Airline Code-Share Baggage Policy: Which Airline baggage policy apply on my first flight?

I have booked a one-way ticket from the Qatar Airways website. Do I have the same baggage policy in all my flights or different policies will apply to the Alaska Airline & Qatar Airways.

P.S: I searched already on the internet and found so many conflicting answers. Hopefully, I get a clear one here.

Booking Copy

Regarding Jet Airways flight cancellation

I book my flight from Delhi to Paris, my journey schedule is as follows: onward journey 21st April 2019 (Delhi-Bombay-Paris)and return journey 30 April 2019 (Paris-Bombay-Delhi) in Jet Airways. Now Jet Airways cancelled my domestic flight (from Delhi to Bombay, on 21st April’19) and (from Bombay to Delhi, on 1st May 2019) due to the operational issue. I book my flight through MakeMyTrip (MMT) site. In this case, can MMT take responsibility of that Jet Airways cancellation and provide me alternate flight or they will refund my flight charges.

connecting flight at new istanbul airport

Does anyone have experience catching an international connecting flight at the newly opened Istanbul airport? I’m using Turkish Airlines and, barring any delays, have 1h35min layover. Any experience/advice is useful! I’ve already connected once at Ataturk and I’ve managed to go through security and find my gate within 30 minutes, so I hope the new airport will be as smooth, even if it takes more than half an hour.

Special passport check before flight from ZRH to JNB

For a flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Johannesburg, South Africa, the gate personell requires people to have their passport checked before boarding at a special counter. This happens for apparently all flights on this route, but I haven’t seen it from EU airports (e.g. FRA or AMS) to South Africa. This seems odd to me: the passport is already checked at check-in (which of course may not happen for all passengers at the counter due to online check-in), and at the Schengen to international border. I’ve seen combined boarding&passport checks before, but it usually happens just passing through, not with a separate counter. What’s the reason for this check? Is it a special treaty between Switzerland and South Africa, making it different to a Schengen-member to South Africa flight?

Do I need any transit visa for my transit flight from Turkey transit through London to USA?

I’m an iranian citizen with having Iranian passport and USA permanent resident visa currently in Turkey for a visit and have a return flight to USA.

Below is information about my return flight to USA and according to that I have a question please:

My return flight to USA is a transit flight from Antalya AYT airport to London Gatwick airport with Thomas cook airlines and then my next flight is on the same calendar day and at the same airport (London Gatwick) with Norwegian Airline which I have confirmed flight ticket for my onwarding flight. So my final destination is USA.

I need your assistance with my question please about whether or not I need any other travel documents like transit visa for my transit flight from Antalya AYT airport to London Gatwick airport with Thomas cook airline?