson"] // Normal Show[ListPlot[dataHist5, Plot[glm[x]]] 

I think I’m missing an argument in Plot[glm[x]]], but not sure what.

How to get sale product first on category listing page woocommerce?

I want to sort product on category listing page. Want to display sale product first and remaning product after sale product. I have used woocommerce_get_catalog_ordering_args hook for sorting but not working.

My code looks like this

function catalog_ordering_args( $  args ) {     if( !is_product_category() ){         return $  args;     }      $  args['orderby'] = 'meta_value_num';     $  args['order'] = 'ASC';     $  args['meta_key'] = '_sale_price';      return $  args; } add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_catalog_ordering_args', 'catalog_ordering_args', 20, 1 ); 

It should also work for variation products