Does a Google Drive shared folder occupy storage space on all accounts?

Related to another question of mine about Dropbox, I’d like to know if a shared folder on Google Drive occupy space even in the accounts of the “receivers” and not only in the “sharer” one.


“A” creates a folder whose total size is, let’s say, 200 MB; the total storage space of “A” is of course reduced by 200 MB; if “A” shares this folder with “B”, “C” and “D”, even their total storage space is reduced accordingly, or the folder is considered to be “owned” only by “A”, and only his account is affected?

How to create a folder alias inside of Google Drive

I like always to save files I receive by email into my shared folder in Google Drive. The problem is that my folder structure in Google Drive is pretty deep, so I have to click through many folders to finally arrive at the desired folder.

I would like simply to create an alias for the destination folder (that’s like ten levels deep) inside the root directory of my Google Drive folder. I tried creating an actual Mac alias but that alias didn’t show on the Google Drive folder structure (only my Mac).

Any ideas?

Open folder listing in left pane of Windows Explorer without pressing Enter

Apologies for an obviously stupid question, but I have a problem with Windows 10 explorer I could not find a solution for myself.

When I’m keyboard-navigating the file structure in the left pane of the explorer, the content of folders I go to does not get shown in the right pane. If I want to see it while my cursor is on a particular folder in the left pane, I have to specifically press Enter. Then the content is shown on the right. Otherwise the previous folder listing remains there until I press Enter next time.

Can I force Windows 10 to do that just as it was possible in Windows XP?

Many thanks!

How to convert range of image file path from local folder as comment in the selected destination range?

I’m asking for your help. My research ended up in 2 different macros that combined will give a good utility for my work.

  1. This VBA code will insert image as comment.
  2. This VBA code will fetch Hyperlinks(Local folder path only, not web based URL) and paste them in destination cell.

I really tried to combine them to do one job, but I guess I don’t have enough knowledge on this.

I tried to make a single script that gets the links from source range

Set Rng = Application.InputBox("Please select the url cells:") 

Then prompt for destination cells (Application.InputBox(“Please select a cell to put the image as comment:).

Now This is the tricky part for me, I need the images to be inserted as comment as the 1st code does to the destination range user selects.

Can anyone guide to achieve this excellent tweak

Sub InsertPictureAsComment() Dim PicturePath As String Dim CommentBox As Comment 'Pick A File to Add via Dialog (PNG or JPG)        With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)         .AllowMultiSelect = True         .title = "Select Comment Image"         .ButtonName = "Insert Image"         .Filters.clear         .Filters.Add "Images", "*.png; *.jpg"         .Show          'Store Selected File Path           On Error GoTo UserCancelled             PicturePath = .SelectedItems(1)           On Error GoTo 0         End With      'Clear Any Existing Comment       Application.ActiveCell.ClearComments      'Create a New Cell Comment     Set CommentBox = Application.ActiveCell.AddComment      'Remove Any Default Comment Text       CommentBox.Text Text:=""      'Insert The Image and Resize       CommentBox.Shape.Fill.UserPicture (PicturePath)       CommentBox.Shape.ScaleHeight 6, msoFalse, msoScaleFormTopLeft       CommentBox.Shape.ScaleWidth 4.8, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft      'Ensure Comment is Hidden (Swith to TRUE if you want visible)       CommentBox.Visible = False      Exit Sub      'ERROR HANDLERS  UserCancelled: MsgBox "Done" End Sub 

‘Next code-

Sub URLToCellPictureInsert()      Dim Pshp As Shape     Dim xRg As Range     Dim xCol As Long      On Error Resume Next      Set Rng = Application.InputBox("Please select the url cells:", "", Selection.Address, , , , , 8)     If Rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub     Set xRg = Application.InputBox("Please select a cell to put the image as comment:", "", , , , , , 8)      If xRg Is Nothing Then Exit Sub      Application.ScreenUpdating = False      For i = 1 To Rng.Count         filenam = Rng(i)         ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(filenam).Select         Set Pshp = Selection.ShapeRange.Item(1)          If Pshp Is Nothing Then GoTo lab          xCol = cell.Column + 1         Set xRg = xRg.Offset(i - 1, 0)         With Pshp             .LockAspectRatio = msoFalse             .Width = 80             .Height = 80             .Top = xRg.Top + (xRg.Height - .Height) / 2             .Left = xRg.Left + (xRg.Width - .Width) / 2         End With lab:         Set Pshp = Nothing         Range("A2").Select     Next      Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub 

ls command hangs after I pause the destination folder

I have two instances of RHEL 7 Linux, machine 1 and machine 2. Machine 2 has a folder that is mounted to a remote folder from machine 1. It is done with command: mount -t cifs -o user=aaa,pass=password //machine 1's ip/SrcFolder/. This works fine but however when I pause machine 1 then if I issue a command such as ls it would hang in machine 2. If I unpause machine 1 then everything is back to normal. I am suspecting that whatever the daemon running mount is hold on to the file system resource which prevent other i/o operation to complete? Is there a way so the client can detect right away?

How to deny access repository sub folder to specific user in visual svn server

In SVN have parent and sub folders structure.In sub folder have write access to some users and one user is created new folder in Sub folder directory for that folder he want to restrict the other users to see the data and he want the user name and password for the particular folder to open it.

Thanks !!

Folder from one branch, that’s been added to my .gitignore, exists when I switch to a different branch

I’m working on two branches: branch A and branch B. The contents of each branch are as follows:

**branch A** |-parent |-folder1 |-folder2

**branch B** |-parent |-folder3 |-some_folder |-some_other_stuff |-more_stuff

I have added “some_folder” to .gitignore. New files are created and added to “some_folder” while working on branch B, hence modifying it. Even though it’s supposed to get ignored and git status doesn’t list the folder at all (as it should), when I switch to branch A, folder3 is now listed when I execute ls along with “some_folder”, but when I execute git status it says my working tree is clean. My working tree in branch A now looks like this:

|-parent |-folder1 |-folder2 |-folder3 |-some_folder

Shouldn’t “some_folder” be contained in branch B and not be carried over when switching to my other branch?

Easy way to bulk change folder icons in Mac

In order to change the icon of one MAC folder, all we need to do is:

  • Open the image
  • Copy the image from the menu (“Edit” -> “Copy”)
  • Right Click on the folder and click “Get Info”
  • Click the icon at the top-left
  • “Edit” -> “Paste” from the menu

At this point I want to bulk change the icons for all my (sub)folders (let’s say in one specific master folder). How is that possible ideally with a script or an existing software? Some extra notes and questions below:

  • Please note that the images are saved in the subfolders and they are unique.
  • In Windows you can simply change the hidden file of each folder called desktop.ini Can we use an .ico file for that? That would come handy in case there are images in the folder (jpeg and png) and only one icon (ico)

I am trying to move a file from sdcard to another device folder and it fails with error that file is not there, but it is!

I am trying to move a file from /sdcard to another device file and I am getting the following:

mv: bad 'xxxxxxxx.0': No such file or directory

while ls -l shows the file in directory.

The device is physical one, not an emulator and it is rooted. Why is this happening? file confirms this is an ASCII file. I know cases that this was happening when someone was trying to move 32bit binary to 64bit device, but this is just an ASCII text file.