Any tips on how to get a cheap flight to China

A month ago, I saw US$ 500 round trip flights from Dallas to Shanghai. Now I can’t seem to get anything less than $ 750, no matter what time of the year pick. I am searching Expedia, and Travelocity.

I am going to wander around China to immerse myself in the language, for a month, as a continuation of my Mandarin language studies – so I am not fussy about what time I go. I just want to lower my costs.

Do you have any tips for me? How can I get the cheapest flight to China?

Protect fragile items with biodegradable polystyrene in a flight checked luggage

Someone is planning to bring fragile items (eg. glass bottle, steel bar, lamp, or electronics wo=ithout Lithium battery) in a flight checked luggage.

That person try to protect those fragile items with biodegradable foam peanut ( put them together inside the suitcase.

Which one is better: to spread those foams within the suitcase or to contain the foams into several transparent plastic bags before putting it into the suitcase?

This question emerge to overcome some cases when the airport security officers want to open the suitcase and do checking.

Thank you

Alternate Draconic Heritage (flight)

A player with a Dragonborn PC recently requested that he be allowed to grow wings and gain a fly speed in our game. I didn’t really like any of the alternate Dragonborn options that allow flight, so here is my current idea. Is this option balanced with respect to the Dragonborn as found in the PHB, with the following feature replacing the Breath Weapon feature. (Leaving the Resistance intact.)

Draconic Ancestry (Alternate): Due to your heritage, your character sprouts wings and a tail that continue to grow slowly throughout your life. If wings are chosen at 1st level, you forfeit your standard breath weapon ability as your magical bloodline instead slowly increases your flight and mobility.

1st level: Wings and tail sprout from buds on your body, and slowly grow as you age. No flight is possible at this stage, as the wings and tail are small and frail (easily concealed under normal clothing)

3rd level: Your wings have grown as long as your arms, your tail is 1/2 your arm length and must be free to balance and maneuver if flying. Your wings and tail are no longer concealable, and you must spend +20% base cost to alter any clothing or armor you wear. You gain flying speed equal to your normal walking speed. Flying is extremely tiring at this stage, you may only fly for a number of rounds equal to 1 plus your constitution modifier (min 0) per short or long rest. If you are still aloft when this limit is met, you immediately descend to the ground, and have disadvantage on any attacks or skill checks made this round. You gain “Wrym’s Charge”: Your wings propel you to greater speed as you charge to attack an opponent. Your land speed while using this ability is x1.5 your base, but you must move in a straight line. If you charge in this fashion for at least 20′, you gain advantage on your next attack roll. This ability recharges on a long rest.

6th level: Your wings have grown to equal your height, and your tail is 1/2 your height. Your flying speed increases to x1.5 your base speed. You may fly for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your CON score (rounded up) per short or long rest.
Wrym’s Charge is usable x2 per long rest.

11th level: Your wings grow to 1.5 times your height, and your tail is equal to your height. Your flying speed increases to x2 your base speed. You are able to fly for a number of rounds equal to your CON score per short or long rest. Wrym’s Charge is usable x3 per long rest. You gain the “Flyby” ability (do not provoke an attack of opportunity when flying out of an enemy’s reach)

16th level: Your wings and tail do not increase much in size, but grow stronger and thicker. Flying speed increases to x3 your base speed, you can fly for a total number of rounds equal to twice your CON score per short or long rest.

Sources of information about flight times and delays

I booked travel from Perth Australia (QF648 2350 11 April 2019) via Melbourne Australia to Christchurch New Zealand (QF133 0715 12 April 2019) but there was a delay in Perth. Because I was going to miss my connection in Melbourne, Qantas transferred me to Air New Zealand in Melbourne so I could travel to Christchurch via Auckland on flights NZ722 and NZ555. I think there was also some sort of delay with one or other of those flights but I’m not sure, and I got to Christchurch too late on 12 April 2019 to travel to the town where I had pre-booked accommodation so I had extra expenses in Christchurch.

I’m now trying to complete a travel insurance claim but I can’t remember all the details. Is there a free open-source list of that kind of thing? It’s not like I have to prove in the claim that the delays occurred because I would guess the insurance company is going to check that in any case; but I would like to get the details right.

The best in flight meal option for those suffering from reflux

Someone is suffering badly from reflux and they are on a very boring diet that excludes everything spicy, fried, fat etc. What is the best option to chose from in flight meals that one can pre order before their flight? Do all airlines provide the same selection or it may be airline specific? The flight is with Qatar : Sydney to Doha.

Flight compensation with agent

I had recently traveled to London from Warsaw with LOT Polish Airlines and had connecting flight in Zurich (both flights were on same ticket sharing same booking reference number). Flight was delayed by 40 min and because of which I was denied boarding on my connecting flight. Airline offered me another flight which was after 5 hours and gave me one food coupon. I reached my destination more than 6 hours later than scheduled. I am trying to get compensation from the Airline.

I have contacted the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA, which is the national EC261 enforcement body) but they replied with some complicated procedure and lot of legal jargon. Hence, I am thinking of applying for this compensation through some agent. Few of my colleagues suggested me few names like AirHelp, flightright, etc. However, I am little bit unsure about their authenticity, procedure and reviews. If anyone of you used such services, can you please guide me regarding this? Or suggest some alternative way without getting into large legal process.