Are exceptions as control flow considered a serious antipattern? If so, Why?

Back in the late 90’s I worked quite a bit with a code base that used exceptions as flow control. It implemented a finite state machine to drive telephony applications. Lately I am reminded of those days because I’ve been doing MVC web apps.

They both have Controllers that decide where to go next and supply the data to the destination logic. User actions from the domain of an old-school telephone, like DTMF tones, became parameters to action methods, but instead of returning something like a ViewResult, they threw a StateTransitionException.

I think the main difference was that action methods were void functions. I don’t remember all the things I did with this fact but I’ve been hesitant to even go down the road of remembering much because since that job, like 15 years ago, I never saw this in production code at any other job. I assumed this was a sign that it was a so-called anti-pattern.

Is this the case, and if so, why?

Update: when I asked the question, I already had @MasonWheeler’s answer in mind so I went with the answer that added to my knowledge the most. I think his is a sound answer as well.

Call a flow if a Date column is null

I would like to use a If condition to execute a different flow. Everytime the column “Aprovado Interno” is null calls one flow, else calls the other.

However I am having difficulties to apply the null statement, as the column is a Datetime format.

Below is the JSON I am using:

{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "button",   "customRowAction": {     "action": "executeFlow",     "actionParams": "='{\"id\": \"' + if([$  Aprovado_x0020_Interno]: (Datetime?)null,'e40f1536-4727-41f7-8ee7-2ac5f9f38b3d','e40f1536-4727-41f7-8ee7-2ac5f9f38b3d') + '\"}'"   },   "attributes": {     "class": "='ms-fontColor-' +if([$  Aprovado_x0020_Interno]: (Datetime?)null,'orangeLight','teal')"   },   "style": {     "border": "none",     "background-color": "transparent",     "cursor": "pointer"   },   "children": [     {       "elmType": "span",       "attributes": {         "iconName": "=if([$  Aprovado_x0020_Interno]: (Datetime?)null,'Lightbulb','Deploy')"       },       "style": {         "padding-right": "6px"       }     },     {       "elmType": "span",       "txtContent": "=if([$  Aprovado_x0020_Interno]: (Datetime?)null,'Solicitar cliente','Solicitar DEV')"     }   ] } 

Trigger Work Flow Based on SharePoint List Column Value Update

I have a SharePoint Online List with cases that staff have to review on a regular basis. When a case review is done staff select ‘Complete’ from a drop-down in the field labeled Case Review. I am trying to create a data flow that sends an email to a specific group when an item has that Case Review field marked ‘Complete’. I have looked through templates but cannot figure out how to specify that when a field is changed to a specific value an email needs to be sent. I am very new to SharePoint Online. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you.

Value flow (and economics) in stacked reinforcement learning systems: agent as reinforcement environment for other agents?

There is evolving notion of stacked reinforcement learning systems, e.g. – where one RL systems executes actions of the second RL system and it itself executes action of the thrid and the reward and value flows back.

So, one can consider the RL system RLn with:

  • S – space of states;
  • A={Ai, Ainner, Ao} – space of actions which can be divided into 3 subspaces:
    • Ai – actions that RLn exposes to other RL systems (like RLn-1, RLn-2, etc.) and for whome the RLn provides reward to those other systems;
    • Ainner – actions that RLn executes internally under its own will and life;
    • Ao – actions that RLn imports from other RL systems (like RLn+1, RLn+2, etc.) and that RLn executes on the other systems and form which RLn gets some rewards, that can be used for providing rewards for Ai actions.

So, one can consider the network (possibly hierarchical) of RL systems . My questions are:

  • is there some literature that consider such stacks/networks of reinforcement learning systems/environments?
  • is there economic research about value flow, about accumulation of wealth, about starvation and survival proceses and evolution in such stacks/networks of RL systems/environments

Essentially – my question is about RL environments that can function in the role of agents for some other environments and about agents that can function in the role of environemnts for some other agents. How computer science/machine learning/artificial intelligence name such systems, what methods are used for research and how the concepts of economics/governance/preference/utility are used in the research of evolution of such systems?

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Why I can’t get Lookup Column ID from Source List by Flow?

I have a question about Flow for Sharepoint List. I have 2 Lists, and one of them has a lookup column to another.
List 1: Currency List (Target List) enter image description here

List 2: Price Table (Source List). I want to get a Value of Ask Rate (Lookup Column) to ExRate Column (Number Column) to use in Price (Caculated Column). enter image description here

My Flow: enter image description here

Anyone know what happens, please help me!

And another question: If I don’t have ExRate, I want to use an expression to calculate in the Price Column, please give me the expression?