Timelapse color flickering

I’ve tried to shoot the red line of sunrise along the sea and I’ve done that from under a very low bridge with the penumbra, so I’ ve captured some portions of the sand and palm trees too. I tried it twice but even if I shot with a manual lens and camera settings I gained a color flickering between some pictures, and it occurs until ten minutes before the golden hour.

My manual lens is a “Nikon 28mm 2.8 ai-s” which turns into a 42mm on my Nikon d3200 camera. Of course I used an intervalometer and shot in RAW.
The first time my settings were:

  • shutter speed – 1/20, diaphragm closed to 8, exposure meter set to 0, iso 200, 13 minutes shoot time, 3 seconds of interval.

The second time they were:

  • shutter speed – 1/15, diaphragm closed to 11, esposure meter set to +2, iso 400, 25 minutes shoot time, 4 seconds of interval.

Both times I set white balance to – direct sunlight. Sometimes the colors change tonality, the sand becomes purple and the sky changes colour from blue/dark blue to light blue. There has been an exception though when I set my values in another different way:

  • shutter speed – 1/20, diaphragm closed to 5.6, exposure meter set to +5, iso 400, 12 minutes shoot time, 4 seconds of interval. In this last case there weren’t clouds in the sky and everything was brighter, no color flickering occured.

I read that when there’s no much light the camera could not interpret colours in the same way, but I find it bizzarre. Why does the camera read colors differently at every shot and why it doesn’t do that in normal video mode?
How can I solve this problem? I planned to make new shots outside the bridge, maybe something can change. I am hopeful it is just an incorrect setting. Is ND filter necessary?
I’m just interested now in timelapses then I’m a beginner.

Screen starts flickering when in streaming

I have this problem that now I am really getting bothered from it. It always starts when I am streaming something on the web like youtube videos and open other programs which I have to work with like Matlab or some others. Then my screen goes crazy , but it not constantly, it looks like cracking a mirror , attached some screenshots.

Kindly help me cause I am really getting p… off about this. P.S. I have MacBook Pro retina early 2015 with Mojave 10.14 , but it used to be like this even with High Sierra. Any help is really appreciated, Regards,enter image description here

UE4 Dark Scene still lit with flickering light

I tried to do some dark basement parts in my new project and stumbled accross something weird. I got a Room without light and put a point light in there with some flickering involved (Setting the intensity randomly from 0 to 100),

This is how it looks like when the intensity is at 100: enter image description here

And this when the intensity is at 0: enter image description here

As you can see there is still a rest light in there and the room is far away from being dark when the light is off. I already turned off Environmental Lighting and the whole eye adopt post process thing. I also deleted any directional light as it seems to cause lighting problems with dark sections.

Is there maybe another thing about the point light other than the intensity to be turnd off so there is nor more light emitting?

Hope you got a quick tip for me!