Shotwell doesn’t show folder in home directory when importing

In the Import from Folder option window, the folder where my photos are located is not displayed when I navigate to the home directory. I tried to drag the folder to the Shotwell but it says:

1 non-image file skipped.

When I try to Save Details the saved log can’t be found anywhere on the system.

Did anyone had similar issues with folders being non-visible?

I installed Shotwell to my other PC and encountered no such problem. I am using Xubuntu 19.04.

How to deploy to production server customizations made in vendor folder?

So, We have 3 environments: development, staging and production.

.gitignore file includes “vendor” folder and it has been working fine for us fine. Once We pull changes in Staging We would just run:

composer install php bin/magento setup:upgrade && php bin/magento setup:di:compile && php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy && php bin/magento c:enable && php bin/magento c:c 

The issue is: We had to customize a third party extension installed by composer (under “vendor” folder) and this path is ignored by Git. What should I do to keep track of this changes and deploy them to staging server?

I could “git add -f ” but would like your opinion on best practices.

Folder Lock App guide me!

Hy! i’m developing a folder lock app. in this app i can pic images from phone storage and store in app and then i’ll lock the app because no One can get access to my personal pics… the problem is that i don’t know what method should i use to move “images from gallery to app” and which method/technology i can use to “store pics on app” means will i use sql data base or something other Guide me

How to Delete particular folder from sharepoint Library using powershell script?

I want to delete particular folders from SharePoint Document library.

I have done this using C#, Its working fine. But I want to modify the same code to powershell.

i tried below code with powershell. I want to modify this C# to Powershell Code I am having doubt in this line:

string documentLibraryFolderurl= SPContext.Current.Web.Url + "/" + oList + "/" + str + "/" + "Test" + "/" + CategoryName; if (oWeb.GetFolder(documentLibraryFolderurlAward).Exists == true) SPFolder folder = oWeb.GetFolder(documentLibraryFolderurlAward); folder.Delete(); 

can anyone help me on this?

How to create a password protected folder in Ubuntu core-16

I want to create a new folder, in a device with Ubuntu core-16, that is password protected. I am accessing my device over ssh(putty) and since it does not have a GUI, this needs to be done over command line.

Could not find tools like encfs(available for Ubuntu 16.04) for Ubuntu core.

I expect data in a particular folder to be password protected.

Thanks in advance!

Reading the contents of a file in a Sharepoint group folder

I’m trying to read the contents of a file in a Sharepoint group folder using the Microsoft Graph Explorer, however the query I’m using doesn’t seem to be working:<group_id>/drive/root/children/<filename>/$  value 

Is there a way to define a query that I can pull the file contents in Postman if Graph Explorer can’t do it?

what if user creates a file / folder in Sharepoint Library Root via Windows File Explorer?

Background information: I’m new to Office 365 / Sharepoint online, trying to roll out the usage for our comapany. I like to move most important stuff from file server network share to Sharepoint Online. I already managed to create Team- / Communication-Sites so I can build a root structure for the files, and I found out how to sync them to the local machines. By activating sync for one of the sites Windows creates a new Library with an Enterprise Building as a logo, serving as root directory for the document folders of the synced sites.

And here comes my question: What if users (used to file server network share!) create a new file or folder in that Library root via Windows File Explorer? It will not sync back to Shatepoint because there is no site defined (right?). But Windows allowed me to do so: Any suggestions on how to handle this / how to prevent users from creating non-synced files inside their local Sharepoint Library?