Can I get Internal US Flights for cheap when booked as part of an international retrun flight?

End of this year I wish to come to USA (I’m in UK) to follow my adopted NFL team round for a full season. This means I will roughly be traveling to a new city every 1-2 weeks. I tried doing this once before in 2001 and back then internet wasn’t big like now so all flights was booked by phone – calling different travel agents and companies get quotes. By pure luck a lady in a call centre for KLM when I explained my plans informed me if I knew my exact dates she could add on internal flights with there US partner airline for a flat fee – back then was a very reasonable £40 per internal flight. This was amazing and though KLM was more for the same international flight than some of the agents only they being a direct airline could do this. So I went away and planed travel midweek to from cities where my team was playing. If the partner airline did not fly the root I had to buy 2 flights rather than go direct but at this price was cheaper than going with a separate bought direct flight. It worked fantastic. However when I tried to book similar a few years later I basically had people on the same KLM call line tell me I was mistaken (or insinuate I was blatantly lying), that it was impossible nothing like that ever existed to the public etc., etc., and no one – I repeat – no one, has ever heard the like I have ever told this to – so much so that if I had not done it myself personally I wouldn’t believe it either. So is there anything similar nowadays that I can do that will allow me to add on internal flights at a flat cost to my international ticket to make it one big multi leg ticket sort of thing to bring the internal flight costs down)?

My Son’s passport expires within 5 month our flight is next week

My son’s passport expires within 5 month, he holds an israeli passport and we fly directly to Toronto from Israel. Is it a problem and I just must renew it? I’m asking because of the eTA issue, it has to be the same passport number. If Ill renew it I will receive a new passport number… I have a huge dilemma because of it. Do you know what should I do?

Wander around airport connecting flight Schipol

I am flying on a flight from London – Schipol soon and then outbound to Moscow.

My layover time is around 3 hours. In this time I would like to wander around the airport, look at the shops and hopefully have something to eat.

Last time though, when I flew the same route, I was stuck in the connecting flight lounge and couldn’t look around without re-entering the airport.

So my question is will I be put in the connecting flight lounge again or will I be able to wander around?

And if I am put in the connecting flight lounge is there any point for me to re-Enter the airport?

I’m a flight attendant with dual citizenship of USA and South Korea. Can I enter US using foreign passport?

If I want to use my staff ticket I have to book the ticket under my Korean name (which is completely different from my English name) and Korean passport number. The only thing is I know that for the US you have to enter and leave using your US passport if you’re a citizen. Would it be possible for me to just buy my ticket using my Korean name and passport but when I enter the US just explain my situation and show my US passport to show that I’m a US citizen?

Find out when the device was last switched to Flight Mode

I would like to find out at what time my phone (running Android 8.0.0) was last switched into/out of Flight (Airplane) Mode. Ideally, this would be part of a longer list with the timestamps of the last N FlightMode-related events.

I didn’t find any quick solutions by searching this site and others. Is there an easy way to find out this information?