How can I add attributes to all characters in a folder and set them to a default value?

I recently decided to consolidate my macros that refer to a character’s gender by pronoun into a single one using attributes on the character sheet (ie subjective, objective, possessiveA, and possessiveP) and am looking for a way to loop through each character in a folder and add those attributes to each of them and set them to a default of {it, it, its, and its} respectively. Is there any way I can do that? I do have api access if it’s required to do it.

Wamp Server Secondary Folder

I have an Apache Web Server running with Wamp 64bit on Windows 7, and I wanted to know if there is any way to add a secondary Serve folder on another Drive using the same port but as a subfolder like with DocumentRoot S:/public while the first one is on the default C:/wamp64/www

I can’t find anything useful online, so I dont know where to start

save xevent target file in specific folder dynamically in sql server

i need to create an xevent in sql server to capture all the executed queries while my server is running and to save them in a file under a folder with the database name.

so my problem is i need to save the file in a dynamic path ( with variables..etc) :

here is the code : DECLARE @file varchar(50); declare @path nvarchar(250); SET @file = ‘D:\XE\’+DB_NAME() set @path = ‘D:\XE\’+DB_NAME()+’day’; EXECUTE master.dbo.xp_create_subdir @file CREATE EVENT SESSION newSession1 ON SERVER ADD EVENT sqlserver.sql_statement_completed ( ACTION (sqlserver.sql_text, sqlserver.tsql_stack, sqlserver.client_app_name, sqlserver.client_hostname, sqlserver.username ) WHERE ( sqlserver.database_name = ‘School’ ) ), ADD EVENT sqlserver.sql_statement_starting ( ACTION (sqlserver.sql_text, sqlserver.tsql_stack, sqlserver.client_app_name, sqlserver.client_hostname, sqlserver.username ) WHERE ( sqlserver.database_name = ‘School’)

this code shows an error in set Filename = @path.

any help please ?

PS: i need to do with the code because iam going to include it in c# project method. thanks in advance

what GSA stores in the Failed folder?

I was wondering if GSA stores anywhere the list of failed sites.
To take blog comments for example, I want to run a first project with CapMonster/CB only, then re-run the failed sites with 2captcha. Assuming the reason for failing was incorrect captcha solving.
I’ve deleted the content of “Failed” folder to start fresh, but it’s still empty after 10 hours of submissions/verifications.
Edit: to explain further, my setup is Capmonster for recaptcha, CB (with 90% confidence), Capmonster for easy captcha and then 2captcha.
However, Capmonster doesn’t send the failed captchas to 2captcha.

How to install SQL Server 2017 Express in “Quiet Simple” mode without an extraction folder?

I need to install SQL Server 2017 Express with as little user interaction as possible. I am using the SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe setup file that I found a Microsoft download for.

Currently I can do exactly what I want with 2012 by using the following parameters:


In 2012 this works great, however I am trying to now do the same in 2017. The problem I have is that it creates an extraction folder called “SQLEXPR_x64_ENU” in the same directory as the install. This is not desirable.

Question: Is there anyway to prevent this extraction folder from being used, so that it functions that same as the 2012 setup?

Alternatively, one of the following solutions would be acceptable:

  • Allow the user to select the extraction location – like it does with default install (non-quiet) – but still ensure /QS mode for the rest of the setup
  • Have the extraction folder automatically deleted after setup (it wouldn’t be so bad if it cleaned up it’s mess after it was finished)