How to include page folder structure in breadcrumb

I’m using this code to generate a breadcrumb:

<asp:SiteMapPath runat="server"  ParentLevelsDisplayed="5"  SiteMapProvider="CurrentNavigation"  RenderCurrentNodeAsLink="false" SkipLinkText=""  RootNodeStyle-CssClass="home"  NodeStyle-CssClass="bc-node"  CurrentNodeStyle-CssClass="current"/> 

This generates the below breadcrumb:

Site Name > Page Name

How can I include the page folder structure within the breadcrumb?

Site Name > Folder 1 > Folder 2 > Page Name


Folder disappeared

I have moved a folder with the following command:

mv /Volumes/Me/project/subproject/ ./

I was inside another Volume, let’s call it Lab. I was expecting to find subproject folder inside my Lab folder, but it just disappeared from the origin and the destination.

How can I find subproject and all its content now?


How to access ubuntu shared folder in vmware from local area network?

I share a folder inside ubuntu by right click – Local Network Share. when I check it with

net usershare info –long I am getting the result as

[testom] path=/home/edadmin/Public/testom comment= usershare_acl=Everyone:F, guest_ok=y

From windows explorer I tried the path like this\testom – Nothing comes up ? when I input IP only its saying folder is empty ? Please help me to resolve this I dont know much on linux. Please advice. Thank in advance

`google-drive` pattern of generated Google Drive folder ID

$   gdrive list  Id                                  Name                                       Type   Size      Created 1tqeNnGiZqy4EMj8p6d_LG7Js0aD9ao37   9b69f5168c0aa4bbe9cd5f1546169cf3           dir              2019-09-16 14:16:18 1ule-XdDb1JrvAEwqwN80JLs7LGuLGUxC   subFile                                    bin    5.0 B     2019-09-16 14:16:25 1ndFenMDcQbJFpQb3ScpaumdlITzf6Tc3   subFile~                                   bin              2019-09-16 14:16:24 1iTo4NUBe01tWODnFwT9SOQuVARd9nV85   example                                    dir              2019-09-16 14:16:23 1FDxjPDWLnP89miUTVjJ_0WMwdDDy_o5_                                  bin    96.0 B    2019-09-16 14:16:22 146N7bhF2Ev5kvJwprpedSu9EWkYPz1ic                                     bin    197.0 B   2019-09-16 14:16:21 

Id of each file is generated as 33 characters and contains non-alphabetic characters.

=> Is it possible to compress it into 32 characters using base decoding.

I realize that all Id of listed each file starts with 1. So could I assume this pattern on the creation of the Id, where all of them starts with 1 and could I discard the 1 at the beginning.