Python program to find a word ladder transforming “four” to “five”

I saw this Puzzling problem and thought I would try to write a Python program to solve it. The task is to transform “four” to “five”, forming a new four-letter word at each step, replacing one letter at each step, in as few steps as possible.

But turns out I don’t know how to optimize recursion, so I’m posting here for help. I’m mostly just confused on why the code to change the past needs to be at the top of the function, but I would also like advice on how to speed this up in general. Right now it takes about 10x as long for each step up max_depth gets on my computer.

There won’t be any matches until you change max_depth – I didn’t want anyone copy-pasting and lagging out. There should be a solution at depth 5, according to Puzzling. However, my words file doesn’t have the Foud or the word Fous, which that answer uses. Bumping up to max_depth six will take my computer ~10 minutes, which I don’t want to try yet.

def hamming(string1, string2):     assert len(string1) == len(string2)     return sum(char1 != char2 for char1, char2 in zip(string1, string2))  max_depth = 3 start_word = "five" end_word = "four" all_words = open("/usr/share/dict/words", "r").read().lower().splitlines() all_words = list(filter(lambda word: word.isalpha(), all_words)) all_words = list(filter(lambda word: len(word) == len(start_word), all_words))  sequences = []  def search(current_word, past = []):     # Needs to be first to be fast for some reason     past = past[:]     past.append(current_word)      if len(past) > max_depth:         sequences.append(past)         return      for word in all_words:         if hamming(word, current_word) == 1 and word not in past:             search(word, past)  search(start_word)  sequences = [sequence[:sequence.index(end_word) + 1] for sequence in sequences if end_word in sequence]  if len(sequences) == 0:     print("No matches") else:     print(min(sequences, key=len))  

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rxJs retryWhen just five times

I’d like to retry a request no more than 5 times.

What happens: if the first request fails by timeout but the second request succeeds, it still issues the other 3 requests.

I also suspect that a memory leak is lurking there.

retryOnUnknownError: (errors: Observable<any>) => Observable<any> = (errors: Observable<any>) => {      const maxRetrials = 2;     const waitDelayBeforeRetrial = 500;      return errors.pipe(         concatMap((err, count) => {             console.log('Errored for the ', count, 'th time', err);              if (count >= maxRetrials)             {                 console.log('Max retrials limit reached. Not retrying');                 return throwError(err);             }              if (err instanceof HttpErrorResponse && err.status !== 403) {                 return throwError(err);             }              if (err instanceof TimeoutError) {                  console.log('Got timeout error. Retrying');               }              // try again             return of(err).pipe(delay(waitDelayBeforeRetrial));         })     ); };   this.http.get('bla').pipe(retryWhen(retryOnUnknownError)); 

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Add/assign same Five Star rating to author while adding to Article using Rules

I Need to achieve this functionality only with Rules or combinations with any other module(s).


FiveStar field is attached to the node type Article and another with the User profile.


When an user add rating for the Article it should apply the same rating for its author. The rating of the author on his profile must be functional as a regular rating i.e. the user can receive multiple ratings and an average is shown.

I have tried with the below Rules:

{ "rules_author_rating" : {   "LABEL" : "Author Rating",   "PLUGIN" : "reaction rule",   "OWNER" : "rules",   "REQUIRES" : [ "rules", "voting_rules" ],   "ON" : { "voting_rules_insert_node" : [] },   "IF" : [     { "node_is_of_type" : { "node" : [ "node" ], "type" : { "value" : { "article" : "article" } } } }   ],   "DO" : [     { "data_set" : {         "data" : [ "node:author:field-author-rating" ],         "value" : [ "node:field-node-rating" ]       }     }   ] } 


But it logs an error

Unable to modify data “node:author:field-my-rating”: Invalid data value given. Be sure it matches the required data type and format. Value at node(3)->author->field_author_rating: 80.`

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