Skype loses focus when changing keyboard layout with ALT+SHIFT

This happens only in Skype on Ubuntu 18.04. I have used Skype on other platforms (Ubuntu and others) and this does not happen. I use ALT+SHIFT to switch keyboard layout to another language. When I use Skype on Ubuntu 18.04 and press ALT+SHIFT the language is changed but also the focus is moved to the application menu (as if I had pressed ALT only).

Any help is welcome!

How to focus on an area / button without looking too “forceful”?

Summary: How to place a website visitor’s focus on areas that’ll help them see value on the rest of the page faster? It shouldn’t feel intrusive, since repeating visitors might not need to see it again.

Details: I want users landing on my page ( to click the “Play demo” button to get the idea of what the product does.

I want the button to pop a little, but not so much that it doesn’t feel part of the page anymore. I’ve gotten some feedback on this already and the current state (as of Oct 01 2019) is where I’ve gotten, but wanted to hear from more people on other approaches taken to solve this issue.

Can the arcane/druidic focus staff double as quarterstaff?

Does the staff version of an arcane or druidic focus also work as a quarterstaff?

At least at character creation can you say that for example your druids quarterstaff and druid focus staff is one and the same?

Logically you’d think so, after all a long heavy staff is a long heavy staff and there are plenty of examples of magic staffs doubling as quarterstaff from Gandalf to Harry Dresden.

But is there anything in the rules that say it is or isn’t allowed?

Counter to Focus Fire

My Problem is split in two parts, Realism and Counterplay.
I am DM and every fight my Party take one target and focus this enemy down, in best case they get the target down and there is no way to heal or recover the target between the turns. I understand its a pretty simple but effective way to win your fights, and deal with heals.

My Problem with Realism:
In reality you cant just ignore 3 other enemies to kill one of the four, because your “open” backs would result in 3 death allies.

My Problem with Counterplay:
The Party has a lot of sustain and small selfheals, so everybody can survive pretty good on its own. Its a invitation to do the same, because they could not do anything to rescue a focus fired ally. But this would pretty sure, kill one of the party.

How can i deal with this problem, mostly annoying is – that they know(more or less) i would kill somebody if i do the same and abuse the situation (not intentionally)

Thanks a lot for ideas.

What is the difference between an Arcane Focus and a Component Pouch?

Reading through the Player’s Handbook, I’ve noticed that the Sorceror, Warlock and Wizard classes can all take either an arcane focus or a component pouch. My understanding is that an arcane focus takes the place of the component pouch for most material requirements, so having the choice seems meaningless.

What are the differences between the two, and in what situations would each be better than the other?

Setting a shortcut to change focus to a different section in a web app?

Let’s say you have a web app with 3 sections. A left nav menu, a toolbar/settings section, and a main application area. Most of the time, the user will be engaging directly with the application, and their document’s focus will be potentially somewhere deep inside of the application’s “hierarchy”, meaning that tabbing into/out of the application to place focus on the left nav or toolbar will be a pain.

Is adding a shortcut (and making the shortcut’s keystrokes visible next to that section maybe?) to change focus to the left navigation menu or the toolbar a good idea generally? Otherwise they may have to do a lot of tabbing or use some other method of interacting with that part of the site, which we’d like to avoid. Bonus points if anyone knows how this aligns with WCAG a11y requirements.

Can I embed a spellcasting focus into a shield, like a paladin or cleric?

I want to multiclass either cleric/wizard or paladin/wizard and I was wondering whether i can use my holy symbol as a spellcasting focus for my wizard spells and if not, can I embed my arcane focus into my shield as well as my holy symbol. I plan to take the warcaster feat and be an arcane cleric if that helps.

access fill text box in one form in black when i focus the text box

realy new to working in access. i am trying to build an inventory in access to a friend.

i am building a login form which contains two text box. when i focus one of them, the text box is filled with black (and i can’t see what im typing in that text box)

when i focus the second textbox, it acts the same.

i have other forms in my access project and the problem only happens on this form.

anyone know how to fix this?


what happens when i click on the first text box:

what happens when i click the second text box: