My Five Year Payment History Since FSB

Hey everyone. It's been a long while since I've been active here on the forums. I started with FSB in October 2012. I thought it would be interesting for some of you if I posted my entire 5 year payment history since then. It's far from amazing but I think demonstrates the value of FSB.

I spent a few months in the beginning focused on my sites and then got involved in other things and spent less and less time on them as months passed. Eventually I spent ZERO time on these sites and they…

My Five Year Payment History Since FSB

How many families constitue a Major Clan in Legend of the Five Rings

In Legend of the Five Rings, a list of families is presented for each Major Clan. There are some in the source book (usually 4 or 5 for each Clan), and some others in additional books.

However, does that mean that every samurai in a Major Clan belong to those families? Or does that mean that those families are the “big ones”, but they are several other families in the Clan?

i.e. can I make up a NPC last name at the top of my head without having to check the validity of the name?

I have read through all the lore information in Legends of the Five Rings 4th Edition core book, but could not find the answer to this.